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Install Public Use Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations (Ongoing)

Recent Project Updates

  • 6/4/2024

    Please see the included report completed by the 2023-24 Transportation iCAP Team.

  • 12/18/2023

    Some of the comments from parking seem to imply a LOT of external vendor “input” on corded Level 2 chargers.

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In this region of the electric grid, an electric vehicle typically emits fewer GHG emissions than a conventional gas-fueled vehicle of similar size. The Parking Department is supporting sustainability through implementation of public use electric vehicle charging spaces, with 20 “Level 1” charging spaces now on campus, and began installing “Level 2” stations in 2015. The campus could support additional electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The 2010 iCAP said, "Electric vehicles should also be considered as campus moves toward renewable electricity generation. Charging stations for many vehicles would then be a more realistic venture."  Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations can encourage low-emission vehicles by providing the supporting infrastructure.  The EV club for campus has put together a map of proposed locations for charging stations, online at

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is now available for University of Illinois faculty, staff, students and guests.

There are twenty level 1 charging locations throughout campus and four level 2 charging ports at two different locations on campus.

For a map of locations, usage details and information regarding EV charging on campus go to UIUC Parking Electric Vehicle Charging

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    Matt Childress

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    • Morgan Johnston