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Resilience iCAP Team (Ongoing)

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The Resilience Commitment is focused on climate adaptation and community capacity-building to deal with a changing climate and resulting extremes.

iCAP Teams report annually on progress made toward Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) objectives in their area of focus, and the Resilience Team advocates for achieving the iCAP 2020 objectives related to community resilience.

The Resilience iCAP Team, formed in 2019, was charged because of a joint climate resilience proclamation from the University of Illinois and the cities of Urbana and Champaign. This Team will carry on the work previously begun by the Champaign County Climate Resilience Task Force, bringing campus and the greater community together to address what must be done to prepare for vulnerabilities to extreme weather and other results of climate change.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Claire Keating

    Project Leader:

    Miriam Keep

    Team Members:

    • Jennifer Fraterrigo
    • Miriam Keep
    • Morgan White
    • Linda Derhak
    • Scott Tess
    • Marcus Ricci
    • Lacey Rains Lowe
    • Nichole Millage
    • Cheryl Bicknell
    • Cailtin Kelly
    • Warren Lavey
    • Constance Brown
    • Carrie McKillip
    • Sarah Tate
    • Stacy DeLorenzo
    • Carena Van Riper
    • Lily Wilcock

    Prior Contacts:

    • Micah Kenfield
    • Ximing Cai
    • Dennis Donaldson
    • Anne Tong
    • Alec Van Patten
    • Asli Topuzlu
    • Gabriella Zervakis
    • Meredith Moore
    • Lisa Merrifield
    • Katie Simpson
    • Stacy Gloss
    • Gina Fumagalli
    • Alec Van Patten
    • Anne Tong
    • Kimmy Chuang
    • Genevieve Zilmer
    • Joseph Park
    • Dennis Donaldson
    • Sally McConkey
    • Ximing Cai
    • Sowmiya Raju
    • Rita Morocoima-Black
    • Joshua Lim
    • Helen Anil
    • Bob Flider


  • Proposed January 1, 2016
    Proposed by Ben McCall
    Approved March 2, 2016
    Approved by Interim Chancellor Barb Wilson