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Education iCAP Team (Ongoing)

Recent Project Updates


The Education iCAP Team was newly formed in the Fall of 2019 by students, faculty, and staff willing to help achieve the University of Illinios iCAP 2015 goals and to contribute to the iCAP 2020. We are aware that students care passionately about sustainability and are looking for it to be incorporated into their college experience.

The members of this committee are charged with presenting projects that meet one of these three education goals:

  1. curricular education (new and/or improved courses in sustainability, minors, certificates)
  2. getting instructors to incorporate a sustainability segment into courses, perhaps as a lecture or as a student project
  3. general campus education (non-curricular, e.g. presence at events)


No description has been provided yet.

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Megan Hanebuth

    Project Leader:

    Eric Green

    Team Members:

    • Eric Green
    • Gretchen Forman
    • Anna-Maria Marshall
    • Luis Rodriguez
    • Anna Mehl
    • Kate Abney
    • Katie Jaszczurowski
    • Grace Smith

    Prior Contacts:

    • Sean Kennedy
    • Matthew Rodriguez
    • Natalie Bosecker
    • Gina Delascio
    • Jessica Nicholson
    • Asli Topuzlu
    • Bella Polizzotto
    • Mallory Mahen
    • Gina Delascio
    • Anna Riedl
    • Jayce Carlson
    • Blaise Torrence
    • Cheelan Bo-Linn
    • Gillen Wood
    • Valerie Ramirez
    • Julie Cidell
    • Ann Witmer
    • Stacy Gloss
    • Dave Guth
    • Sharlene Denos
    • Fina Healy
    • Carolyn Cai