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Uni High Butterfly Garden

This project is about butterfly/pollinator planting between the Uni Gym and Hue House, which was approved by the University Landscape Architect Brent Lewis. The team is working with the Tree Club as the Tree Club is interested in helping with the Butterfly Planting.

Carbon Capture

The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center a division of the Prairie Research Institute is part of a pilot project on the University of Illinois campus that will explore methods to capture carbon dioxide from the gas- and coal-fired Abbott Power Plant. The ultimate goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and developing industrial markets that would reuse the recovered CO2. The Department of Energy is funding the $1.3 million engineering and planning phase, representing the DOE’s first sponsorship of a large-scale research and development project for the capture of CO2 emissions.

Dump and Run

Facilities & Services collaborates with the University YMCA and University Housing to coordinate the annual Dump and Run collection program from University Housing facilities.

Measure Waste Levels in Dumpsters

Facilities & Services Waste Management handles trash and recycling pick-up for the majority of campus facilities.  The exterior garbage and recycling dumpsters are emptied on a regular schedule, by campus drivers working for the Waste Transfer Station. 

F&S is implementing a six month pilot program to install monitoring sensors on the lift arms of one waste hauling truck.


Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council was established in 2008 as part of our campus’s implementation of the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment, and was intended to help lead sustainability efforts on campus and provide strategic direction and oversight of the iCAP. The present policy does not attempt to define the entirety of the Sustainability Council’s role, but merely to formalize its composition and its relationship with iCAP.

EPA SmartWay Affiliate

The University of Illinois became an Affiliate of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay® Transportation Partnership in June 2020, after University Housing’s Dining Services joined SmartWay in 2013. The SmartWay program aims to reduce global freight emissions by providing strategies for shippers and carriers to adopt more sustainable practices, and Affiliates help spread the word about sustainable supply chain transportation efforts and grow the SmartWay Program. 

® SmartWay is a registered service mark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Topical iCAP Teams

In order to engage both subject matter experts across campus and interested members of the campus community, iSEE formed seven topical iCAP teams. Each Team consists of a core group of faculty, staff, and students who will do the detailed analysis, heavy lifting, and formulation of recommendations. The core group will be surrounded by a larger consultation group of experts and stakeholders from around campus to provide information, advice, and ideas the core group. Visit the iSEE website for the current iCAP T

Improve Reporting and Metrics for Bicycles

There are many metrics that the University needs to evaluate the success of bicycle programming efforts. The University aims to improve and increase the rate of reporting on bike thefts and crashes to better understand changing trends for safety and security of bicycles on campus. Bicycle theft or crash or indecent driving behavior should be reported to the UIPD at the non-emergency number (217) 333-1216

SDRP Lighting

The Student Dining and Residential Programs Building (SDRP), constructed in 2010, was built to LEED silver certification, but continued improvements to the facility could enhance its green capabilities even further. The lighting system at SDRP has been identified as an area in which minor upgrades could be very beneficial to supporting the energy reduction goals of the iCAP.


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