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Allerton Climate Action Plan (apCAP) (Completed)

Recent Project Updates

  • 6/22/2021

    For June, CCNet has arranged and sponsored a tour at Allerton Park & Retreat Center. This tour will take place on Friday, June 25th at 3:00 PM CDT. As mentioned in their monthly newsletter: 


  • 6/30/2015

    In accordance with the explicit goals of the Allerton Park Climate Action Plan (apCAP), Allerton Park aims to install an augmented park-wide recycling collection system.


The Allerton Park Climate Action Plan (apCAP) is the first of a series of more detailed proposals to supplement the iCAP with goals and strategies specific to the needs and resources of on- and off-campus entities. By participating in the development of, and implementing the strategies outlined in, the apCAP, Allerton Park is continuing to exercise its dedication to environmental conservation, and serving as an example of ecological sustainability through institutional reform.

According to the apCAP’s Carbon Inventory, energy used in heating, cooling, and providing electricity to buildings accounted for the majority of on-site emissions at Allerton Park in 2011. Although the park generates energy on-site through geothermal heating and cooling systems, wood burning boilers, and a modulating condensing boiler system, Allerton Park is primarily powered by electricity purchased from Ameren Illinois. Buildings at Allerton Park produced 406 metric tons (MT) of carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions, or 69 percent of the park’s total GHG emissions. Emissions from solid waste generation and disposal and wastewater treatment accounted for 86 MT CO2e, or 15 percent of total GHG emissions. The consumption of gasoline and diesel fuels and electricity used in park operations contributed an additional 88 MT CO2e, an additional 15 percent, to the emissions total. The remaining 1 percent (9 MT CO2c) of emissions is a product of Allerton Park’s fleet of vehicles, referred to as internal transportation.

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