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  1. iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - February 2, 2024

    Associated Project(s): 



    • Discussed the idea of creating a new content type called "iCAP Recommendations" to pull together information about a Recommendation. This idea has merit, but our discussion yielded perhaps an even better approach. Project Updates are already being used for this purpose, and could potentially be augmented to provide the functionality we want, as follows:
      • Create a tag called "iCAP Team" with the following fields:
        • Title [e.g. "Energy", "ECBS", "eGen", "Transportation", etc.]
        • Description
        • iCAP Theme (associate this team with one of our 10 themes) [e.g. "Energy", "Transportation", etc.]
      • Create a tag called "iCAP Recommendation" with the following fields:
        • Title [e.g. "Energy001 Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study", "ECONS001 Conservation Budget", "EGen001 Wind PPA", "Trans001 TEM_DMI"]
        • Description
        • iCAP Team (associate this recommendation to an iCAP Team) [e.g. "Energy", "ECBS", "eGen", "Transportation", etc.]
        • Supplanted by (associate this recommendation with another iCAP Recommendation)
      • Add the following optional fields to Project Updates:
        • iCAP Recommendation (associate this update to an iCAP Recommendation) [e.g. "Energy001 Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study", "ECONS001 Conservation Budget", "EGen001 Wind PPA", "Trans001 TEM_DMI"]
        • Recommendation Status (e.g. Submitted, Transmitted, Withdrawn, Accepted by campus unit, Implementation in Progress, Implementation Complete, Accepted, Implementation Stalled, Returned, Denied/Declined)
        • Recommendation Date (only necessary if we need to allow it to be different from the date of this Project Update)
      • So the basic information structure would be:
        • Theme pages can show a listing of iCAP Recommendations (w/statuses) for the iCAP Teams associated with that theme
        • An iCAP Team can show a listing of iCAP Recommendations (w/statuses) associated with it, as well as a link to the Theme it's associated with
        • An iCAP Recommendation can show a listing of associated projects updates (with statuses & dates), as well as a link to the iCAP Team it's associated with, the Theme that team is associated with, and all the Projects its associated Project Updates are associated with.
        • A Project Update can show a link to the iCAP Recommendation it's associated with, as well as its status and date, along with the other information a Project Update usually shows.
        • A Project can show the iCAP Recommendations associated with that project, as well as their statuses (this information is obtained by looking up info from the iCAP Recommendation for each Project Update w/recommendation info filled out that's associated with this project)
        • We can offer a general listing of all recommendations which can be searched and/or filtered by Theme, iCAP Team, Project, etc.
      • Questions:
        • What about the Implementation Chapter on the iWG page? There's no Implementation theme, so what Theme would we associate it with?
      • See Discussion about updating iCAP recommendations - February 21, 2024 for additional information.
  2. Discussion about updating iCAP recommendations - January 25, 2024

    Associated Project(s): 

    Miriam Keep, Sarthak Prasad, and Michael McKelvey met to discuss the process of updating iCAP recommendations.

    Background Info

    Miriam's original request: "I was wondering if we could talk about developing some kind of a landing page for iCAP recommendations. Right now it’s a bit tedious to add updates related to iCAP recommendations because updates have to be made in multiple places. It also seems the only way to link updates back to the original recommendation is to link to the submitted recommendation in the description for the project update."

    Reference projects


    • iCAP Recommendations can go through a winding process, cycling back and forth through many statuses until they are ultimately successful, denied, or supplanted by another recommendation. Sometimes their journey is straightforward and linear, but usually it's more complex.
    • Current process involves manual editing of the Background field for multiple projects, updating the link to the most recently added relevant Project Update and the updated status. This is tedious, time consuming, and error prone.
    • Ideal solution would minimize duplication of effort and make it easy for visitors to understand the history of an iCAP recommendation.
    • The current hierarchy for groups making recommendations is 
    • Recommendations come from iCAP Chapters, each with a single iCAP Team (2020 iCAP). The 2010 and 2015 iCAPs were organized differently. We should try to make sure our solution is as future-proof as possible in case of future reorganizations.


