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Projects Updates for Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC)

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  1. March Meeting Reminder

    Below is an email regarding the next SSLC Meeting from Jack Reicherts.


    From: <> On Behalf Of Jack Reicherts
    Sent: Sunday, March 05, 2023 5:12 PM
    Subject: [sslc] SSLC Meeting TOMORROW! Mosey on by! 🤠


    Howdy partners!

    This here's yer friendly neighborhood cowboy, remindin' y'all about the next SSLC meeting comin' up quick. We'll be meetin' on Monday, March 6th at 6 pm in the Illini Union Student Org Complex.

    We kindly ask that all y'all organizations send a representative to the meeting, 'ceptin' in case of a group-wide conflict. If there's a conflict, please send us a quick update on what yer group's been up to and any plugs y'all want us to make during the meetin’.

    At the meeting, we'll be discussin' some mighty fine opportunities, includin' the Citizens Utility Board Letter Writin' Event, a lunch meeting with Prairie Rivers Network, sign-ups for Green Quad Day/Earth Day Festival durin’ Earth Month, and the newly named Green Globes awards ceremony (used to be called the Sustainability Grammy's and briefly "Growies"). We'll also be talkin' 'bout an upcomin’ meetin' with the administration at the Sustainability Council.

    And, of course, we'll be providin' updates from all of our member organizations, so don't miss out on this chance to stay in the loop!

    So, saddle up and mosey on down to the Illini Union Student Org Complex on Monday, March 6th at 6 pm. We're lookin' forward to seein' y'all there!

    See ya down the trail,
    Jack Reicherts, Co-Sherrif of the SSLC.


  2. Spring 2023 Goals

    SSLC’s Spring 2023 Goals

    We are excited to continue our work in campus sustainability this semester! Some of our goals for this semester include:

    • Bolster and growing membership among constituent organizations

      • More socials/personal connections

    • Collaboration with local groups

      • Grand Prairie Friends, Citizens Utility Board, and Prairie Rivers Network

    • Finalize plans for Earth Month

    • Prepare for Sustainable Food Event in the fall

    • Elect new leaders for SSLC

    • Take on and revamp the Sustainability Grammy’s

  3. Fall 2022 Recap

    SSLC’s Fall 2022 Recap

    SSLC made many steps towards creating a sustainable campus and collaborating with environmental groups in Fall 2022, including:

    • Coordinated events and initiatives for Campus Sustainability Month to raise environmental awareness.

    • Formed new partnerships with community organizations to increase impact.

    • Improved meeting attendance, with more students actively participating.

    • Planning a program of sustainability events from October to April to maintain engagement and momentum throughout the entire academic year.

    • Had productive discussions with iSEE to align efforts with university sustainability initiatives and address student concerns to campus administration.


  4. SSLC Executive Board Applications

    Below is an email from Jack Reicherts regarding SSLC Executive Board Applications.


    Ahoy mateys!

    I hope this message finds ye well after our SSLC meeting on Monday. I wanted to take a moment to thank all those who were able to attend and make the meeting a success. We had a jolly good time discussing some important and exciting updates for the SSLC.

    For those who missed the meeting, we discussed the upcoming Sustainability Career Panel on February 15th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at the Campus Instructional Facility in Room 2035. We also talked about an opportunity to view a screening of the documentary "The Magic Stump" on 2/19, put on by Grand Prairie Friends and several other community groups  (We will arrange carpool (shippool?) next week, RSVP here: Additionally, we discussed a letter writing event on March 9th in collaboration with the Citizens Utility Board.

    We also went over the process for applying to be a co-president of the SSLC, which includes a short application and an interview. Here's a short blurb if you want to promote this opportunity to your members, which I encourage you to do!

    "Apply to be considered as a Co-President of the Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC) and make a difference on campus! The SSLC is a student-led organization that brings together the leaders of campus sustainability and environmentalist student groups to collaborate and drive positive change. Exec board responsibilities include overseeing sustainability programming, planning meetings with member organizations, and serving as a liaison between the student body and the campus administration. The time commitment is estimated at 2-3 hours per week on average.

    To apply, fill out this form (  We collect your basic information, a short statement of purpose, and an endorsement from the leader of your respective sustainability organization. After submitting your application before the February 25th deadline, you will be contacted for a short interview. Any questions, comments, or concerns may be directed to"

    Lastly, we talked about our plans for Earth Month, including Green Quad Day on 4/21, a Tuesday Talk by Citizens Utility Board on April 25th with free meals for the first five attendees, and the Sustainability "Greenies" (Awaiting official approval on this name lol).

    I also want to give a hearty shout out to all of our member organizations for providing us with some great updates. And remember, anyone is encouraged to use our listserv and Discord to promote any upcoming opportunities from their groups.

    Thank ye again for yer attendance and contributions to the meeting. I look forward to seeing ye at our next gathering. Hit me up if you have questions, comments, concerns, or a treasure map.

    Fair winds,
    Jack Reicherts, Pirate Co-Captain of the SSLC.


  5. SSLC First Meeting

    Below is an email from Jack Reicherts regarding SSLC's first meeting of the semester.


    Ahoy there ye lily-livered landlubbers!


    (If any pirate speak is unclear, please email me for clarification). This be yer friendly neighborhood pirate, writing to remind ye that the first meeting of the Spring semester for the Student Sustainability Leadership Council be approaching fast. We'll be meeting on the 6th day of February, at the strike of 6 bells in the evening (2/6 at 6 pm!), in the Student Org Complex.

    Now, if ye be new to these parts, ye should know that the Student Org Complex be located on the southwest stairwell in the Illini Union. Ye can't miss it, just keep yer eyes peeled for the skull and crossbones.

