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Champaign County Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Champaign County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (CCHMP) identifies and prioritizes community policies, actions and tools to implement in order to reduce potential risk and potential for future losses associated with the occurrence of selected natural and technical hazards. The CCHMP is developed to be useful to each participating jurisdiction. The plan can be used to increase awareness of potential natural hazards and technical hazards; and to understand potential losses from hazard events.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts

The MCORE project requires the CUUATS partners to monitor the pedestrian and bicycle counts following the completion of the project. This requirement is to understand the increased waking and bicycling activities at the twelve predetermined corridors. CCRPC collected pedestian and cycling counts at these locations before the MCORE project. These twelve corridors are listed in this project update.

Earth Month

Earth Month is a great opportunity to get involved in projects throughout the month of April. The majority of events this year will be held virtually due to COVID19. Start early with Earth Hour on March 28, 2020!

Check out the Sustainability Calendar for fun and virtual events!

Climate Justice Forum - 2020

The Youth Climate Justice Forum will be held Spring 2020, led by students in the community, targeting other students. This full day seminar is geared towards teaching the youth of the community everything there is to know about sustainability, and how decisions we make on a daily basis impact the Earth we live on. An array of speakers from the area will present on topics ranging from the impact of grassroots movements to stories of accomplishments from those exact movements.

iCAP 2020: Illinois Climate Action Plan

The iCAP 2020 is currently in development. Follow iSEE on social media to participate in public feedback sessions during spring 2020! In Spring 2020, there will be campus and community review of the draft chapters, and the SWATeams will be included as key stakeholders in that review process. Ultimately, the 2020 iCAP with a chapter for each SWATeam, and additional related chapters will be formally submitted to the Sustainability Council for campus approval.


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