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Enactus (In Progress)


Illinois Enactus’s mission is to contribute to sustainable development goals by developing collaborative business ventures that work towards social, economic, and environmental equality in all communities. Illinois Enactus is an official chapter of the worldwide non-profit organization, Enactus. Enactus exists in more than 39 countries and has more than 1,600 teams across the globe. Being a member of Enactus means that you are a part of the largest and most prestigious business network on the planet. Our Enactus team partners with large corporations, local businesses, student organizations, non-profits, public schools, and entrepreneurs to execute our projects. Every project we implement requires us to consider the relevant economic, social and environmental factors to effectively empower people in need by applying business and economic concepts in an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living. In other words, instead of just doing philanthropy or service events, we create sustainable solutions to everyday problems so that people have the power to help themselves. Enactus projects apply the skills we learn in the classroom and have proven to be extremely relevant in prepare for a future career. Our team consists of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, so no matter what you are studying in school, you will be able to apply your knowledge and gain valuable experience. These skills are so valuable that numerous companies across the country only recruit Enactus students for internships and full-time careers.

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Aarthi Mahesh

    Project Leader:

    Randy Janson, Annie Chan, and Muskaan Sawhney

    Team Members:

    • Hiba Ahmed
    • Andy Wong
    • Shreya Gargya
    • Kavya Mula
    • Avery Maloto
    • Tara Entezar
    • Shreya Balaji
    • Gabe Tavas
    • Alisha Alam
    • Sydney Nguyen
    • Abby Koss
    • Chaya Lee-Isranukul
    • Vihaan Kalaria
    • Graham Louthan
    • Katherine Carney


Project Location(s)

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