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  1. Week 4 & 5 Update

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    Good afternoon all,

    There was no week 4 update because of some time conflicts which lead to the cancelation of the meeting. This week proceeded normally and we recapped what happened for week 4 and continued progress forward on determining what data is needed for the chiller plants to determine their efficiencies and line losses. To keep everyone up to date last week I was able to email three different combined heat and power plants, they were in London, Helsinki, and Copenhagen. They either did not get back to me or told me to review what is on their site because no further information can be released. After reviewing all of their sites, I was still not able to find more information on water consumption of CHPs or how it is monitored. I also emailed Ashlynn Stillwell who is a professor here at UIUC and has done research on water consumption. She was able to give me some helpful sources to find industry standards on energy, fuel, and water consumption of all power plants.

    In this week’s meeting we reviewed the excel spread sheet I created to determine what data would need to be collected for our analysis of the chiller plants. We came to the conclusion that the water makeup (potable water) for each chiller plant, total Water Chilled at each chiller plant, energy used at each chiller plant, and total chilled water metered from buildings in the loop. With this data the cooling and energy efficiencies can be determined along with the line losses.

    For next week’s meeting we will be trying to figure out who to contact to determine which buildings have been retro fitted with the new low flow water fixtures and which have not yet. I will also be continuing my research on CHPs and reading into the master utilities plan. After reviewing the excel sheet I am going to make some edits to prepare it for when get our data. Thanks for keeping up and I will be back next week.


    Austin Jung

  2. BIF greywater meter - update

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    The greywater piping system at BIF uses potable water, but in FY19 F&S started tracking the water consumption that goes through the greywater pipes. The meter for that water consumption is not in the Energy Billing System because it does not get billed separately.  It is on the DDC system as 1206-W3. The meter base ID is 1206-W3. Usage can be requested from accounting or email Robbie Bauer.

  3. Weekly Update

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    All, Last week was a little out of the ordinary: we hosted Agora Days classes at to the Bike Center in collaboration with University High School. 5 students came every morning Tuesday – Friday from 11 – 12:30pm. I taught basic bicycle repairs and provided some hands-on practice with them. Overall they seemed to enjoy themselves. A big thanks to Phillip for organizing the event!

    I’ve started a new employee, Maria, and in the process of hiring two more to help with the spring and summer as a few staff are leaving after this semester.

    Last week we took in six brand new bikes as donations here at the Bike Center and have been working to get those tuned up and ready for sale. It will be a little odd to have them on the sales floor as they are new, shiny, and not a “used” bike in the sense that we usually employ the term. Big thanks to Corey for orchestrating the logistics and transporting the bikes!

    Courtesy of F&S the Bike Center will take possession of a new bike trailer. It’s small but very much a cargo trailer (no kid seats). Will be great for hauling smaller boxes! I’ll go pick it up this week.


    The numbers:

    Visitors: 48

    Sales: $301

    Bikes (refurb): 2 for $260

    Tire/tube: 3 for $18

    Jake Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Manager

  4. Weekly Updates for Zero Waste

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    Hi Pete and Shawn—

    Zero waste activity for the past week was an exchange of emails with Fab Lab to see if they could make use of the EPS densifier. They appreciated the offer but declined it for lack of space. They suggested Arch Annex1 may have use for it, and Morgan has also given me other suggestions, which I plan to pursue this week.

    Best regards

    Marya Ryan

  5. ALUFS Meeting Notes 22 February 2019

    A plan to gather information on agricultural greenhouse gas emissions tools was intitiated. Many of the goals related to landscaping have been met (for example, incorporation of sustainability into the Campus Master Plan); in iCAP review, the team deicided that more goals would be needed if work were to be continued in this field. The team brought up the impact on food choice regarding greenhouse gases, as compared to transportation.

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  6. Washington Post article: The next money crop for farmers: Solar panels

    The Washington Post published an article on February 22, 2019, about how farmers are making the transition to solar based on current corn and soybean price drops, and the implications of that. Evan DeLucia is quoted in this article.

    See attached or follow the link to read the article.

  7. SSC funds Energy Shaft at the Energy Farm

    This student-led project will involve the design, construction, and installation of an energy geo-structure for heating the UIUC Energy Farm, located near the southeast corner of Race Street and Curtis Road on the South Farms. This project has great potential in exploring and utilizing geothermal energy, a renewable energy alternative to fossil fuels. An energy shaft is a new technology designed to access the shallow geothermal energy (relatively constant ground temperature in the upper 30 m of the subsurface). The objective of the project is to determine the feasibility of using drilled shafts that are already being used to support structures on campus also as a geothermal heat-exchange element. Geothermal heat exchangers (closed absorber pipes) can be incorporated into underground infrastructure, e.g., drilled shafts, through which water is circulated to withdraw shallow geothermal heat (~55 °F) and transport it to the surface for structure heating or cooling.

  8. Students for Equal Access to Learning (SEAL) Fee Renewal Referenda Questions

    The final version for the student ballot about the renewal of the Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee is attached.  CSEC accepted all of the recommended changes. The goals for this revision are to clearly inform the voter about how the fee will be assessed and spent, to appropriately frame the result of the vote as advisory, and to introduce consistency across other referenda questions on fee renewal.

  9. SSC funds Red Oak Rain Garden Sidewalks

    Located just south of Allen Hall/LAR and west of McKinley Health Center, the Red Oak Rain Garden solves local flooding issues while providing an outdoor space for the UIUC community. This SSC grant provides support for sidewalk modifications and additions, expanding pedestrian and cyclist transportation while strengthening flood control. The project team will also install benches to encourage community members to use the space throughout the year. For outreach, the project team will host a ribbon cutting event that celebrates the upgraded rain garden. Similarly, individuals can follow the rain garden @RainGardenUIUC on all social media platforms. 

  10. Weekly Update

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    All, This past week I interviewed another student worker and had a training with a couple others. Built bikes, test rode bikes, organized bikes, too.

    I pulled a bunch of bad wheels out of the back of the shop and had volunteers scrap those. Also had volunteers/staff overhaul wheels for future builds/sales. The idea is that once we get busy, having a used wheel that’s ready to go on a bike will hopefully significantly cut down on stand time for both patrons and shop builds.

    This week is Agora Days. Phillip, from the Bike Project/Uni will bring some University High School students over to the Bike Center Tuesday – Friday from 11am – 1pm and we’ll teach some bike skills! Should be a good time! 

    Visitors: 49
    Sales: $114.32

    Memberships: 1 for $30
    Tires/tubes: 5 for $21



    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  11. Weekly Updates for Zero Waste

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    Hi Pete and Shawn--

    Zero waste activities for the past week were

    • A phone call with Morgan, Shantanu Pai, Sara Portillo of Kimberly-Clark, and me to discuss the Division of Research Safety's concerns about lab participation in the glove recycling program. Sara shared information about Kimberly-Clark's handling of safety concerns on other campuses. Morgan and I will discuss the situation with the PWR SWATeam.
    • I updated the iCAP portal glove recycling page and the related program information flier.

    Best regards,
    Marya Ryan