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Sustainability Best Practices Video (In Progress)

Project History

  • 11/12/2021

    In October, iSEE was proud to present a set of new Sustainability Training Videos designed to help students, faculty, and staff incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives and support Illinois Climate Action Plan goals in all their action

  • 6/2/2021

    This project name was updated from "Add iCAP Principles to Annual Ethics Training" to "Sustainability Best Practices Video."


For the iCAP objectives to be reached, sustainability outreach to the campus community needs to increase.  This project proposes to incorporate Campus Sustainability principles, expectations, and requirements in the annual ethics training required for all Urbana campus employees.  This can be done with optional short videos at the conclusion of the mandatory training. 


Per the PWR014 SWATeam recommendation, "This recommendation has been developed in consultation with Donna McNeely, Executive Director of University Ethics and Compliance, University Ethics and Compliance Office, and in consultation with members of other SWATteams. It arises in part from our shared sense that the annual ethics training that focuses on important matters such as whistle blowing, combatting sexual harassment, honesty, etc, could be expanded to include exposure to ethical issues pertaining to sustainability and waste reduction. Through our discussions we came to the conclusion that we should aim for something much broader and designed to reach the entire university community. It is appropriate to collaborate on this initiative with the University Ethics and Compliance Office as part of the function of that office to ensure compliance with university commitments – such as those stated in the iCap documents."

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Meredith Moore

    Project Leader:

    Warren Lavey, Olivia Butts

    Team Members:

    • Ximing Cai
    • Tony Mancuso
    • Leon Liebenberg

    Prior Contacts:

    • Robert McKim
    • Michael Gates


  • Proposed May 1, 2019
    Proposed by PWR SWATeam