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  1. Daily update

    Hi everyone, As expected our rate of drilling today slowed when drilling the shale bedrock. The crew was able to drill an additional 25 feet to a depth of 355 feet.

    Next week, since Monday will be the last day we have to drill the hole deeper, we have decided to stop coring and just drill straight through so that we can reach the target depth of 450 feet. Tuesday is needed to clean out the borehole so that geophysical logging can be done on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, we will install the geothermal loop and fiber optic cable and grout the hole closed.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Daily update

    Hi Everyone, We are starting out Wednesday morning at 294 feet, about 5 feet into the bedrock. The crew will be widening the hole this morning from 5 inches to 5.9 inches before going deeper into bedrock. Looks like a nice day for drilling!!


  3. Daily update

    Hi everyone,

    After a morning of thawing out the drilling system from well below freezing temperatures on the weekend, we were able to reach 240 feet. With the top bedrock being <60 feet, it is likely they will reach it on Tuesday.

    My colleague Jason Thomason will be at the site on Tuesday while I am out of town.



  4. Weekly update

    All, Visitor numbers are down, sales are down, builds are ever-creeping up: It must be winter!

    We’re only averaging a few actual work-on-my-bike visitors per day now, and I imagine it’ll get even slower the closer we get to winter break. The student staff has responded positively to the shift in shop build protocol away from piecemeal jobs and towards being wholly responsible for the bike, start to finish. I don’t think it has actually positively affected the quality of their work—yet—but they seemed more engaged and invested in the task at hand. 

    Not sure the numbers on it but I feel like I’ve had a pretty steady flow of volunteers in for either community service or volunteer memberships. Not too many volunteer duds, as most seem pretty jazzed and impressed with the space/DIY idea.

    This week I’ve got a meeting with the GM of VeoRide and separately, a TBP-UIUC meeting, as well as student staff training towards the end of the week.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 43

    Sales: $144.50

    Memberships: 2 for $60




    -        Jake Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Manager

  5. Daily update

    Hi everyone,

    We had a successful day 2 after deicing the system. We are now down to 165 feet and heading into the oldest glacial strata. If you are following along with the log I sent, we are about 170 feet on it.

    We will start up again Monday morning.



  6. daily update

    Hi everyone,


    After day 1 we have drilled to a depth of 90 feet. This is excellent progress with snow much of the day, and not getting in the ground until late morning.

    So far, the geology is similar to previous drilling in the area (see log attached).