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FY17 RCx (Completed)


In FY17, the Retrocommissioning teams addressed deferred maintanence for the following buildings.


Harding Band Building: New DDC controls were added to the three existing air handling units in the building. Occupancy schedules were implemented. The existing air cooled chiller was retired and the existing chilled water loop was extended into the building.

Education Building: The air handling units (AHUs) schedules were adjusted to match the building occupant use. The return system ductwork was modified and sequences were revised to enable economizing in the building. The overall exhaust from the building was reduced as we identified spaces that does not need exhaust and the exhausts were capped off. The amount of outside air brought into the building in summer was also reduced. A complete test and balance was performed in all air handling units and some of the spaces that has comfort issues. Occupancy sensors were installed in spaces served by VAV boxes to shut off boxes when unoccupied. Programming changes were made to VAVs to utilize the CO2 sensors to do Demand Controlled Ventilation. The restroom ductwork was rerouted, so that it passes through the wheel to enable energy recovery from the exhaust.

Astronomy Building: New temperature control systems were installed that allowed for occupancy schedules to be implemented. The fume hood exhaust fan was monitored and the users were asked to shut this down when it is not needed.


  • Harding Band Building: 22% savings
  • Education Building: 11% savings
  • Astronomy Building: 42% savings

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Karl Helmink


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