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Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) (In Progress)


iSEE is developing an Undergraduate Environmental Leadership Program.  

  • Professional skills
  • Nexus between research, policy, advocacy, and government
  • Networking opportunities with leaders in the environmental field
  • Pilot workshops in Spring 2021

Be interactive and engaging for participants; Have a balance between the pre-professional component of the program (practical career skills and networking), as well as its environmental leadership/knowledge component

The main objectives of the Environmental Policy Workshop are to help participants communicate better environmental issues that they care about and to increase their awareness of ways to advocate for such issues. As such, this workshop would include sessions that would target environmental communication and policy advocacy skills.

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Paul Gharzouzi

    Project Leader:

    Gillen Wood


  • Proposed August 18, 2020
    Proposed by Gillen Wood and Paul Gharzouzi
    Started February 22, 2021
    Started by iSEE