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  1. New Solar Panels at BIF

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    The new 12.5 kW array will be the second rooftop installation at the facility. The current array, on top of Deloitte Auditorium, produces about 41,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually, – or about 3.4% of the electricity needed to power BIF for an entire year. The new array will be smaller but will supply enough power to offset the anticipated energy usage of the fourth floor addition by contributing 15,500 kWh per year.


  2. Archived info - previous project description

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    The new ECE building is designed to include Solar Panels on its roof. The panels will provide about 11% of the building's energy needs.  The infrastructure for connecting these panels to the building electric supply was included in the original design and construction costs for the full building, while the solar panels themselves were funded separately. This specific project is to have a series of photovoltaic solar arrays on the roof of the building with a 300 kW peak power rating, capable of generating an estimated 470 MWh of electricity annually. (This project is distinct and separate from the project to install solar panels on the roof of the North Campus Parking Deck.) The scope of the project is to provide a structure located on the existing roof of the ECE Building which will support 950 solar panels and provide all components to connect them to the building electrical system for a fully operational system

  3. Invitation to Attend Student-Athlete Only Earth Day Celebration

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    The following event invite was sent to LeAnn Bird at DIA:

    We invite you, your teammates, and fellow climate-curious athletes to a special Athletes-Only EcoAthletes Community Chat on Thursday the 22nd, Earth Day! During the chat, world-famous chief scientist at The Nature Conservancy and one of the best climate communicators out there, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, will share some thoughts with our group. Then we plan to share EcoAthletes' exciting new path forward, which features our centralized focus on a new Resource Hub. It will equip you and the rest of our climate-active Champions to lead climate action...We've been hard at work on this and can't wait to share! By attending, you'll have the chance to be entered to win exciting prizes and gain opportunities to meet aligned potential sponsors, professional mentors and like minded athletes.

    REGISTER HERE for the event on Earth Day, April 22nd, at 10:15am ET! 

  4. Weekly Update: Basic Maintenance 101, Friday Ride

    All, Still not steadily busy as the temps started to dip. We’ll see what this week brings.
    We had our Basic Maintenance 101 class on Wednesday night. Sam held the class and we had 5 people signed up but only 1 showed. Friday Ride was a no-show except for a DI reporter who wanted to cover the event.
    This week is business as usual and our Friday Ride again. I’ll scavenge some freewheels and tires/tubes off some of the junk bikes in storage at some point, too. We are desperately low on used freewheels and can’t really get any new ones due to the sustained supply shortages.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 22
    Sales: $664.50

    Bikes (refurb): 3 for $410
    Tires/tubes: 7 for $26


    Jacob Benjamin
    WManager, Campus Bike Center

  5. Res002 Biodiversity Plan - Transmitted

    Following the completion of iWG assessment for Res002 Biodiversity Plan, the recommendation was transmitted to Dr. Nickols-Richardson, Director of Extension, on April 12, 2021. 

    See iWG assessment of Res002 Biodiversity Plan attached. 

    See iCAP team recommendation Res002 Biodiversity Plan.


  6. ZW004 Reusable Diner Containers Program - Submitted

    The Zero Waste iCAP Team made the ZW004 "Reusable Diner Containers Program" recommendation on 4/2/21:

    "Where possible and applicable, campus restaurants and foodservices should adopt the use of a reusable containers instead of disposable or compostable containers for take-out food. At a minimum, this should become an option for customers."

  7. ZW003 GreenerOffice Delivery Service Enrollment

    The Zero Waste iCAP team made the ZW002 "Campuswide Office Depot GreenerOffice Delivery Service Enrollment" recommendation on 4/2/21:

    Campus-wide Office Depot® GreenerOffice™ Delivery Service Enrollment would provide a recyclable and/or reusable delivery option for departmental purchase orders made through Office Depot. Deliveries will be made in paper bags, made of 40% post-consumer recycled content. Paper bags are reusable and recyclable. Paper bags will be transported in reusable plastic totes, made of 60% post-consumer recycled plastic, so deliveries will remain protected during transportation. These reusable totes would be picked up by Office Depot on the next delivery, such that the program is self-sustainable.

  8. ZW002 Join NERC Government Recycling Demand Champions - Submitted

    The Zero Waste iCAP Team made the following recommendation ZW002 Join Northeastern Recycling Council Government Recycling Demand Champions on 4/2/21: 

    University of Illinois to join the NERC Government Demand Champion Program.

    1. Free technical assistance in training, recognition, and tools to support efforts in the program. This will help us find more Post-consumer recycled (PCR) products by engaging with existing or identifying new vendors, provide training opportunities to department buyers, and/or provide the SWATeam with innovative engagement tools to increase buy-in across campus.
    2. Aligns with State of Illinois Procurement Code (ILCS 500/45-15 & ILCS 500/45-20)
    3. First University to join the program
    4. National recognition for sustainability commitment
    5. Support a circular economy
  9. LW003 Certified Greener Building Certification - Submitted

    The Land and Water iCAP team submitted the following Certified Greener Building Certification recommendation on 4/2/21:

    "The Land and Water iCAP Team recommends the creation of a Certified Greener Building Program to add to the portfolio of Greener Campus Programs under iSEE. The existing Greener Campus Programs target nearly every facet of campus life from University employees to student experiences. A Greener Building Certification would provide an opportunity for collaboration between building liaisons and the people and groups that utilize campus buildings. A set of requirements and voluntary actions must be developed to achieve the certification. Based on the success of the existing Certified Greener Campus programs, students, faculty, and staff alike are very likely to take advantage of the certification opportunity and embed these actions as part of building operations. These actions will also promote life-long sustainable habits. A Greener Building Certification would establish a sustainability standard and increase our culture of sustainability on campus."

