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Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC) (Ongoing)

Project History

  • 9/3/2021

    This was our first general meeting of the year. We informed everyone about the progress of planning the Sustainability Summit, as well as heard updates from various organizations. See meeting minutes attached. 

  • 6/10/2021

    Instead of assigning traditional and compartmentalized roles in a hierarchical structure, the new SSLC leadership decided to all share the title of “Co-President.” The Co-Presidents of the SSLC for the 2021-22 school year are Maiah Caise, Owen Jen

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The Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC) is the student-led body facilitating communications between campus sustainability and the student body as well as relationships among environmentalist student groups on campus.

Made up of the leaders and representatives from numerous campus student organizations focused on sustainability, energy, and environment, SSLC is a place for these student leaders to collaborate on the best practices for effecting positive and eco-friendly change on campus and in the local community.

Our students want a voice in the decisions being made about how the campus reduces its environmental footprint. The main purpose of this council is to foster a deeper connection between campus leadership and environmental student leaders. To accomplish this, SSLC

  1. Facilitates communication and collaboration between student groups and the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment

  2. Upholds direct lines of communication between student leaders and campus administration via its positions on the iCAP Working Group, the Committee on Campus Operations, and the Sustainability Council.

  3. Facilitates collaboration and communication among interested student groups to increase the positive impacts of the environmentalist community

  4. Works to encourage more awareness about sustainability across the student body and continues to develop and promote opportunities to engage students in improving campus sustainability at the University of Illinois.

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Meredith Moore, Eric Green, iSEE

    Project Leader:

    Maria Maring, Maiah Caise, Owen Jennings, Jack Reicherts

    Prior Contacts:

    • Joey Kreiling & Jonah Messinger


  • Started February 7, 2014
    Started by Ben McCall