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  1. Weekly Update

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    All, this past week was comfortably slow. Sold out of bikes.


    I reached out to Working Bikes about them coming down to pick up bikes but haven’t heard back yet. Will follow up this week.


    I’ll also be picking up bikes from UIPD and processing them. I got a report that the pump at Altgeld/Union is on the fritz. I’ll check that out this week and see if I can get it operational without ordering any new parts. Fingers crossed.


    Tuesday morning I’ll be meeting with someone from the Illini Gadget Garage. They do a very similar thing to the Bike Center, except with electronics/small appliances: teaching people how to repair them.  


    Thursday is LTN 2018. We’ve got a record number of lights to install this year!


    The numbers:

    Visitors: 116
    Sales: $1,086

    Bikes (refurb): 1 for $180
    Bikes (B-a-B): 2 for $97.50
    Memberships: 17 for $510
    Tires/tubes: 23 for $153


    Jake Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Manager

  2. PWR013 Zero Waste Coordinator recommendation - Assessment Started

    The iCAP Working Group (iWG) met on September 17, 2018, to discuss and start the assessment of the PWR 013 - Zero Waste Coordinator recommendation. The iWG's draft assessment was:

    "The iWG supports moving forward with hiring a Zero Waste Coordinator, and we would stress that their responsibilities are twofold: educate the campus on recycling, and to push for system changes to improve campus recycling."

    See SWATeam Recommendation PWR013 Zero Waste Coordinator here.

  3. Weekly Update for Zero Waste

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    Hi Pete and Shawn—

    It was a quiet week for zero waste. I got a few responses from labs participating in the glove recycling program and had some email with the student volunteers from BER. I plan to wrap up lab contacts this week and report back to Morgan and DRS with as much information as I was able to gather.

    Best regards,

    Marya Ryan

  4. SSC approves micro grant - SSLC guest lecture series

    SSC has voted to approve the $500 micro grant proposal for a guest lecture series with the contingency that this grant is considered seed funding and not ongoing financial support. In accordance with our fee mandates, the funding cannot go towards, food, travel, or lodging. Thus, this grant supports the honorarium and/or venue fees. 

  5. Water005 Rainworks Design Lot F4 recommendation - Successful

    Director of Parking at the University of Illinois, Marty Paulins, responded over email to Ximing Cai (iSEE Associate Director for Campus Sustainability) in support of the recommendation:

    "Parking supports the recommendation to do a feasibility study for Lot F4, incorporating the green infrastructure from the conceptualization completed by the students in the award winning rainworks challenge."

    For future updates on this project, please visit EPA RainWorks Challenge.

    See the iWG Assessment of Water005 Rainworks Design Lot F4 here.

    See the SWATeam Recommendation Water005 Rainworks Design Lot F4 here.

  6. Parking Advisory Committee recommendation - Successful

    Director of Parking at the University of Illinois, Marty Paulins, responded over email to Ximing Cai (iSEE Associate Director for Campus Sustainability) in support of the recommendation:

    "Parking supports the recommendation to have the Chair of the Transportation SWATeam serve as a voting member of the Parking Advisory Committee.  The current chair is listed as Yanfeng Ouyang – if this is correct please let me know and an invitation will be sent to for the initial October meeting."

    See the iWG Assessment of Trans009 PAC here.

    See the SWATeam recommendation Trans009 PAC here.

  7. 18S Semesterly Report - FSHN Projects

  8. Mid-Day Walks

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    Fall Mid-Day Walks begin Monday, September 17. All fitness levels are welcome. Walks start at 12:10 pm and end at 12:50pm. Starting point is behind the Illini Union. This program is free, but you must register, and complete a short medical history and release form. Register at

    Michele Guerra . Campus Wellbeing Services

    MId Day Walks begin Monday September 17

  9. Trans008 Mode Share Survey recommendation - Successful

    The Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment has agreed to administer a mode-share survey helmed by Micah Kenfield, Sustainability Programs Coordinator.

    See iWG assessment Trans008 Mode Share Survey here.

    See SWATeam recommendation Trans008 Mode Share Survey here.

    For future updates, please refer to Reduce Cars (Vehicle Miles Traveled) on Campus.

  10. Weekly Update

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    All, this past week calmed down a bit. We were still busy but manageably so instead of overwhelmed. Friday’s heavy and constant rain kept visitor number low for that day. Last week I interviewed and will be hiring a new student worker. I reached out to Working Bikes about them taking a lot of our abandoned bikes as in years past but I haven’t heard back from them yet.


    I taught a Bike Maintenance 101 class last Monday. It went well, even if there was  low turnout. I picked up 12 bikes or so from UIPD. They’ve got another 10 – 12 for us and I’ll coordinate with them this week on that. I’ll also be finishing up some bikes so we have a few for sale, stripping some of the junkers that we got from UIPD and working on inventory as we look towards fall.


    The numbers:


    Sales: $1,586.00

    Memberships: 11 for $330
    Bikes (refurb): 4 for $695
    Bikes (B-a-B): 2 for $104.50

    Tires/tubes: 14 for $112



    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  11. Environmental Town Hall

    Environmental Town Hall will be Sept. 14 at Beckman Institute

    A Champaign County Environmental Town Hall will be from 3 to 4:15 p.m on Sept 14 in the Beckman Institute Auditorium, Room 1025. The event will include a panel discussion on the Future Energy Jobs Act, as well as renewable energy, clean jobs, and other environmental issues, and time for questions. Please register at

    Robert Goldman . Science Policy Group & Union of Concerned Scientists

  12. Update from Joy Scrogum

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    Amanda Elzbieciak, IGG workshop manager recently updated our impact statistics document. See attached.  As of July 2018, through repair assistance and collection of special materials (e.g. single-use and rechargeable batteries, CDs and their cases) the project has diverted 740.88 lbs. of material from the waste stream. ISTC will not be continuing as the coordinating agency. I'm working with Amanda to explore options for transitioning the project to a different unit on campus and will post any updates on that as they become available. - Joy Scrogum


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  13. Recontacted BER Volunteers

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    With the students back in town for the semester, Marya Ryan re-contacted the Business in Environmental Responsibility (BER) volunteers she spoke with in the spring. The volunteers are helping with the glove recycling program. Over the summer, they identified contacts for nonparticipating departments with $2,000 or more in nitrile glove purchases for the first three quarters of fiscal year 2017-2018. Ryan emailed their contact person, Meghna Vijayan, and caught her up on events over the summer, such as the relocation of the trailer at PPSB and F&S's work with the Division of Research Safety. Ryan also asked whether they could help identify teaching coordinators in the teaching labs to assist with that work.