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  1. 11-28-22 Internal Meeting

    Associated Project(s): 

    On November 28, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:


    1. Final Report walk-through - successes, areas for improvement / iCAP portal walk-through.

    2. How many Coca-Cola bottles are sold versus recycled at State Farm Center:

      1. 872 20-oz bottles sold during the 11-14 game (coke, coke zero, diet coke, sprite, fanta orange, powerade, dasani).

      2. 12-oz bottles sold in the premium area - waiting for a number.

      3. Use the data to calculate a % recovery rate for recyclable materials.

  2. Sustainability Sub-Council Meeting Minutes 11-17-22

    The Sustainability Sub-Council met on Thursday, November 17 and discussed the following agenda. 

    1) Zero waste
    2) Energy planning
    3) Campus Strategic Plan
    4) Old business
    a. Sustainability General Education requirement
    b. Sustainable land management committee report

    The meeting minutes and PowerPoint presentation are attached. 

  3. Week 6 - Next steps

    The next steps for the project progress would be to review the past BFU applications from 2011 - 2019 to understand the stage we as a university are at currently and would help to identify, compare and contrast the work across these timelines to improve the status and make recommendations after reviewing the feedback. 


  4. Week 5 - Check in meeting

    In the past weeks,  Aparna reviewed the  BFU Application to understand the scope of work, did research/literature review work, and familiarized herself with the current initiatives taken by the university at present to combat bike thefts. Moreover, she also had a conversation with a transportation staff from UCLA and ASU who had recently reached out to me on their ideas/approach on this topic for a qualitative aspect of this project. The same was also discussed with her capstone advisor, Prof. Lindsay Braun to go over the progress and find better clarity. 

  5. Zero Waste Basketball Game Follow-up 11-16-22

    Thank you for volunteering for the inaugural Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste event on 11/14! You were among more than 45 other student volunteers who helped initiate recycling within State Farm Center! The community-level work you have done to raise awareness for sustainability has helped us strengthen our relationship with Athletics and the fans who attended the game.

    During this event, you helped divert 280 pounds of recyclable material away from the landfill! In total, roughly 11% of the materials consumed at this event were diverted away from the landfill. With this being our very first event, this is something to be extremely proud of. We can only go up from here!

    Make sure to check out the video highlight reel that the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) produced. Did you take any photos of your own during the event? Please upload them to our shared Google Drive folder!

    Are you interested in joining other sustainability initiatives on campus?

    • Join the Zero Waste Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Team or browse through the other 6 teams.
    • Sign the Use the Bin pledge and commit to always using the recycling bin. We’re working towards our 10,000-signature goal!
    • Sign up for iSEE’s final Illini Lights Out event this semester on 12/2.
    • Sign up for iSEE’s upcoming TED Talk discussion on 12/5 to learn about healthy soils.

    Thank you again for volunteering your time. Please reach out with any questions, feedback, or ideas for future events.

    Daphne Hulse

  6. Weekly Updates for the week of 11/7 and 11/14

    [11.7.22] All, Last week we completed the bike donation event with Working Bikes. Thanks to some Bike Project volunteers we were able to pack their truck full of bikes in about an hour and a half. Unfortunately, they were unable to take all of the abandoned bikes as there are about 50 left. I’ll work with TBP to deal with the remaining junk bikes as well as the ~200 we’ll keep for refurbishment.

    Last Thursday we were donated another pull-behind trailer, upping our count to 3 of them now. I will discuss with TBP ideas to make better use of these, as they take up a lot of space and we have zero demand for them.

    This week we will reinstate the First Visit Free policy as the cooler weather sets in.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 47

    Sales: $508
    Bike (refurbished): 1 for $225
    Memberships: 1 for $30
    Tires/tubes: 12 for $61


    All, I was out sick for a portion of the non-open hours, but we were still able to get a few bikes on the sales floor and strip some bikes. This week I’ll grab some more of the good bikes from the barn and we’ll get to fixing those. We reinstated First Visit Free and were able to help folks get rolling.

    I had an interview last Friday with a potential new hire and we’ll be having a staff meeting this week to get some of our new staff up to speed as well as provide a refresher for the returning staffers.