    And remember, every meeting requires a representative from each member organization to be present, otherwise ye'll be walking the plank. But if ye have a recurring conflict, ye can always reach out to me, yer friendly neighborhood pirate.

    But there's more to this meeting than just the usual business. We're electing a new exec board for SSLC, and we'll be holding a simple application and interview process. So, I'd like to invite all interested members of your respective organizations to attend, so they can see a normal general meeting.

    So, mark yer calendars and don't be late, or ye'll be feeding the sharks. And don't forget, to bring interested members with you to join SSLC exec board.

    Yours in service,
    Jack "The Scalawag" Reicherts, Pirate Co-Captain of the SSLC

  6. Campus Sustainability Celebration - 10/17/22

    The 2022 Campus Sustainability Celebration was a huge success! Thank you to all who participated! The PowerPoint presentation is attached, and the agenda for the event was as follows:

    • 3-3:15 PM – Welcome
      • Jennifer Fraterrigo, on behalf of Director Madhu Khanna (iSEE)
      • Chancellor Jones
      • Vice Chancellor Susan Martinis (OVCRI)
    • 3:15 – 3:30 PM – Holistic initiatives
      • Plastic reduction (Jen)
      • Clean energy/Solar Farm 3 (Morgan)
      • Greener Campus Program (Meredith)
    • 3:30 – 4:40 PM – iCAP Team presentations
      • Energy
      • Transportation
      • Land and Water
      • Zero Waste
      • Education
      • Engagement
      • Resilience
    • 4:40 – 5 PM – Student groups (SSLC, SSC) – Jack Reicherts and Maiah Caise
      • Closing remarks by Jennifer Fraterrigo (on behalf of Madhu Khanna)
    • 5 – 6 PM – Celebration - refreshments, roundtable forum with each iCAP Team, student tabling session  
  7. Campus Sustainability Month Activities - Oct 2022

    One of our favorite times of the year is almost here… Campus Sustainability Month! Below is a highlight of major events and programs happening this October, though check out the iSEE Sustainability Calendar for the full list. This is the perfect time to take action and show your support for environmental consciousness (and the Illinois Climate Action Plan!). I look forward to seeing you across campus!


    • Plastic Reduction Challenge: Are you up to the challenge? From October 3–30, we provide the resources and point system to help you track your plastic use each week and find sustainable alternatives. The point system and fillable grid are attached, and additional information will be sent out prior to the start of the challenge. Take part with this fun and interactive community, and earn the chance to win a sustainability prize pack. It is easy to make a positive impact! Sign up here for the challenge.
    • Clothing Swap: This is the perfect opportunity to donate your clothing items and update your wardrobe! Join iSEE, SECS, and SSLC for this reduce/reuse event at the Channing Murray Foundation on Tuesday, October 11. Drop off clothes at Channing Murray the day before, or during the event itself from 10AM – 3PM.  All are welcome to drop off and/or participate (it’s free!).
    • Green Quad Day: Come check out the variety of student, staff, faculty, and community-led environmental groups on Thursday, October 13 from 11AM – 3PM at the Anniversary Plaza (cement area between the Quad and Union). This is a great opportunity to talk with and learn about the many sustainability efforts on campus. The rain date is October 17. If you are interested in representing your organization at a table, sign up here.
    • Water Taste Test: It’s 2022 – why are we still drinking from plastic bottles? Let’s put our tap water to the test and see, blindly, which water we prefer. Check out the iSEE table at Green Quad Day (above) and see if you can taste a difference between bottled water and tap! In the meantime, take our drinking water behavior survey (and win a chance for a $50 gift card).
    • Illini Lights Out: Join us to shut off lights in buildings around campus to save energy and reduce the environmental impact of our massive university! Meet at 5:30PM in the lobby of the Foreign Language Building on Friday, October 14 to receive brief instructions before heading out to turn off lights in assigned buildings. Come back to FLB (roughly 6:30) when you are done to turn in your clipboard, get a snack, and pat yourself on the back for helping to save so much energy! Register here, and come by yourself or bring a friend!
    • Campus Sustainability Celebration: All are welcome to attend this annual event on Monday, October 17 from 3-6PM at NCSA (auditorium and lobby), 1205 W. Clark St., Urbana. The first two hours will be spent in the Auditorium, where we will hear from campus sustainability leaders and from the iCAP Teams. Following the presentations (5-6 PM), each iCAP Team will have a table in the lobby/atrium area for roundtable discussion, suggestions, and a Q&A. Student environmental groups will have tables set up and together, we will enjoy conversation, light refreshments, and cake!
    • Trash Cleanup: Help keep our campus beautiful! On Wednesday, October 19, meet at Alma Mater at 4PM and join us to collect trash and recycling around campus until 5:30PM.
    • TED Talk: Eco-Edition Series: Tune in to this edition of iSEE’s ongoing Zoom series on Wednesday, October 26 from 7 – 8PM. Our host this month is Lucy Nifong, a senior in Agricultural and Consumer Economics, iSEE Communications Intern, and Vice Chair Internal of the Student Sustainability Committee. Participants will view a prerecorded TED Talk, followed by a guided discussion and roundtable on Campus Sustainability Month! Sign up here.
    • Sustainability BINGO: Fill out the iSEE board (attached) for a chance to win prizes! The board (PDF) includes sustainability-related activities and initiatives you can do across campus during Sustainability Month (Oct. 1-31). Make sure you document and let us know which actions you completed using the Google Form to be eligible for the prize drawing.
    • Have you gotten your office, event, or Greek chapter certified as Green yet? It’s easy to be sustainable! Get certified and be recognized!