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  1. Priority Area for Transportation iCAP Team 2023-24

    The 2023-24 charge letter identified the Commuter Program as a priority area for the Transportation iCAP team.

    The pilot commuter program ran in Spring 2023 and celebrated those already choosing active modes of transportation but struggled to incentivize people to relinquish their parking passes. The Transportation Team will begin to brainstorm ways to incentivize and encourage people to relinquish their parking passes. The team also wants to establish an emergency ride-home program. This program would be made available to those who do not have a parking pass and need to return home in case of an emergency. 

  2. Transportation iCAP Team Meeting 10/6/2023

    The Transportation iCAP Team met on 10/6/2023 to discuss the 2023-24 charge letter and priories for the year. The team will focus on the EV Task Force Report, the 2024 Campus Bike Plan, the commuter program, and Transportation015- sustainable fleet replacement plan recommendation. 

  3. Illini Lights Out 9/29

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    At Friday's Illini Lights Out event, 6,059 light bulbs were shut off that otherwise would have been left on all weekend, saving $921.85 in energy costs. This also prevented 7.434 metric tons of CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 833 gallons of gasoline being consumed. That's a huge impact!

    The next Illini Lights Out event is on Friday, October 13th, and you can sign up using this link. Stay up to date with other sustainability-related events and news by signing up for the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) newsletter here!

    Illini Lights Out addresses objectives 2.2 and 2.2.2 of the iCAP, or Illinois Climate Action Plan, to increase energy efficiency and reduce building-level energy. Find out about other iCAP objectives here and read the entire iCAP here.

    Illini Lights Out is a certified Green Event! Click this link to learn how to green-certify your own event.

  4. Zero Waste iCAP Team Meeting 10/9/2023

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    The Zero Waste iCAP Team met on October 9, 2024, to discuss AY 2023-24 action items, iCAP objectives, and charge priorities. The team will be focusing on conducting green tailgating events alongside university athletics, increasing waste reduction and diversion within residence halls, and addressing updates to current facility hydration station standards. 

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  5. Land & Water iCAP Team October 2023 Meeting

    The Land & Water iCAP team met on Teams from 1-2 PM on Friday, October 6th. The team reviewed the iCAP Land & Water objectives, discussed area/projects of focus for the year, and brainstormed next steps in relation to projects that are underway. Meeting minutes are attached.

  6. Education iCAP Team October 2023 Meeting

    The Education iCAP team met on Teams from 1-2 PM on Thursday, October 5th. The team reviewed the iCAP Education objectives, discussed area/projects of focus for the year, and brainstormed next steps in relation to projects that are underway. Meeting minutes are attached.

  7. Illinois Green Infrastructure & Erosion Control Conference

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    The following is an email sent by Betsy Ligget Richardson:

    Hello everyone, hope you are doing well!

    I am writing to share information regarding an upcoming stormwater conference on October 24th at the iHotel to see if you are interested in attending and if you could share the attached flyer with your staff and colleagues. The Illinois Green Infrastructure & Erosion Control Conference is hosted by the Champaign County Stormwater Partnership which the University, Facilities & Services, Safety & Compliance is a member.


    The conference presenters this year are from the University of Illinois, the University of Illinois Extension Office, Penn State and the City of Peoria. We will also have a tour at Crystal Lake Park in Urbana following the presentations (MTD transportation available). 5 PDHs will be provided, along with breakfast and lunch!


    We do not currently have a high registration count and hope to get more attendees registered this week to support our presenters. We have promoted a soft close registration date on October 10th . Registration will still be open after that, but we are asking attendees to register by Tuesday for the food order and table set up information needed.


    Please sign up and share. Thanks in advance!


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  8. Weekly Update: Abandoned bicycles, new staff

    All, Big news of last week is the abandoned bikes. Bike Project folk and I were able to take an inventory of the bikes that are available and given the number of bikes—fewest in my tenure!—we are not partnering with Working Bikes this year. I communicated as much last week and no hard feelings. If anything, they’re happy to hear we have less bike waste—and they would know, they’ve got a 3 story building full of bikes.

