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Green Allerton Wood-fired Boiler (Completed)

Project History


An Outdoor Wood-fired Boiler system was funded to replace a natural gas heating system at Allerton Park. By replacing the previous system, CO2 emissions will be eliminated and there will be a substantial cost savings. The use of a renewable resource (wood), obtained from landscape management at the park grounds in place of a non-renewable one (natural gas), combined with the greenhouse gas emissions reduction will help increase campus sustainability. The Student Sustainability Committee Granted the project $25,500.

The system replaced the forced air natural gas units that heated the Enviromental Education center, the woodshop and the car shop. In the 2008-2009 heating season, the former system cost Allerton Park $13,500 in natural gas utility bills. With the new system in place, this cost should be eliminated unless the back-up boiler system were engaged.

Gas Therms Used for Visitor Center/Maintenance Complex (Tracked by Fiscal Year)

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Barbara Schleicher

    Project Leader:

    Derek Peterson


  • Proposed September 26, 2008
    Proposed by Barbara Schleicher
    Approved October 31, 2008
    Started November 15, 2008
    Completed September 1, 2009


Project Location(s)

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