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  1. Green Infrastructure & Erosion Control Conference

    The 2021 biennial Champaign County Stormwater Partnership Green Infrastructure and Erosion Control Conference took place on October 20th.

    The following email provides some context and resources with more information about the event.

    The program and the media post for the conference are attached below.


    From: Liggett, Betsy Jo 
    Sent: Friday, September 03, 2021 9:59 AM
    To: Stillwell, Brett
    Cc: White, Morgan; Wilcoxen, David B; Ruhter, Colleen; Liggett, Betsy Jo
    Subject: Green Infrastructure & Erosion Control Conference


    Good morning Brett!

    I wanted to share an upcoming conference opportunity with you and others in DIA. F&S Safety and Compliance is a member of the Champaign County Stormwater Partnership to help meet goals for our campus stormwater municipality permit. One of the permit Public Education and Outreach goals is to host a biennial stormwater conference. We have several speakers this year one of which is a member from Green Sports Alliance (GSA) who will speak about the GSA program and provide examples of what other organizations/universities have done to meet the program missions.  Green Sports Alliance


    Please share with others and join us October 20, 2021 for the free biennial Champaign County Stormwater Partnership Green Infrastructure and Erosion Control Conference. This year the conference will be virtual instead of at the iHotel and Conference Center, however Professional Development Hours are still available. Attendance is limited and you can register at the following link Champaign County Stormwater Conference - CHAMPAIGN COUNTY STORMWATER PARTNERSHIP (


    Thank you!


  2. Digital Sign for Recognition of SSC $375k Contribution

    Part of the $25K fund 1‐304398, “602 SSC‐CIF Geothermal” for the CIF account is recognizing SSC’s $375K contribution to Geothermal in digital signage for a year at CIF.


    The final draft of the digital signage is attached below.


    Attached Files: 
  3. Weekly Update: Refurbished bicycles, Abandoned bikes

    All, We’re quickly approaching zero stock for refurbished bikes. One particularly eager patron bought two of our more expensive road bikes back-to-back last week. Thankfully, we received 3 bikes in very-good-to-great condition that should—fingers crossed—be on the sales floor for Wednesday.

    We’re in the beginning stages of clearing out abandoned bikes. Approximately 200 will go to CBC/TBP so that’ll help our inventory. The abandoned bikes at the rack in front of the bike center were cut this morning, cleaning up and clearing space for folks to lock there. We’ll be better able to see if any donations have been left, as well.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 21
    Sales: $1,646.75
    Bikes (refurb): 3 for $1,025
    B-a-B: 1 for $50
    Tires/tubes: 15 for $113


    Jacob Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Coordinator

  4. Weekly Update: Social Ride, Build-a-Bike

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, Two weeks back we received three nicer bikes as donations which have proven to be quick fixes. Visit numbers were surprisingly low on Wednesday but that gave us some time to catch up on the piles of wheels and bikes we needed to strip down for parts. Sunday was the Bike Project social ride. On Monday we had a Build-a-Bike completed—a decent hybrid is a great improvement over a too-small roadmaster!—and on Friday we had another member start a Build-a-Bike.

    Got an interview for a new hire this week, the Bike Project Members’ Meeting tonight, and one more of the nicer bikes to fix up.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 19

    Sales: $800.50

    Bikes (refurb): 1 for $170

    Build-a-Bike: 1 for $50
    Memberships: 8 for $240


    Jacob Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Coordinator

  5. Res003 Collecting Info about Environmental Justice Needs - Successful

    Following the transmittal of Res003 Collecting Info about Environmental Justice Needs, Bob Flider, Morgan White, Jennifer Fraterrigo, Stacy Gloss, and Meredith Moore met to discuss how we can move forward with environmental justice planning and how we can collaborate on these efforts. The meeting minutes are attached. 

  6. Insider article about the Envelope Pilot Project

    Associated Project(s): 

    "Indoor air quality is important for the health and comfort of occupants. Indoor airtightness can help provide good indoor air quality by making it easier to control the indoor environment with ventilation. Additionally, airtightness is key for energy efficiency. It is not uncommon for discrepancies between expected energy usage and actual energy usage to be explained by air leakage, and so making buildings tight is vital to meet energy and climate goals."

