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  1. CEE student works with Dr. Schmidt and F&S

    Junren Wang, an undergraduate student in Civil and Environmental Engineering, working under the guidance of Dr. Art Schmidt, researched the impacts of existing green infrastructure on campus property and the relationship to potential cost reductions from City Stormwater Utility Fees.  She provided the following update and attached files.

    Dear All:

    This is an update for the GI project:

    ECE Permeable Pavement(U08032): All the necessary calculations have been completed. We may get 0.22% credit for this parcel.

    Design Center Detention(U16015):All the necessary calculations have been completed. We may get 0.307% credit for this parcel.

    FPC Detention(U17018): All the necessary calculations have been completed. We cannot get credits from this infrastructure. But we may get $250/10yr incentives.

    IGB Detention: More information need for the pump as mentioned last time. But it seems that we cannot get credit from this infrastucture.

    Waiting for your suggestion this Thursday!



  2. Weekly Updates for Zero Waste

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    Hi Pete and Shawn--

    Zero waste activity this week was a brief email to Sara Portillo of Kimberly-Clark to stay in touch about the glove recycling program. She was hoping we could address lab participation with the PWR SWATeam sooner than the fall. It's not clear that there will be anything specific to present to the team before then.

    Best regards,

    Marya Ryan

  3. Bike to Work Day Registration

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    Ride your bike to work on Wed., May 1, and get a free t-shirt! Welcome stations will be set up across the area from 7-10 a.m. to help you travel to campus. Celebrate C-U Bike Month by stopping in for drinks and snacks. Stations will be hosted by Campus Recreation, Campus Bike Center, University High School, F&S, VeoRide and the Research Park. Register at

    Sign up for Bike to Work Day on May 1

    Sarthak Prasad . Facilities & Services

  4. Climate Change lecture

    Climate Change: The Science, Why We Should Care and What We All Can Do

    Join us for an important discussion on our worlds important and most pressing subject: climate change. Donald J. Wuebbles is an expert in atmospheric physics and chemistry and the Harry E. Preble Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Illinois, helps us understand the science, why we should care, and what we all can do. Find more information on our registration page.

    Amanda Christenson . Cooperative Extension Service

  5. Eco-Olympics 2019 - New participation record

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    Eco-Olympics student-led energy-conservation competition designed to engage, educate and motivate energy saving habits amongst Housing residents is in its final week with the top 3 teams pushing to be 1st! We have surpassed last year’s individual participation total of 142 registered and are currently at 278 ( a new participation record).

  6. Freezer Challenge 2019 - update

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    F&S coordination of the 2019 Freezer Challenge is making progress, gaining momentum and is half way to meeting last year’s participation of 45 labs. Designed to engage, educate and motivate efficient lab sample management thereby increasing energy efficiency and reducing consumption, this competition ends May 1st at midnight.  

  7. Arbor Day Celebration

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    Arbor Day Celebration: If you've never met a state champion tree, now is your chance! The largest Yellowwood Tree (Cladrastis kentukea) in Illinois is on our campus, and it will be officially recognized by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources on Friday, April 26, 2019, at noon. Please join Senior Associate Chancellor Mike DeLorenzo for the reading of the Arbor Day Proclamation, and the tree recognition ceremony in the green space to the north of Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall.

  8. Weekly Update

    All, Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Good Morning Illini to the Bike Center. I shot a segment with one of their people on patching a tube. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the air. It was still good outreach and nice to bring a few new people into the shop.

    We’ve yet to have any attendees for our fix-a-flat class, unfortunately. The students running it have done a great job of prepping for it, though. A silver lining of sorts.
    This week there is the Health Fair I’ll be tabling at tomorrow all morning, I’ll be coordinating with Parking to get some more bikes from the warehouse, and on Friday is the fix-a-flat class and the Friday Ride.

    Next Monday I’ll be in Minnesota for a training, so the weekly digest will be a bit late.

    Visitors: 77
    Sales: $283.50
    Bike (refurb): 1 for $150
    Memberships: 2 for $60



    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  9. Weekly Updates for Zero Waste

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    Hi Pete and Shawn—

    Zero waste activities this week were a few emails about getting glove recycling on the PWR SWATeam agenda. The current plan is to bring the topic to the team in the fall, when the Green Labs Committee becomes active.

    Best regards,

    Marya Ryan

  10. Biodiversity and Conservation lecture

    Solving the World’s Challenges: Biodiversity and Conservation

    This panel presentation at 3 p.m. on April 9 will be an opportunity for people to come together in the Funk ACES Library (second floor) to learn about and discuss research related to one of the world’s major challenges. Three experts from across campus will each discuss their research related to biodiversity and conservation. A short reception with light refreshments will follow a Q&A. . Funk ACES Library

  11. Week 10 Update

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    Good Afternoon All,

    This week’s meeting was productive and we were able to set up the excel spreadsheets needed to record data on the chiller plants, Abbott, and potable water. Over the past week I researched and created a checklist and table for conducting a water audit. The checklist will be shared here after some final corrections are made to it. I was able to determine what was needed and where stamped flow volumes are marked on each fixture. If there is no stamp on faucets there is a simple tool called a flow rate bag that will be purchased so auditors can determine the flow manually. As for urinals and lavatories the model and serial number will be recorded to search the model manually and figure out the flow rate. There is no hand tool to determine these flow rates.

    The spreadsheets will be given to Mike Marquissee so his team can collect the data we need faster. Once the data is collected some analysis of it will be done to help us determine efficiencies and water consumption of the different facilities. Also it will help us figure out if we have line losses in our systems.

    The next steps to be done this week is to get these excel spreadsheets to Mike and give him some time to gather all of the data we need. Analyze the raw data and compare the values to industry and national standards. This will allow us to figure out where we stand in our water consumption. Finish editing the water audit checklist and add snap shots of where the stamps can be located so it will be easier for auditors to know where to look. The water audit program we are creating right now will mainly be used for bathrooms and kitchens in university buildings. Research laboratories and student laboratories will be done by another team and program in the works.

    Thank You,
    Austin Jung

  12. Eco-Olympics New Record participation!!!

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    Hi All,

    Whoot whoot!

    A day short of the half-way point for the competition and we blew right past the previous yearly total records for participation of 142 & 182, These kids are making it happen!

    We were negotiating with private certified and Greek housing, but ran out of time. Next year we should be able to add them and clear over 1000 students participating.



























































    Theta Chi Frat






    Illini Tower



    Phi Kappa Tau










    Thank you

    Paul Foote

    Think Globally- Act Locally