  10. LW002 Vet Med Parking Lot Re-Design - Submitted

    The Land and Water iCAP team submitted the following LW002 Vet Med Parking Lot Re-Design recommendation on 4/2/21:

    "This recommendation calls for a redesign of the Vet-Med parking lot F27 to reduce runoff and prevent flooding of the Dairy Farm. Project design recommendations would include adding stormwater infrastructure such as bioswales and raingardens within the redesigned parking lot, as well as to the west of the parking lot where much of the runoff from the asphalt currently flows. A student project, which placed first in the Central States Water Environmental Association Student Design Competition: Environmental Category addresses this issue, but the team recommends hiring a Professional Services Consultant team, consisting of a professional engineer and landscape architect for the design. It is possible that the firm may be willing to donate the design, which would reduce the cost."

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  11. Weekly meeting with Audrey Freeman: Tasks for the week of April 12th

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    The Telecommuting & Commuter Program intern met with supervisor Sarthak Prasad on Friday, April 9th, 2021 to discuss updates on the program and goals for the upcoming week. Over the past few days, they continued to research telecommuting programs at other Illinois universities (UIC, UIS, ISU) and various Ivy League institutions. In addition, the Transportation SWATeam reviewed the questionnaire for the IHR department and other universities. Once Audrey and Sarthak finish receiving feedback, they will revise and finalize the questionnaire and send out the document to the IHR department. They will also collect the necessary information to contact the employees responsible for telecommuting at the Big 10 Schools, the University of Illinois at Springfield and Chicago, as well as Harvard and Yale. Once they gain the contact information, they will draft emails to each of the specified schools and create a google form in case the school is not able to meet over the phone or via zoom.

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  12. Careers in Sustainability Panel Discussion 4/9/21

    The Career Center hosted a Careers in Sustainability panel which included the following panelists: Roxina Kanchwala (Eco.Logic), John Sinclair (Wisconsin DNR), Andrew Rehn (Prairie Rivers Network), and Savannah Donovan (Urbana Parks District). 57 people were in attendance! Several resources were shared to the group:

    The recording is found here: 

  13. Adapthous inauguration coming soon!

  14. 4/9 Zero Waste SWATeam Meeting

    Meeting minutes for the 4/9 Zero Waste SWATeam meeting are attached. The agenda is as follows:

    • Updates
    • Roundtable Discussion
      • Removal of virgin paper from F&S stores/catalogues 
      • Elimination of thermal paper receipts
      • Assessment of third-party vendors footprint (single-use plastics, recyclable materials, etc) in the Union.
      • Student Waste Management Educational initiative.
      • Single-use plastics in vending machines.
      • Reuse of Surplus Goods
      • Battery Recycling
  15. 2020 Bloom Calendar - Red Oak Rain Garden

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    Sad that Mulch Madness is over? You can still watch (most of) those amazing plants 'play' this year in the garden using my 2020 Bloom Calendar as a guide! The champion Virginia Bluebells, which weren't installed until last fall, are in full bloom NOW!

    Check out the Red Oak Rain Garden Facebook Page here: 

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  16. Example program at Ball State

    Now, while you are pursuing the Sustainability Excellence (SEA) credentialing, you can earn Ball State University's online graduate certificate in sustainability at the same time.

    The certificate consists of 12-credit and is offered entirely online. Each course is conveniently offered as a one-credit experience, taking just five weeks to complete. The skills and knowledge to be gained can be applied within the various employment opportunities arising from every degree completion. Cost varies on your state of residence and the number of courses you plan to take each semester. 

  17. iWG/iCAP Team Social Hour - 4/5/21

    Hello iCAP Teams and happy spring! We are excited to invite you to the next iCAP Team/iWG social hour on Monday, April 5 from 4 – 5pm. The format will look a little different this time. We will be meeting on a cool platform called “Topia”, which will be more conducive for small group discussions.  

    Here is the link for our “iCAP 2020” platform:

     Topia will not work on a tablet or phone, and it needs to be on a Chrome browser. Please take a few minutes and click the link above before the event, and let us know if you have any issues. The hour will consist of:

    4:00-4:10 – Welcome and learn about the Topia website

    4:10-4:35 – Breakout groups, visiting the different topical areas based on your interest (not specifically based on your team assignment)

    4:35-4:45 – Come back to the center (central park) and a representative from each group will provide a brief update on what the group talked about  4:45-4:50 – Highlight one of the iCAP projects

    4:50-5:00pm – Q&A, Conclusion

    Let us know if you have any questions. We are so excited to try this out with you in a few weeks. See you then!

    Meredith, Morgan, and Ximing