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Wind Turbine/Pavilion Integration for Electricity Generation (In Progress)


This project, funded in late Fall 2019, aims to demonstrate a new way in which a pavilion can achieve sustainability by installing an on-site wind turbine as an energy-generating system.

An innovative, aerodynamic design will enable micro-wind turbines to fit within an organic sculpture in the built environment with aesthetic integrity. The outcome of the project is a parking pavilion that can also work as a charging station for electric cars, bikes, or scooters.


Purpose of the Work: Campus Connection

Using iSEE seed funding, researchers expect their findings to be used as a testbed to discuss the basic physics as well as a hypothesis of the proposed system. Further application of its materiality and structural integrity at the building scale can be tested as well.

The PI is working with Facilities & Services (F&S) to find a suitable site to construct and test the project, possibly the Illinois Energy Farm.

The team expects to attract external funding to explore the novel use of wind energy.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Yun Kyu Yi, Assistant Professor of Architecture and member of the Energy Sustainability Working Advisory Team

    Team Members:

    • Co-PL: Bhujon Kang, Lecturer in Architecture