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NRES 285: iCAP Sustainability Ambassadors (Ongoing)

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The goal of this course is to have students understand how to implement climate action policy through examination of  University building stock and personnel behavior and developing recommendations to alter both stock and behavior to achieve iCAP 2020 goals. This is a building-level, “bottom-up” approach to campus sustainability, where students will be connected with facility managers to gain an applicable understanding of sustainability opportunities.

Course Objectives: 

  • Become familiar with climate action policy, specifically the iCAP 2020
  • Identify key areas of the intersection of iCAP objectives and campus buildings
  • Survey buildings and record existing stock and personnel behavior
  • Develop a strategic plan to implement actionable changes to building infrastructure and personnel behavior
  • Present recommendations to building staff and other stakeholders

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Meredith Moore

    Project Leader:

    Eric Green and Meredith Moore


  • Started January 25, 2021
    Started by Meredith Moore and Eric Green

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