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  1. Solar Farm 2.0 construction update from Sushanth Girini at F&S

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    The Solar Farm 2.0 construction is on schedule to be in service by 1/28/2021. Currently the project is installing approximately 4,400 posts in ground for the panel foundations. One of key objectives is to complete the Golden Row* by end of this month. Once the golden row is completed, inspected, and approved, the construction will be in full force to reach completion. The university is scheduled to perform routine inspections and capture all the underground equipment GPS points for reference. A recycling plan is in place, and the project is coordinating with F&S Transportation to collect the recyclable waste. The installation of a utility switch on the east side of the farm is complete.

    Procurement: We have received all the racking equipment and about 80% of the solar panel on site. Transformers and inverters are scheduled to be delivered by end of Oct 2020.


    Golden Row - is a single row of solar panel constructed by the construction crew. Once the project make sure all the connections are good and row is as per design, it gets approved. It's like a start of what's coming. Like a movie trailer!

  2. SWATeam/iWG kick-off follow-up

    Hello sustainability teams and iCAP Working Group,


    Thank you so much to those who were able to attend the kickoff event last Thursday! We had 70 people in attendance and heard positive insight from our faculty chairs. Attached is the PowerPoint from the event with relevant information for the upcoming year, including the 2020-2021 timeline and a member list for each team. In the near future, we will send out a roster with email addresses for each member. The charge letters for the seven SWATeams are found here on the iCAP Portal. Please reach out at any time if you have questions on this information.


    We are very excited to share with you the iCAP 2020 (attached). Please use the objectives listed in your chapter to develop the iCAP assessment (due from each team by October 9).


    The first SWATeam meeting will soon be scheduled by the clerk of your team. We look forward to working together this year – thank you for your hard work and commitment to these important efforts!


    Best regards,

    Meredith Moore, Morgan White, and Ximing Cai

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  3. SWATeam charge letters

  4. Welcome SWATeams/iWG

    Dear SWATeams and iWG,


    We hope that you have had a smooth start to the academic year. Thank you for agreeing to serve on the iCAP teams (SWATeams) this year! You are an instrumental part of one of the seven teams: Zero Waste, Transportation, Energy, Land & Water, Resilience, Education, and Engagement (a new team this year)! You will soon receive an official charge letter from the iSEE interim director, Dr. Madhu Khanna.


    We would like to invite you to the annual kick-off event which will include an overview of the iCAP process, expectations of the teams, and status of past recommendations. This event will be held next Thursday, September 17 via Zoom from 4-5pm. An Outlook invitation will follow this email. This event is a fantastic opportunity to gain an understanding of how these teams positively impact campus, and also say “hi” to the other members which is especially important as we are encouraging greater collaboration between the teams this year.


    Secondly, please mark your calendars for the virtual Campus Sustainability Celebration on Tuesday, October 22 from 3-4:30pm. This will be an exciting event as the official approval ceremony of the iCAP 2020 by Chancellor Jones! Meredith will be sending Outlook invitations shortly.


    Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you this year, and thank you again for your commitment to campus sustainability efforts!


    Best regards,

    Dr. Ximing Cai and Morgan White, iWG co-chairs, and Meredith Moore, Sustainability Programs Coordinator

  5. F&S announcement and Press Release: U of I Joins National Bicycle Registration System

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    On September 1, 2020, the Facilities & Services Communications team published and announcement on the F&S website about the transition of UIUC's old bicycle registration system to a national bike registration system through Project 529. The announcement can be found here:

    The F&S Communication team also sent out the press release for this change on September 1 evening. A pdf of this press release is also attached.

  6. Site visit with ISU VR Tour creators

    Sol Systems and F&S hosted visitors from Illinois State University today, to initiate development of a Virtual Reality tour of Solar Farm 2.0. The intention is to develop a walking path that will be repeated by the camerawoman at four key timeframes this fall: post installation, tracker installation, module installation, and electrical installation.