    • Create a new content type called "iCAP Recommendation" which will function vaguely similarly to Metrics
    • An iCAP Recommendation will contain the following fields:
      • Name (text field)
      • iCAP Team (curated listing, need to allow future modifications)
      • Status (e.g. Submitted, Transmitted, Withdrawn, Successful, Returned, Denied/Declined)
      • Date
      • Related Project (allow multiple?)
      • Related Project Update (allow multiple?)
    • How will these iCAP Recommendations be associated with projects so they're shown on Project pages?
      • Need to be able to group the recommendations together, possibly by both iCAP Chapter and iCAP Team
      • How much flexibility do we need in how they're displayed? Can we decide on a rigid structure that will work for displaying recommendations on all projects, or are there several different ways they should be displayed? (e.g. different groupings, orderings, etc.)
      • Should Projects link to iCAP Recomendations, iCAP Recomendations link to Projects? Question applies even if there's a grouping mechanism in the middle, e.g. iCAP Chapter, iCAP Team, etc.
    • The attached Excel file contains examples of what iCAP Recommendations might look like in the new proposed content type. Each sheet groups together iCAP Recommendations for a team, and each row within a sheet demonstrates a single iCAP Recommendation with its fields filled out.
    • We will present our questions and ideas for discussion at the next iCAP Portal admin meeting.
  3. ECE Net Zero Celebration 

    The Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Building at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign was certified as the university’s first zero-energy facility in January 2023. Join the ECE Department and The Grainger College of Engineering to celebrate this milestone on the path to building a more sustainable future. 

    When: Wednesday January 24, 2024 from 4 p.m.
    Where: Electrical & Computer Engineering Building Atrium, 306 N. Wright St, Urbana, IL 61801


  4. Vehicle Organization and Department Outreach

    Shawn Patterson gathered a current vehicle and equipment record from Facilities and Services. Sarthak Prasad, Olivia Messerges, and Shawn Patterson met on December 21, 2023 and January 18, 2024 to discuss the vehicle records. Olivia identified departments with five or more vehicles and Sarthak will draft an email to departments requesting that they appoint a fleet administrator. See the attached meeting notes, excel file, and summary of the excel file. 

  5. Weekly Update: Kid's Bike Giveaway, Busy in cold weather!

    Associated Project(s): 

    Happy New Year! Since my last email, we hosted our annual Kid’s Bike Giveaway. It was terrible weather with a steady cold rain, but we still gave away 70+ bikes in about 20 minutes. There was supposed news coverage with WCIA but I wasn’t able to track down the actual footage. Not an hour after we’d given away all the bikes, someone showed up with a couple kids bike donations. Already started on next year!

    The semester started last week, and we were surprisingly busy—even on Friday when it was a snowy mess out there, which meant it was a melting snowy mess in our workshop, too. A good problem to have.

    We’ll see how we fare this week with the freezing rain.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 21
    Sales: $283
    Bikes (refurb): 1 for $170
    Memberships: 1 for $30
    Tube/tire: 1 for $4


    Jacob Benjamin
    Coordinator -- Campus Bike Center

  6. C4 Climate Coalition Meeting 1/18 Notes

    Associated Project(s): 

    Below are notes from the 1/18 C4 meeting:

    Urban heat mapping campaign for CU area. The state climatologist has let Savannah know that the deadline is closing to participate in the heat mapping campaign. This would involve gathering volunteers to do temperature measurements around town. Other folks are working on sign up forms. 

    The group discussed possible groups to reach out to in order to gather volunteers. 

    Group voted to endorse this iniative. 


    Climate action week 2024

    Savannah is scheduling the dates. 

    We don't want to just have events for eco minded people, we want to expand to people to learn about climate issues. 

    Scheduling around other events is difficult as other events have higher traffic. Savannah has asked to be a part of the festival in order to have a hub in the festival in the fall. 


    The floor was opened up to anyone who wanted to share their updates or ideas.