    Next week we will be closed for Thanksgiving break. We’ll reopen Monday, 11/28/22.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 45
    Sales: $434
    Bikes (refurb): 1 for $100
    Memberships: 4 for $120
    Tires/tubes: 8 for $103


    Jacob Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Coordinator

  7. 11-16-22 External Meeting

    Associated Project(s): 

    On November 16, UIUC sustainability representatives met with Coca-Cola and discussed the following:

    Attendance: Liz Doeschot, Sarah Carten, Bryan Johnson, Shawn Patterson, Meredith Moore, Jen Fraterrigo, Marian, Shreya Mahajan

    • Debrief after the 11/14 zero waste game:
      • Shift based system for volunteers would work better: keeps the shifts shorter, more engaged volunteers, allows us to focus on specific roles at specific points.
      • Blue bags could be saved back until closer to half-time when things pick up (was a slow start, so it would be wiser to put these folks in other roles during the earlier part of the game).
      • Offer free ticket, so students could enjoy game either first or second half before or after their shift (incentive).
      • Bin placement - think about what works for SFC best (more permanent vs more moveable).
      • Get sustainability trivia announced during the pre-game, so it’s brought to everyone’s attention.
      • People loved the shirts, loved the tote bags.
      • Lots of positive feedback, there was a post-event survey sent out (Marty may have updates next week on responses to this).
      • Reach out to concessionaire about how many Coca-Cola products are sold vs recycled.
      • weight empty bottle to make the transition between number of bottles sold vs weight we gather at the Waste Transfer Station (would be an estimate with upper and lower bounds).
    • Recycling Value Assessment by Circular Solutions
      • Get phone call done after Thanksgiving / in December.
      • Audit done sometime next year.
  8. UIUC Ranked Sagacious IP Global Green100 Top Company

    Associated Project(s): 

    The University of Illinois has been listed as one of the top companies in Sagacious IP's Global GREEN100 Ranking for its work towards creating a green future!

    Ranking is done through the volume of patents filed in green technology domains as well as the quality of an organization's current and projected green patent portfolio. This portfolio is analyzed through a rigorous methodology which weighs sectors/industries impacted, citation analysis, and 15 other components measuring a company's commitment, impact, and potential. 

  9. PWR010 Ethics Video recommendation - Supplanted by PWR014

  10. LW003 Certified Green Building Certification - Declined

    The LW003 Certified Green Building Certification was declined and returned to the team on April 16, 2022 with the following message. 


    Hello Land and Water iCAP Team,

    Thank you for your continued efforts toward making our campus more sustainable and advocating for the iCAP 2020 objectives for Land and Water!  The attached recommendation (LW003 Certified Green Building Certification) has been declined by the iCAP Working Group (iWG).  The iWG reviewed this recommendation in the April 2021 and May 2021 meetings and determined it would be better to consider an awards program, preferably for individual efforts rather than buildings. 

    As your team suggested, I’ll share this information with the Engagement iCAP Team, so they can consider a related recommendation for an awards program.



    See the submittal of LW003 Certified Green Building Certification here. 

  11. Energy009 MMR Safety and Security - Declined

    The Energy009 MMR Safety and Security recommendation was declined on 11/14/22 with the following email:


    Good afternoon Energy iCAP Team,

    This fall, there were discussions revisiting the Energy009 MMR Safety and Security which the team submitted in the spring semester.

    The iWG had robust discussions and representatives from the College of Engineering talked with their team; from our group perspective, addressing safety is something that will happen but does not warrant a recommendation until the project can move forward. Safety is inherently a part of the process.

    This will be updated on the iCAP Portal accordingly, and please reach out if you have any questions.

    Thank you,


    See the submittal of Energy009 MMR Safety and Security here. 

  12. New iSEE Greener Campus Programs Certifications

    Congratulations to the newest recipients of our Greener Campus Programs!

    Green Chapter: 

    Phi Delta Theta, Silver, Certified November 2022


    Green Office: 

    iSEE, Gold, Recertified October 2022

    F&S Capital Programs, Gold, Recertified November 2022

    International Student & Scholar Services, Gold, Recertified November 2022


    Green Event:

    Chancellor's Office for Special Events and Commencement Illinois v. Eastern Illinois Men's Basketball, Certified November 2022

    Office of the Chancellor for Special Events and Commencement Illinois vs. Kansas City Men's Basketball, Certified November 2022

    Chancellor's Office for Special Events Il. v. Purdue Men's Football, Certified November 2022

    Keep up the great work!

