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Demirjian Park Stadium LEED Silver

The Demirjian Park Stadium was awarded LEED silver on November 14th, 2023. The project was awarded 6 out of 6 possible points in the Innovation category. As well as 3 out of 3 points for low emitting materials.

The complex houses the Universities soccer teams, and the track and field teams. 

Demirjian Park features two soccer fields, one for competition use and one for practice use. As well as the track and field complex.

Ubben Basketball Complex Expansion LEED Silver

The Ubben Basketball Complex Expansion was awarded LEED Silver Certification on Sep 11th, 2023. Achieving 54 out of 110 possible points.

The Ubben Basketball Complex opened in 1998. The $40 million renovation and expansion of this building was made possible to due to the donations of donors and alumni. This expansion doubled the size of the facility and incorporated some of the newest sports technologies and training facilites.



In order to effectively increase recycling rates on campus, the community must be adequately informed on what the Waste Transfer Station can accept, and what it cannot. Campus recycles 5 primary commodities: paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and scrap metal. There are a myriad of other products that present themselves on campus, and community members would benenfit from a resource that outlines the appropriate disposal methods.

Recyclopedia was born of the desire and need to offer the community a comprehensive recycling guide.

Project Revert to Earth

In early 2023, undergraduate students Hannah Kim and Sakshi Vaya proposed Project Revert to Earth, with the aim to tackle food waste contamination in recycling streams on campus. Funded by the SSC, the research study aims to understand students' behavior toward recycling and how those behaviors would change if recycling became easier and more accessible.


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