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Criteria developed for prioritizing feasibility studies recommended by SWATeams

Posted by Morgan White on February 11, 2016

The iCAP Working Group approved the following criteria for evaluating potential feasibilty studies recommended by SWATeams.

Criteria for Feasibility Studies

  • Emissions reduction – using the iCAP’s emissions numbers
  • Financial cost reduction – per the formal campus budget impact
  • Educational factor – related to students learning more
  • Promotional factor – related to UIUC reputation
  • Ease of implementation – related to the number of hurdles for getting this done, or using the results of the study to implement a change on campus
  • Political factor – similar to promotional, but related more to our responsiveness to community concerns and requests
  • Resource conservation – including energy, water, and materials
  • Connection to iCAP Objectives
  • Behavior change – support a sustainable culture
  • Cost Benefit Analysis – will the cost align with perceived benefit