  13. November 11, 2022 Illini Lights Out Data

    Associated Project(s): 

    At last Friday's Illini Lights Out event, 5,602 light bulbs were shut off that otherwise would have been left on all weekend, saving $852.32 in energy costs. This also prevented 6.85 metric tons of CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere, the same as the greenhouse gas emissions from 771 gallons of gasoline being consumed. That's a HUGE impact!

    There is one more Illini Lights Out event this semester on December 2nd, and you can sign up at this link. Stay up to date with other sustainability-related events and news by signing up for the Institute of Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) newsletter here!

    Illini Lights Out addresses objectives 2.2 and 2.2.2 of the iCAP, or Illinois Climate Action Plan, to increase energy efficiency and reduce building-level energy. Find out about other iCAP objectives here and read the entire iCAP here.

    Illini Lights Out is a certified Green Event! Click this link to learn how to green-certify your own event.

  14. Zero Waste Basketball Game on 11/14/22

    Support Fighting Illini Basketball and fight waste!

    DIA, iSEE, and F&S are working together to hold a zero-waste Illini men's basketball game Monday, Nov. 14, in honor of America Recycles Day on Nov. 15!

    Fans can help the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign meet its zero-waste goals by using recycling bins for drink containers and other recyclables to keep them out of the landfill!

    For more information -->…/waste-management-and-recycling

    See the graphic on social media here: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 

  15. TED Talk: Eco-Edition Series - America Recycles Day on 11/15/22!

    Join us for iSEE's November TED Talk: Eco-Edition event in celebration of America Recycles Day! F&S Zero Waste Coordinator, Daphne Hulse, and Waste Management intern, Shreya Mahajan, will host the discussion on zero waste initiatives and its significance.

    Participants will view a prerecorded TED Talk followed by a guided discussion and roundtable conversation. The TED Talk: Eco-Edition series is designed to unite campus and community members for a passionate, respectful, and thought-provoking dialogue about a certain aspect of sustainability. No preparation is necessary and all are welcome to this event!

    Sign up here to learn, discuss, and connect with peers in a casual, social setting. Grab your favorite snack and get comfortable! Topics and hosts vary each month.

    Nov 15, 2022 07:00 PM

  16. Engagement002 Take Action Weblink - Transmitted

    The Engagement002 iCAP Portal Redesign was renamed to Engagement002 Take Action Weblink. On 11/11/22, the recommendation was transmitted to Madhu Khanna, Director of iSEE, with the following email. The iWG assessment is attached. 


    Hello Dr. Khanna,

    The Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Working Group (iWG) reviewed recommendation Engagement002 from the Engagement iCAP Team about the iCAP Portal. The iWG discussed this and rather than changes to the database repository site of the iCAP Portal, the iWG recommends that iSEE’s communications team, in collaboration with the iCAP teams, take the steps recorded in the attached word document and listed here:

    1) For immediate action - Highlight a Student Action button to access the related “Action” page.  Make it consistent throughout the various websites, so the students/users know it is the same link.

    2) Look carefully at the iSEE campus sustainability page/site to streamline it and make it a lot more accessible for students, so they know how to take action and understand the progress we’ve made in this area.

    3) Develop an image-based site for campus sustainability engagement, with appropriate campus professionals and a student focus group that includes students with visual background and students with sustainability knowledge. Include time-based suggestions (if you have five minutes, if you have 30 minutes, if you have an hour, if you have an hour each week, etc.). Include suggestions for iSEE website, iCAP Portal, and related sites, as well as development of new landing page website.

    4) Reassess and renew the message and graphics of the iCAP web-presence on a regular basis (at least every five years).

    The Formal iCAP Procedures includes a section on campus unit responsibilities upon receipt of a recommendation, and we respectfully request your initial response to this recommendation by November 30, if possible.  If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, we are happy to discuss this with you further.


    Morgan, Jen, and Meredith


    See submittal of Engagement002 iCAP Portal Redesign --> Engagement002 Take Action Weblink recommendation here.
    See attached iWG assessment.