  7. TED Talk: Eco-Edition Series - Climate Action 7/27 at 6PM

    Associated Project(s): 

    TED Talk: Eco Edition Series - Climate Action

    All are invited to attend iSEE’s TED Talk: Eco-Edition event, this month hosted by Savannah Donovan, Environmental Program Manager at the Urbana Parks District and President of the Environmental Education Association of IL. The discussion will center on local and global climate action. Participants will view a prerecorded TED Talk followed by a guided discussion. No preparation is necessary!

    July 27, 6–7 pm

    Meredith Moore • Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment

  8. Weekly Update: Build-a-Bike, New Hire, Community Bike Ride on Thursday

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, I was out Mon - Thurs last week sick. My staff covered admirably but, invariably, there are things they were uncomfortable taking on. Just an opportunity for further training! We had one Build-a-Bike be completed and another almost made it out the door at the last minute on Friday.

    On Friday we had a visitor from Danville who is working on an Eagle Scout program rehabbing old bikes and donating them to local charities. We were able to donate 3 bikes and a handful of parts.

    We also had a new hire start on Friday, received a handful of nice bike donations earlier in the week, and will process those donations this week. We’ll also work on getting a few more bikes on the sales floor as we approach August. Or maybe more accurately: AUGUST. It’ll be a doozy of a month.

    On Sunday, July 31st, The Bike Project is hosting a community bike ride, so we’ll let folks know about that.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 18*
    Sales: $499
    Bikes: 1 for $200
    Build-a-Bike: 1 for $50
    Memberships: 1 for $30

    *Likely higher actual #; technical difficulties in my absence.


