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Sustainability Literacy Assessment (Completed)


Sustainability is included in our campus Senior Survey. The Senior Survey is quite lengthy, so including sustainability in the survey to graduating students shows our commitment to the issue and our efforts to educate them about the most challenging issue of our time.  Results from the survey show a significant increase in students' ability to make decisions from a sustainability perspective.


Since in 1998, the Senior Survey has been administered electronically. Each March an e-mail message regarding the Senior Survey is sent to all seniors on the May graduation list. The e-mail message from the Chancellor asks students to complete the online survey via an embedded link within the message. Ten days following the initial e-mail message a follow-up message was sent reminding students to complete the survey. Beginning in 2010, the Senior Survey included questions about sustainability.

Seniors' "ability to make decisions about sustainability" (Tracked by Academic Year)

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Stephanie Lage


  • Completed June 30, 2012
    Completed by CITL