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Plastic Bag Recycling

The goal of this project is to make plastic bag and film recycling more accessible to the campus community. 6 collections bins have been set up at 4 different buildings. After evaluation of the current setup, more drop-off locations may be added or changed. 

By completing this project, Plastic Bag Recycling will offer multiple benefits such as:

Climate Justice Forum - 2020

For this years climate summit, we've been working with the Independent Media Center (IMC) and the Urbana Park District to plan a youth summit on sustainability for this spring, though due to COVID-19 we've been forced to reschedule. During this time we have been working with WRFU to create a podcast in which we interview influential members in the community on climate change as well as COVID-19 response.

Sustainability Best Practices Video

For the iCAP objectives to be reached, sustainability outreach to the campus community needs to increase.  This project proposes to incorporate Campus Sustainability principles, expectations, and requirements in the annual ethics training required for all Urbana campus employees.  This can be done with optional short videos at the conclusion of the mandatory training. 

Outdoor Recycling Bin Update

This project will improve the waste process around the outdoor campus areas and increase recycling participation. It will do this by increasing recycling bin visibility with improved bins and signage, co-locating waste and recycling bins, and improving the overall layout of waste and recycling bins on campus. There are currently 372 concrete trash bins on campus and an additional 60 made of other materials. Facilities & Services initially proposed to remove all 432 of the bins and to replace them with a total of 133 dual bins.


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