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  1. Update on progress

    Gopal Pareek and Morgan White met to review progress on the DIA CAP efforts.  Gopal received information from the Green Sports Alliance, including a proposal for UIUC to join the alliance.  He also pulled the energy, water, and sanitary sewer data for each of the DIA buildings, to review with Brett Stillwell.  The square footage for each facility is needed, as well as the natural gas use, when applicable.

    For our next meeting, Gopal will finalize the excel file data for the DIA buildings.  Morgan will put him in contact with the SWATeam clerks to talk about the DIA potential for helping with the iCAP objectives.

  2. Weekly Update

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    All, last week’s big news was the implementation of a new sign-in system that expedites the process and allows for better tracking of our members’ status (expired or current memberships). The new system scans membership cards, I-cards, and drivers’ licenses, tracks first visits, and requires zero interaction with a keyboard, saving minutes of valuable time and keeps things from bottlenecking at the entrance to the space when people are arriving. While there is a learning curve, those who’re familiar scan and record their visit in about 5 seconds as opposed to the usual 15-30 with our previous system.

    The program is still in development and kinks/concerns are addressed with the developer as they arise. The system does not track names, however, unless you are in our database system already. If that is a problem, as far as the University is concerned, please let me know so I can correct it.

    To the numbers:
    Visitors: 129
    Sales (overall): $2,200.20
    Bikes (refurb): 3 for $620Bikes (B-a-B): 3 for $304
    Memberships: 20 for $635
    Tires/Tubes: 40 for $208

    This week I will build bikes, attend a Volunteer Fair on Tuesday, and coordinate/organize for Light The Night. I anticipate continued high visitor numbers, as the weather continues its summer ways.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  3. Weekly Update

    All, last week was fine. The student workers are getting into the swing of things. Those that were away for the summer are remembering how everything works and that in turn makes them a more helpful. Our suspension of “First Visit Free” has been received well; most people are amenable to the membership fee, even if they only have a very small repair. Only a couple instances of people complaining and they leave unhappy but on the whole I consider it a success. We’ve had a lot of people who’ve had to wait significantly for stand time even with the membership-required policy. It’s unfortunate, but also speaks to our success and the demand for the space. I’ll count it as a positive and a negative both.

    Visitors for the week: 154

    Last Friday we had a good-sized ride from the CBC totaling about 8 or so people. This time of year is especially well-suited for riding, which I hope translates to more interest.

    Last Tuesday was the first Fix-a-Flat class that Simon and Lily ran. From the both of them, it sounded like a success. This week 12-14 people have signed up, most appear to be grad students (not a bad thing).

    This week I will continue to publicize and talk up LTN as well as print off some basic text fliers for the event to hand out in advance. Funnily enough the younglings with their smartphones have been asking for fliers for the event! I’ll build bikes and organize, per usual, as well.

    Sales (overall): $1,533.10
    Bikes (refurb): 0 for $0 (we have two for sale!)
    Bikes (B-a-B): 2 for $143
    Memberships: 24 for $720
    Tire/Tubes: 47 for $283

    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  4. Follow up on "parent ID" question

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    The "parent" ID number for Call2Recycle should no longer be used. It was used for tracking payment as well as shipping addresses, and continued use could result in battery collection boxes being shipped to the wrong location on campus. Unfortunately, dropping the ID number means that we won't be able to obtain centralized reports of volumes of recycled batteries.

  5. Weekly Update

    All, last week was a blur! According to our sign-in data, we had 277 visitors. That seems high but numbers don’t lie. We were pretty much all-stands-full within the first half an hour. Unfortunately that means some members have had to wait for stands to work on their build-a-bikes. Nothing we can do about that, unfortunately.

    The numbers:
    Sales (overall): $1,867.60

    Bikes (refurbished): 1 for $180
    Bikes (B-a-B): 1 for $46
    Memberships: 26 for $780
    Tires/tubes: 47 for $244

    This week sees the beginning of the fix-a-flat class that Lily has shepherded into existence (Thanks, Lily!). I already have told people about that to much positive interest. There also is a community ride happening in the middle of the week that I will attend. I will also help with LTN preparations this week. A couple new student workers are starting this week, too, which will be good.

    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  6. A Model Program for Reducing Water Waste on Campus

    As collegians head back to campus this fall it means campus water use will spike, so ISTC has released a video on a model program which dramatically cut water waste with a student-directed behavior change campaign. Loyola University Chicago implemented its “Gallons Saved and Shared” project with the help of a grant from ISTC’s Billion Gallon Challenge. Student interns and volunteers planned and executed fixture upgrades across much of the campus and designed a awareness/behavioral campaign with the expertise of psychology majors. In addition, Robyn Mallett, associate professor of psychology and her colleagues, were able to study the responses to produce scientific insights. A college campus is an ideal setting to build a culture of sustainability that can follow graduates throughout their lives. The experience of “Gallons Saved and Shared” is a model that can be considered to produce conservation results on other campuses, said Aaron N. Durnbaugh, Loyola’s director of sustainability.

