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Solar PVs on I Hotel and Conference Center (Completed)

Project History

  • 11/9/2021

        01214-E4 is the meter in the Energy Billing System that tracks the solar production on the roof of the I Hotel and Conference Center.  To look it up, be sure to search for the Conference Center, rather than the iHotel.  It is building 1214.

  • 4/22/2021

    The Solar Array on the I-Hotel and Conference Center is now producing electricity. This is a 149.7 kW Solar Array. This project was completed in December 2020.


Solar Panels installed by Solar Essence includes the following features:

  • Weatherproofing using 2" conduit and fitting
  • Media center or suitable housing for network/communication connection
  • 198 Blue Sun BSM380M-72 5BB Panels 

Solar Generation from iHotel and Conference Center (Tracked by Fiscal Year)


Project Location(s)

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