    Group members advocated for multiple events for people to attend or participate in. 


  7. iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - January 19, 2024

    Associated Project(s): 



    • Agreed to move meetings to once per month; Quinn will take care of that
    • Agreed to make the tabbed navigation layout the default layout for projects; Christina will consider possible alternate designs for the Project Header layout
    • Decided to only show the SSC tab for projects which have SSC funding; hide it for all others
    • Discussion of representing SSC and other student-initiated fees
      • If we start adding information about other fees (e.g. bike fee), should we group all the student-initated fees in a single tab (SSC, bike fee, etc.) or have separate tabs for each?
      • Single tab would group together logically related info, avoids tab overload
      • Multiple tabs would allow SSC to retain prominence on project pages, not dilute its impact and prestige
      • Decided to do a single SSC tab now and revisit if we add information about other student-initiated fees in the future
  8. Discussion about SSC projects in iCAP Portal - January 16, 2024

    Associated Project(s): 

    Miriam Keep, Codie Sterner, and Michael McKelvey met to continue the discussion about embedding SSC project information in the SSC website. Discussion topics included:

    • Rough draft of SSC project embed filtering - still in development phase; need to add additional filters, map, only allow one Category to be selected, and several additional fields (e.g. file uploads)
    • Discussed how to represent the SSC view of a project - e.g. custom project embed on SSC website, separate SSC-specific project page on iCAP Portal


    • SSC project embed filtering is looking promising - aesthetics need work and additional filters need to be implemented
    • Christina's new Header Project layout would work well as the default layout for all projects - then SSC could just have its own tab! Would need to figure out how to make Header Projects stand out. Will bring this idea up at the larger group meeting on Friday.
  9. iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - January 5, 2024

    Associated Project(s): 



    • Question about a TODO: "Collections page: Add image upload option". At a previous meeting we had this TODO, but what was the context? Was it to have a thumbnail for each Collection? Or a banner image? Or an image gallery?
    • Should we link to "Take Action" project from homepage?
      • Replace map link in Highlights?
      • Need to finish Take Action page content
    • Continue discussion of Fancy Page Layout (see the 4 mockups in the October 21, 2022 meeting notes)
    • Continue discussion of improving site's aesthetics
    • Archiving projects
      • Add "Archived" checkbox?
      • Add "Archived" to Visibility options?
      • Add "Archived" to Project Status options? (probably not - this mixes the status of the project itself with whether we still want it to show up on the site)
      • Remove from nested listings, still publicly available?


    • Print styles:
      • ✅ Objectives page:
        • ✅ Do not bold metric titles
        • ✅ Put "(not shown)" on own line
      • Footer:
        • ✅ Replace old iSEE logo with current iSEE wordmark
        • ✅ Hide social media icons
        • ✅ Show F&S and iSEE logos side-by-side
    • Main map:
      • See CSU's campus map (Sustainability section) for inspiration
      • Campus boundary, like ArcGIS Bicycle Map
      • Improve mobile filter?
      • Use heatmap when zoomed out, switch to markers when zoomed in?
    • (long term goal) look into importing information from another source, e.g. SSC students without iCAP Portal access can put together info in a structured format for automatic import into iCAP Portal
    • Metric search/display:
      • Theme (via connected Project, i.e. Theme -> Project -> Metric)
      • Most recent updates as of: (list of years) -> can we query Tracking data?
      • (Internal only) Last updated before (list of years) -> can we query Tracking data?
    • (Low Priority) Make column headers click-sortable on Projects by Project Status page
    • Fancy project layout mockups - keep tweaking #3 to improve contrast
    • Discuss metrics
      • Metrics with lots of data
      • Consider how to handle old metrics that no longer track new data. Archive somehow?
      • Fun with math (e.g. combining multiple metrics)
      • Calculated Metrics on Dev site


