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iCAP Working Group (iWG) (Ongoing)

Recent Project Updates


As part of the Campus Sustainability Procedures approved in June 2014, the Illinois Climate Action Plan Working Group (iWG) was formed. It is made up of representatives from major stakeholder groups across campus, and it has been tasked with (a) reviewing iCAP Team recommendations and transmitting them to the affected units or the Sustainability Council, as appropriate; and (b) initiating a process for revising the iCAP.

You can read more about the iCAP Working Group at the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) iWG page.

Recommended policies and initiatives will be developed by Topical iCAP Teams, convened by iSEE and consisting of faculty, staff, and students. These recommendations will be transmitted to an iCAP Working Group (iWG) comprised of mid-level administrators and faculty and student representatives. Small-scale suggestions will be transmitted by the iWG chair directly to impacted units. Mid-scale recommendations will be evaluated by the iWG and transmitted as formal recommendations to units. Large-scale recommendations (with major policy and/or financial implications) will be evaluated by the iWG and then forwarded to the Sustainability Council for approval. The Sustainability Council will approve, modify, reject, or request further study of large-scale recommendations. These groups will also be used for periodic updates to the iCAP: sections will be revised by the iCAP Teams, integrated by the iWG, and then evaluated and approved by the Sustainability Council.


Submitted Recommendations:

Energy Chapter

Energy Team Recommendations: 

ECBS Recommendations:

eGen Recommendations:

Transportation Chapter

Transportation Team Recommendations:

Land and Water Chapter

Land and Water Team Recommendations:

ALUFS Recommendations:

Water and Stormwater Recommendations:

Zero Waste Chapter

Zero Waste Team Recommendations:

PWR Recommendations:

Education Chapter

Education Team Recommendations:

Engagement Chapter

Engagement Team Recommendations

Resilience Chapter

Resilience Team Recommendations: 

Implementation Chapter

iWG Recommendations:

No description has been provided yet.

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Morgan White and Jen Fraterrigo

    Team Members:

    • Jennifer Fraterrigo, iSEE
    • Morgan White, Facilities & Services
    • Jamie Singson, Auxiliaries
    • Brian Bundren, Provost Office
    • Jim Brennan, Academic Senate
    • Qu Kim, College Facilities
    • Sandy Yoo, System Office
    • Danika Ford, Student Sustainability Leadership Council
    • Quinn Connolly, Illinois Student Government Environmental Sustainability Committee
    • Lucy Nifong, Student Sustainability Committee
    • Carl Bernacchi, College of LAS

    Prior Contacts:

    • Alexandra Gergova, Illinois Student Government Environmental Sustainability Committee
    • Derek Fultz, College Facilities
    • Meredith Moore, iSEE


  • Approved June 4, 2014
    Approved by Chancellor Wise
    Started June 15, 2014
    Started by Ben McCall