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FY18 RCx (Completed)


In FY18, the Retrocommissioning teams addressed deferred maintanence in the following buildings.  


Illini Union: All 27 Air Handling Units (AHUs) now have DDC controls with full data trending and scheduling: • North Ballroom (AHU-19) airflow reduced from 20,000 CFM to ~10,000 CFM dependent on temperature and occupancy sensors. Nightly shutdown from 12 AM to 6 AM. o Outdoor air dampers controlled based on CO2 sensors. Occupancy sensors used to set back the temperature and fan speed. • North building (AHU-18) airflow reduced 30-50% in low-load hours by closing VAV boxes in unused spaces using a combination of schedules and occupancy sensors added to meeting rooms. Nightly shutdown from 3 AM to 6 AM. VAV boxes tested and balanced. CO2 sensors calibrated. Fan wall VFDs adjusted to reduce static safety trips. Enough capacity was gained to allow for the ISR kitchen cooling upgrade project. • Dining area, Courtyard, and Illini Room AHUs converted from pneumatic to DDC controls to allow for scheduling, variable speed fans, and hood control integration. Melink kitchen hood controls and VFDs added to control exhaust fans. • Building pressure balanced (30,000 CFM reduction), eliminating high humidity and temperature problems on the 4th floor and attic. • Supply air temperature resets applied to reduce simultaneous heating and cooling. Return Air Humidity sensors added to control space Relative Humidity. • Reconfigured airflow in the bowling alley to not need exhaust fans in the pinsetter areas. • Two steam isolation valves added to automatically turn off perimeter steam in the summer. Radiator valves tested and replaced. • Added insulation to bare steam pipes reducing the need for exhaust fans in mechanical spaces. • Cleaned intake grills, coils, and diffusers. 

Memorial Stadium: A SEDAC report was completed on this facility which resulted in recommendation for significant savings ($250k+ per year) in the complex. A thorough investigation of the facility was completed. Several scheduling changes were made to three DOA units. The visitors locker room unit was reviewed and a new occupancy schedule was implemented. The faulty steam valves were repaired on this unit also. The kitchen HVAC system was reviewed and occupancy schedules implemented. The pushbutton override switch was repaired. Timeclocks were utilized to implement occupancy schedules on several of the North end zone units. Lighting schedules were modified.

Harker Hall: Notable highlights include: Our team retired Liebert units, added VAV boxes for additional control and comfort to individual spaces, performed maintenance and calibration on all the pneumatic controlled VAV boxes, thermostats and dampers, adjusted room occupancy schedules and upgraded corridor lighting to LED lamps. These efforts have achieved a cost avoidance of over $31,000 equating to a 35.7% reduction in energy consumption.


  • Illini Union, 31% savings
  • Memorial Stadium, 27% savings
  • Harker Hall, 36% savings

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Karl Helmink


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