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ActGreen (Ongoing)


We educate and empower future global business leaders to make business decisions that positively impact the environment.

ActGreen is a green business organization composed of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students, professors, and administrators. This is the first environmental business organization within the UIUC College of Business.

Our mission is to increase undergraduate business students' understanding of the connection between environmental issues and their business area of interest. This connection is formed through our conferences, workshops, speakers, mentors, and curriculum development.

Our vision is to empower undergraduate business students to make business decisions that will positively impact the environment. We want future global business leaders to be equipped with sound knowledge and commitment to environmentalism and stewardship.

ActGreen is the catalyst in educating and empowering the future leaders of global business on the importance of environmentalism, sustainability, energy efficiency, and stewardship.

Twitter: @ActGreenUIUC


President: Hannah Schlacter,

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