    Jacob Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Coordinator

  9. Internal meeting for the "Don't Waste It" campaign

    Associated Project(s): 
    • Tony Mancuso said that he will take care of the Digital Signage
      • He can get the slide (powerpoint) and make changes to dimensions if needed
      • Tony will get them out to all communicators on campus and the list-servs
      • Chris (from Housing) will handle the Housing Digital Signage
    • Morgan asked whether we need to talk to anybody from Public Affairs
      • Regarding Branding
      • Tony said, "No. This is not a Branding issue."
    • Morgan asked Marty Kaufman (from DIA) about Digital Signs
      • Marty said that there may be some in the State Farm Center in the lobby area but there are not any at Memorial Stadium
    • Group talked about putting messaging on a column
      • Morgan wants to wait for a future date
      • It could be on the wall/mural at the Waste Transfer Station. Pete Varney said sure
    • Homepage for Recycling - the F&S Recycling page - The group talked about making changes to this page to accommoday the "Don't Waste It" campaign.
      • single use masks may be pulled soon
        • Pete will check on the status of updates to the website
      • Adding "Related Resources" to this page
      • We will work on making the website mobile-friendly.
    • QR code
      • Whether it should go to the F&S website or something specific
      • Sarthak Prasad suggested using Webtools
        • Tony agreed. He said it would be great if we can manage the QR code and short URL
      • Sarthak will create a Short URL and QR code
        • Short URL - - created
        • Will give access to the communicators on this call
    • Reusable or Moveable Bins
      • Morgan asked Thurman Etchison (Housing), how many bins would he like? - this is for the Welcome Celebration - expecting about 4-5k students
        • Morgan had asked Coca-Cola for 30-50 bins
        • Coke will give us these bins and we will have to place them
      • Thurman said that
        • DIA usually place the bins
        • Housing could place and store them for future events
        • Thurman had asked Coca-Cola for 20
      • Morgan said that Coke will give the bins to Thurman
      • Morgan will ask them to give us 30 bins
      • Material
        • Options: Cardboard or corrugated plastic
          • We want corrugated plastic
          • Thurman had asked for this already
        • Bryan Johnson (Housing) said that we would like to get a sample first before we get all 30
          • For the look and size to place on Housing property/Residence Halls
      • Blue Bags for recycling
        • Morgan asked if all know how to get them
        • Pete said that the blue bags are available but BSWs are responsible for providing them
          • Reach out to Pete if there are questions
    • Department picnic (Welcome Celebration) is on August 19 from 11-3 pm
      • F&S and iSEE have a table each
      • Morgan asked if others have tables
        • Dave Guth (Illini Union) said that he will check with Erik Riha
      • Morgan asked if others would like the swag/giveaways at other tables or just at the F&S and iSEE tables?
        • Tony said that he would rather have them at multiple locations instead of just one or two
        • Thurman said the he would prefer to spread the infomration at different locations
      • Morgan also asked if we should distribute the swag all year round
      • Welcome Celebration - iSEE table - Meredith Moore (iSEE) is looking at it. Tony will be there too.
    • Reusable Straws
      • Tyler Swanson (student) said that
        • Students love free bottles
        • reusable straws are not preferred
        • cannot clean them in the dorms
      • Shreya Mahajan (student) said that students only use the reusable straws once
      • Tony said that he agrees with both Tyler and Shreya
    • Table Cloth is fine
    • Meredith would like someone from Coca-Cola to host the Ted Talk
      • Maybe in late fall or early spring
      • Corporate sustainability
    • Plastic Free Challenge in October and/or April
      • Coke could support these as part of the Don't Waste It campaign
    • Waste Audit
      • Last waste audit was done in 2015 (Illini Union in coordination with ISTC)
        • Included RAL, BIF, Illini Union and two other buildings
      • monitored 5 days worth of waste
        • This time, ISTC says they only need to monitor 2 days of waste
      • Dave Guth asked where else we could be targeting. Whether we would want to do the same 5 buildings or add more to them. It would be great if Coca-Cola supports it and funds it too
      • Dave talked about coordinating in October. ISTC lost their coordinator
        • Focus this fall on the scope, funds, and other details
        • Timeline could be Earth Month
    • Coca-Cola needs to spend $15,000 for sustainability on-campus
      • Marty Kaufman - They previously provided t-shirts
      • Aaron Finder - We have not received any checks since updating the contract
      • Morgan White - Can we ask if we didnt receive funding previous year(s), if they can fund/provide funds now?
      • Aaron - We can only ask for the current contract?
      • Marty Kaufman - Ideally, we can ask the question.
  10. Resilience Weekly Meeting

    After a brief meeting pause after the Spring semester ended, Stacy Gloss, Meredith Moore, and Morgan White are back to meeting weekly about building resilience in our local community. We met July 21, 2022.

    We discussed:

    -Resilience iCAP Team changes for 2022-23. Stacy Gloss is chair, Scott Tess is Vice Chair

    -Student work & intern opportunities.  We will work with EGN100 first-year students in the fall semester and brainstorm about how to design an internship opportunity for a student to engage in community / campus resilience work.

    -Stacy has begun meeting with Village of Savoy Staff and community partners on a project that addresses equitable youth recovery and economic mobility. The project includes a focus on wellbeing of residents across the seven dimensions of wellnss - mental, phyical, social, financial, spiritual, environmental, and vocational. Savoy has partnered with National League of Cities for the project.


  11. Thank You for Attending Geothermal Illinois: Community or District-Level Systems (Renewable Heating and Cooling)

    Associated Project(s): 

    The following message was sent to individuals who attended the "Geothermal Illinois: Community - & District-Level Systems" presentation led by Brian Urlaub, Associate Vice President & Director of Geothermal Operations, Salas O'Brien:

    Dear Participants,


    Many thanks for attending Geothermal Illinois: Community- & district-level systems, presented by Brian Urlaub, Associate Vice President & Director of Geothermal Operations, SALAS O’BRIEN. Many thanks to the University of Illinois Extension Natural Resource, Energy, and Environment educator Jay Solomon, University of Illinois Civil and Environmental Engineering professor Dr. Tugce Baser, and Illinois Geological Survey’s Andrew Stumpf for presenting additional information on efforts, research, technology, and funding opportunities. We also recognize our network of partnering organizations, whose titles with websites are listed below, along with a link to today’s webinar recording, slide decks, and resource links.