  7. Update on progress

    Gopal and Morgan reviewed the Big Ten schools in the Green Sports Alliance.  Gopal will find associated scores for the schools that are in that program.  He pulled data for the DIA buildings from the Energy Billing System, and put them into the consolidated format.  He also began reviewing the Green Sports Alliance programs.  During the next month, Gopal will contact the SWATeams to brainstorm potential ways DIA can help acheive the iCAP objectives for their topics.  He will also start a draft word document for the DIA CAP and list recommended actions for each chapter of the iCAP.

  8. Weekly Update

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    All, last week was—according to the visitor numbers—an unprecedentedly busy week. According to our tracker for visitors we had 239 people into the shop last week. I pored over the list of visitors and cut down two duplicate sign-ins from the original 241, but other than that the numbers bear out: we averaged about 50 sign-ins per day. Most must have been those looking for bikes and since we’re sold out, moved on quickly, because the shop never felt unbearably busy.

    Sales: Overall: $1,865.70; refurbished bikes: 3 for $440; B-a-Bs: 3 for $199; memberships: 17 for $510; tires/tubes: for 31 for $147.

    Yesterday was Quad Day. I think it went very well. We handed out bike registration flyers and successfully registered a few people’s bikes thanks to the iPad Lily brought. I will be interested to see how many people show up for registration stickers this week (hopefully a lot). Most people did not realize it was required to register your bike on campus.

    On Friday, Lily, Scott (from Parking), Officer Briggs from UIPD and I had a meeting to discuss theft and removal of abandoned bikes on campus. We will have a follow up meeting at a TBD date to discuss ways to streamline removal of abandoned bikes without advertising that fact to thieves and the like as well as how to better educate students about bike registration and locking technique.

    This week I will build bikes, have volunteers count and sort all the Light The Night light sets, and attend the TBP member meeting. I will brainstorm ways to expedite the registration sticker procurement process here at CBC, as last week we had a long line of people who didn’t understand (despite many announcements) that they could do the majority of the registration process on their phones beforehand.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  9. Battery recycling participation instructions updated in iCAP; F&S page updates pending

    Instructions for units that want to provide battery recycling have been updated on the appropriate iCAP Portal pages, with a detail regarding the provision of a "parent ID number" to Call2Recycle still pending. Once that detail has been confirmed, iCAP Portal instructions will be updated again if necessary, and instructions on the F&S page will be updated.

  10. Archived info - previous program description, replaced August 20, 2017

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    [Did not preserve the previous version of the first paragraph, to which minor updates were made to indicate that boxes are for a mix of single-use and rechargeable batteries and that participating units must pay Call2Recycle.]

    Call2Recycle accepts all rechargeable batteries that weigh less than 11 pounds, including Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn) and Small Sealed Lead Acid (SSLA/ Pb) batteries. Individual batteries must have their terminals taped or be bagged before being placed in the Call2Recycle  boxes. Leaking batteries are not accepted, and should be disposed of through the Division of Research Safety (217-333-2755).

    To start the program in your office:

    1.         Visit the Call2Recycle website at and join the free rechargeable battery recycling program.  Call2Recycle will follow up with a return phone call to you. When you receive this call, please provide them with the University of Illinois’s Parent ID #78151.

    2.         Call2Recycle will send the collection boxes with UPS shipping labels directly to your building.  When you first start the program, please notify F&S Waste Management at 244-7283.

    3.         When a box is full of individually bagged rechargeable batteries, check to ensure that only acceptable batteries are in the box.

    4.         Write down the box’s UPS tracking number and then place the full box at a UPS pickup location. UPS will pick the box up free of charge at the time of their next scheduled delivery.  UPS will ship the full box of batteries to a metal reclamation center for processing.

    5.         Call2Recycle will automatically send you new empty boxes with UPS shipping labels.

  11. Archived info - previous program description, replaced Aug. 20, 2017

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    Single-use battery recycling can be done through an outside vendor, Battery Solutions. This vendor accepts single-use (AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V). Battery Solutions also accepts button cells and lithium primary batteries, but leaking lead acid batteries are not accepted and should be disposed of through the Division of Research Safety (217-333-2755). Batteries should be individually bagged or have their terminals tapped before being placed in the Battery Solutions container. Each 55-pound container of batteries is sent through FedEx. The cost for the each container to complete the process is $84. This program is no longer centrally funded.

    To initiate the program in your office:

    • Contact:  800-852-8127
    • URL:
    • Cost:  $84 per 55-lb Pail (includes empty container, pre-paid FedEx shipping labels to return full container, and cost of recycling batteries)
    • Shipment Method: FedEx (building contacts can call FedEx directly to arrange pick-up, or go through vendor contact to have them do it.)
    • Notes: Battery Solutions automatically charges us and sends a new container when we return a full container to them