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Office of Sustainability (Completed)

Recent Project Updates

  • 5/30/2012

    The Office of Sustainability (OS) applied for the Illinois Governor's Sustainability Award in 2012.  The OS provides overarching leadership to transform campus into a model for sustainability and to integrate sustainability principles into our cam


In 2008 the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign created two structures to address sustainability: the Office of Sustainability and the Sustainability Council. The Sustainability Council is chaired by Vice President and Chancellor Phyllis Wise and includes other campus leaders as well as student, faculty, and staff representatives. The Council provides strategic direction for the sustainability initiatives and priorities on campus. The Office of Sustainability provided operational leadership for the numerous initiatives on campus. For example, the Office worked with campus units, student groups, and community partners to develop and promote engagement activities and enhance communication about sustainability initiatives. The Office of Sustainability was upgraded to the Center for a Sustainable Environment and subsequently to the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment, in 2013.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Stephanie Lage

    Project Leader:

    Pradeep Khanna