    Slide Decks: 

    Resource Links:

    Funding opportunities:


    Partner organizations:

    Illinois Geothermal Coalition

    Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition (MBDC)

    Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE)

    Illinois Water Resources Center

    Geothermal Alliance of Illinois

    International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA)

    The Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEOEXCHANGE)

    Prairie Rivers Network

    Citizens Utility Board

    Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition


    Many thanks for your interest in today’s topic. Our presenters and experts are copied on this email, and you are welcome to reach out to any of us for further conversation and support as you work towards energy independence, resiliency, and sustainability!


    Best wishes,




  12. Incorporation of Post Consumer Pizza Boxes in the Recovered Fiber Stream Study - WestRock

    Associated Project(s): 

    A study was conducted to analyze the impact of incorporating post-consumer pizza boxes in the recovered fiber stream. More specifically, factors such as grease and cheese were primarily observed. The summary of the findings includes the following:

    • The number of pizza boxes placed on the market in the U.S. annually is estimated to be 3 billion boxes equating to 600,000 tons of corrugated board. Pizza boxes represent 1.7% of the 35.9 million tons of corrugated containerboard produced in the U.S. annually.
    • If all pizza boxes were recovered for recycling, they would represent approximately 2.6% of the OCC stream or 2.2% of the OCC and mixed paper stream combined.
    • Pizza boxes currently found in the recycling stream have an average grease content of approximately 1-2% by weight level.
    • Grease is hydrophobic and when pizza boxes approach a 20 wt% concentration of the furnish, grease interference with inter-fiber bonding begins to result in significant paper strength loss (~5%). At pizza box concentrations under 10%, paper strength loss is low.
    • The strength loss as a function of “greasy” fiber and pre-consumer board was almost linear in the 0-20 wt% blend level.
    • Cheese, comprised of fats and proteins, is hydrophilic and does not hinder hydrogen inter-fiber bonding of fibers. Cheese tends to solidify and get screened out during the pulping process.

    To read the study in its entirety, see the attached file.

  13. Illinois Newsroom article: University of Illinois tags students’ bicycles with stickers for campus bike clean-up

    Illinois Newsroom article by Sydney Wood about "University of Illinois tags students’ bicycles with stickers for campus bike clean-up." Read the article attached or read it online at:

  14. 217Today Interview: Abandoned bicycles

    217Today broadcasted an interview about the removal of abandoned bicycles on campus as part of the campus clean up process. You can listen to the interview at the 2:10 minute mark in this episode.

    Also, check out the Illinois Public Media WILL episode for July 15, 2022 here:

  15. Weekly Update: Bike sales, Build-a-Bike, Bike Rodeo

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, Business as usual this last week. Still can’t keep enough bikes on the sales floor to meet demand but we have had an uptick in Build-a-Bikes. One B-a-B was finished on Friday and another started the same day.

    This week we are helping out with a Safe Routes to School Bike Rodeo program by providing the basketball courts for their learn to ride course.

    Thanks to Todd for putting a sizeable dent in our scrap pile, as we’ve been getting a lot of non-repairable bikes donated lately (unfortunately).

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 29

    Sales: $862
    Bikes (refurb): 2 for $235
    Bikes (B-a-B): 1 for $50
    Memberships: 6 for $180

    Tires/tubes: 14 for $136


    Jacob Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Coordinator

  16. Encourage your students to engage with the community through We CU

    Associated Project(s): 

    Encourage your students to engage with the community through We CU

    Whether your students are active in community service or seeking a service opportunity, We CU enriches their university experience with workshops, service opportunities, mini grants to offset the cost of service, and opportunities to connect with like-minded folks on campus and in the community. Encourage your grads and undergrads to learn more at the Spring 2022 Info Session. 

    January 25, 6–6:45 pm • Register for Zoom details

    Emily Stone and Katie Shumway • We CU Community Engaged Scholars program

    baseline_wifi_black_18dp.png This opportunity is available online.