    • Map brainstorming:
      • What if we had a separate Campus Sustainability Tour expandable section, alongside Collections and Themes? Perhaps with a specific order to the locations and information about each location in the infowindow popup? We might have to hand-craft it rather than using Collections, but it might be worth it if we want an interface more like the CSU sustainability map. This could also work for any other bespoke sections we might want to include in the future.
      • Are there other things we'd like to highlight on the map beyond Themes and Collections? If we can think of them, Michael can try to figure out how to make it happen.
      • Michael is working on trying to make the map queries work asynchronously so each filter doesn't require a new pageload. This would make interactions with the map much snappier.
      • Would we like to provide the ability to view individual projects for each section in the sidebar, à la CSU's map?
      • Are there other categories we would like to include, either in addition to or instead of Collections and Themes? Is that information already in the iCAP Portal? If so, perhaps there's a way we can use it... If not, perhaps a new tagging system specifically for the map might help us achieve it?
      • Sarthak: would like to create a Biking Tour
      • Reed: highlight things students can see/experience
    • SSC projects
      • May want to use this Archive of Funded Projects on old SSC site (2019) as a reference for showing SSC project info
      • Discussed using iCAP Portal projects for SSC projects page vs. maintaining own project pages directly on SSC website.
      • One possible challenge - SSC sometimes funds part of a project or provides funding for a period of time (e.g. 1 year) for a longer-term project, so only the project updates for that period of time are relevant, not all updates in perpetuity. How do we handle that?
      • Decided to start with map embed from Student Sustainability Committee Funded Projects collection, then look at adding card-based project embed as well.
      • SSC project integration discussion on 11/30/2023:
        • New projects need to be approved and located appropriately in portal hierarchy
        • Codie considers an SSC project worth adding once it has a CFOAP
        • Projects can be updated w/SSC info by SSC students/employees once they exist in portal
        • How to show projects with multiple funding allocations over time? (e.g. $100K in spring 2020, $100K in fall 2020)
          • Is it the same project over time? Sometimes it is, but sometimes the leaders change and the direction changes significantly
          • Discussed dusting off the Project Funding feature we'd deprecated several years ago. It looks promising for showing SSC's funding of projects!
        • Michael and Codie will meet next week to discuss specifics about what SSC needs the iCAP Portal to be able to do in order to use the iCAP Portal for the SSC website's project listing.
  10. Green Power Partnership’s 2022 Year in Review

    Associated Project(s): 


    The EPA GPP has realeased a 2022 year in review graphic and data. Please see the attached graphic.

    • EPA Partners reported more than 3,000 green power purchases and projects, up 13 percent over the previous year.
    • EPA Partners increasingly engaged directly with new projects through project-specific supply options like PPAs, surpassing retail supply options for the first time in program history.
    • Nearly half of all 687 EPA Partners procured enough green power to meet 100 percent of their total annual domestic electricity demand.
  11. UIUC works with Ecolab to transition to soap concentrate

    Soap waste is especially prevalent on large campuses and facilities that experience high day-to-day foot traffic. Through North American, UIUC's custodial product vendor, the university is transitioning to Ecolab's soap concentrate. This allows soap dispensers to be refilled rather than tossed and replaced with a single-use dispenser. This choice was made in an effort to address waste reduction practices in the Building Services division of F&S.



    From: Dean, Sean <>
    Sent: Thursday, January 4, 2024 10:43 AM
    To: Varney, Pete <>
    Cc: Walter, Christopher <>;
    Subject: Thank you from Ecolab


    Hello Pete,


    Was a pleasure to meet you yesterday, thank you for the time, especially unannounced!  Look forward to scheduling a formal review once installations are done and your teams have had a chance to acclimate to the concentrated program.  Sending a recent link highlighting a topic from our discussion, environmental responsibility is key guiding principle for all Ecolab businesses.  It’s nice to be recognized for it and perhaps there’s more opportunities for North American, Ecolab, and the University to partner on sustainable initiatives in the future.


    Thanks again,


    Ecolab Honored for Sustainability Initiatives (

    Sean Dean
    Regional AVP Facility Care

    ECOLAB  T 336 207 2732  E