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Energy iCAP Team (Ongoing)

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The Energy iCAP Team is a new team combining the efforts of the Energy Conservation and Building Standards and the Energy Generation, Purchasing and Distribution iCAP Teams.

The Energy iCAP Team is a committee of faculty, staff and students who track progress and recommend action on the iCAP objectives related to energy conservation and generation. The team explores energy conservation opportunities, changes to building standards for sustainability, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with regards to energy generation, purchasing and use. The team’s experts are available to discuss opportunities and recommending initiatives for reducing our carbon footprint from energy demand.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Tyler Swanson

    Project Leader:

    Aman Mehta

    Team Members:

    • Paul Foote
    • Yun Kyu Yi
    • Tim Mies
    • Damon McFall
    • Roman Makhenko
    • Andy Stumpf
    • Shannon Anderson
    • Martha Kubakh
    • Karl Helmink
    • Mike Larson


  • Started July 1, 2019
    Started by iSEE