    This week we have a couple new staff members starting here. We’ll do some off-hours training with them.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 40
    Sales: $1,030.50
    Memberships: 18 for $540

    Tires/tubes: 27 for $212


    Jacob Benjamin
    Coordinator -- Campus Bike Center

  9. Unclaimed abandoned bicycles donated to the Campus Bike Center

    Following the deadline day to claim impounded bicycles, Sarthak Prasad reached out to Jake Benjamin, campus bike center coordinator, to inform that these bicycles are now considered donated to the Campus Bike Center and the Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign. See the email below:

    Hi Jake,

    The deadline to claim impounded bicycles have passed, so you can start checking the bicycles in the barn now. These bicycles are now considered donated to the Campus Bike Center and the Bike Project. I have the serial number information for almost all of those bicycles in the spreadsheet as well. We had about 240ish bicycles to start with and 24 bicycles were returned this year.

    Thank you,


  10. iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - September 29, 2023

    Associated Project(s): 



    • Question about a TODO: "Collections page: Add image upload option". At a previous meeting we had this TODO, but what was the context? Was it to have a thumbnail for each Collection? Or a banner image? Or an image gallery?
    • Should we link to "Take Action" project from homepage?
      • Replace map link in Highlights?
      • Need to finish Take Action page content
    • SSC projects
      • May want to use this Archive of Funded Projects on old SSC site (2019) as a reference for showing SSC project info
      • Discussed using iCAP Portal projects for SSC projects page vs. maintaining own project pages directly on SSC website.
      • One possible challenge - SSC sometimes funds part of a project or provides funding for a period of time (e.g. 1 year) for a longer-term project, so only the project updates for that period of time are relevant, not all updates in perpetuity. How do we handle that?
      • Decided to start with map embed from Student Sustainability Committee Funded Projects collection, then look at adding card-based project embed as well.
    • Continue discussion of Fancy Page Layout (see the 4 mockups in the October 21, 2022 meeting notes)
    • Continue discussion of improving site's aesthetics
    • Archiving projects
      • Add "Archived" checkbox?
      • Add "Archived" to Visibility options?
      • Add "Archived" to Project Status options? (probably not - this mixes the status of the project itself with whether we still want it to show up on the site)
      • Remove from nested listings, still publicly available?


    • Main map:
      • Start with only Campus Tour locations shown (for now, start with Reporting Progress theme)
      • See CSU's campus map (Sustainability section) for inspiration
      • Smaller markers - working for Themes, not yet for Collections
      • Campus boundary, like ArcGIS Bicycle Map
      • Improve mobile filter?
      • Add "clear filters" option to show initial collection of projects
      • Add Full Screen option
      • Show only publicly visible Collections
    • Homepage has extra padding on right side on mobile
    • SSC project embedding: add category filtering options
    • (long term goal) look into importing information from another source, e.g. SSC students without iCAP Portal access can put together info in a structured format for automatic import into iCAP Portal
    • Look into Collection embedding again, à la Drawdown Solutions Library Sammy had found ("Filter by sector or area of action" section)
    • Metric search/display:
      • Theme (via connected Project, i.e. Theme -> Project -> Metric)
      • Most recent updates as of: (list of years) -> can we query Tracking data?
      • (Internal only) Last updated before (list of years) -> can we query Tracking data?
    • (Low Priority) Make column headers click-sortable on Projects by Project Status page
    • Fancy project layout mockups - keep tweaking #3 to improve contrast
    • Discuss metrics
      • Metrics with lots of data
      • Consider how to handle old metrics that no longer track new data. Archive somehow?
      • Fun with math (e.g. combining multiple metrics)
      • Calculated Metrics on Dev site
  11. Cetacean Exhibit Viewing Dates

    Associated Project(s): 

    Cetacean will be taking place during the times listed below.

    Deke Weaver: Cetacean

    CETACEAN (The Whale) is the sixth interdisciplinary performance from Deke Weaver’s The Unreliable Bestiary—a lifelong project representing an endangered animal or habitat. CETACEAN has evolved into a juxtaposition of lo-fi effects, story, video, dance, sound design, and a colossal installation—a plastic sea with plastic whales. It’s gonna be a whale of a show!

    September 28–October 2, 7:30 pm • University of Illinois Stock Pavilion, 1402 W Pennsylvania Ave, Urbana, IL 61801