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Faculty/Staff Crowdsourced Community Program (In Progress)


This project, funded in late Fall 2019, targets reducing single-occupancy vehicle usage via a Crowdsourced Commuting (CC) Program, a ridesharing system that provides user-oriented service to travelers — especially commuters — by aggregating similar travel demands through online platforms such as smartphone apps.

CC may help participants substantially reduce travel costs while maintaining a high level of ride experience. But a holistic approach is needed to jointly determine passenger-to-driver matchings, routes, timetables, and trip fares based on relatively restrictive travel requests.


Purpose of the Work: Campus Connection

Using iSEE seed funding, researchers will conduct a survey of campus employees who would be potential CC participants to examine the key factors influencing the faculty/staff’s decision to participate and potential policy recommendations and incentive mechanisms.

After the survey, the PI plans to develop a modeling framework that can support the design and operations of the CC system (such as pricing, service period, frequency), and implement a pilot program to investigate the feasibility of a CC service on campus and collect necessary information for expanding the service to a larger group of users. The CC program, if implemented, can be complementary to the University Car Pool program.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Yanfeng Ouyang, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering and member of the Transportation Sustainability Working Advisory Team