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  1. Veo Cosmo-e feedback form, Pilot extended

    Associated Project(s): 

    Veo Cosmo-e pilot feedback form has ended. The preliminary results shows support to bring the Cosmo-e to the campus, and the pilot has been extended into the fall semester. We will review the comments in more detail over the next few weeks and publish the final report.

  2. iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - August 9, 2023

    Associated Project(s): 

    Michael, Sarthak, Morgan, and Quinn met to discuss the 2010 iCAP objectives dashboard.

    For Michael:

    • [DONE] The individual objective pages' prev/next buttons need their text to wrap
    • Some Objectives are showing the wrong project updates
    • [DONE] The chapter choices on the 2015 need to be revised or removed
    • [DONE] Do not include chapter choices on the 2010 dashboard (for now, unless they're rearranged to support chapters)
    • [DONE] Add a choice for jumping back to the full dashboard for the objective

    For Quinn:

    • (DONE) Pick associated projects
    • (DONE) Also, review the metrics for potential connections - do your best

    For Sarthak:

    • Calculate numbers from percentages


  3. LoadMan status update

    Associated Project(s): 

    From: Hiser, Daniel William <>
    Sent: Wednesday, August 9, 2023 6:54 AM
    To: Hulse, Daphne Lauren <>
    Subject: RE: Truck Status June 15


    (31270-21) The part was installed, the part had the wrong software, the part was sent back to them, then they sent it back with the correct software and now it needs re-installed.

    (31272-11) The truck and software is functioning


    Thank you,



  4. LoadMan truck status update - sent to Dan and Daphne every 7:00PM CST

    Associated Project(s): 

    From: <>
    Sent: Tuesday, August 8, 2023 7:00 PM
    To: Hiser, Daniel William <>
    Subject: Truck Status August 08


    Hi Dan,


    Truck Name










    Front Load Landfill











    New Truck

    New Truck









    No GPS and no loads


    Column definitions and actions:

    • NoGPS is the count of lift records missing GPS coordinates. Lifts without GPS can’t be assigned to a customer by location
    • Loads is the count of lift records
    • GPS is the count of truck location records, typically recorded every 20 to 30 seconds
    • On/Off is the count of meter power on and power off messages
    • Missed is a load that was weighed while lifted but the empty container wasn't weighed when set down because of the fork angle
    • Neg is the count of lifts negative by more than 100 lbs. A high count indicates a calibration problem
    • Status is a summary of what the counts mean.
      • Blank means no problems detected
      • No Loads means that no lifts were recorded.
      • No GPS means no GPS coordinates were recorded
      • Missing GPS means more than 10% of loads lacked GPS coordinates.
      • XX% negative loads is lifts/neg when the result is greater than 10%
      • No truck locations means that lifts have GPS coordinates but the truck isn’t recording location records
      • No GPS and no loads means the truck is connecting but not sending data

    “No Loads” means that truck didn’t record any loads during the route.

    For “No Loads” and “XX% negative loads”, call Richard at 206-898-7801 and have a bubble level to see if the problem can be fixed with calibration. Richard may diagnose a problem that could require your dealer to make a service call to fix it.

    For “No GPS” or "Missing GPS", get in the cab of the truck and locate the GPS antenna (a black plastic magnet-backed square about an inch on a side and ½ an inch high) and ensure that it is plugged in and near the windshield so it is exposed to the sky and not covered up by something. You can also go into troubleshooting mode and go to TROUBLE GPS which will display the number of satellites that the meter can lock onto and the current lat/lon.

    For "Missed", the gross weight of the lift is stored in the container weight and the load weight is zero. To "repair" the record, subtract the empty container weight from earlier lifts at that location and store the difference in the load weight.

    There’s a separate table at the bottom of truck reports that indicates the last time the meter connected. If the truck is active and the meter should have connected but hasn’t sent any data, call me (John) at 425-235-4335 and I can help troubleshoot connection problems.


  5. Foam Compacting Machine Location and Status

    On August 7, 2023 Amy Rosenbery sent the following email:

    Hi Morgan!

    I’m working on our inventory and the Foam Compacting machine that Ben purchased in 2015 is on our list.

    Do you know if this equipment went to ISTC? I don’t know who has this or where it’s located. It used to be on the 2nd floor here at NSRC but it’s not there anymore.



    On August 9, 2023 Morgan White replied:


    Hi Amy,


    That Styrofoam machine was transferred to a different non-profit in Illinois, by ISTC.  Joe Pickowitz and Shantanu Pai were involved in getting it moved form ISTC to the other non-UIUC facility.





    Amy replied:

    Hi Morgan!

    That’s what I thought. I found an email about it going to Community Resource, Inc. in Urbana so I looked them up and the place is permanently closed now.

    The equipment is still showing up on iSEE’s inventory.

    Thanks for your help!



  6. 8-8-23 project meets with SSC and F&S to discuss feasibility

    Attendance: Codie Sterner, Henry Markarian, Morgan White, Quinn Connolly, Daphne Hulse

    • The project passed Phase 1 of the SSC application, but did not pass Phase 2. F&S failed the project on its feasibility, because it was expected that a bioreactor would need to be purchased and installed at MicroNano.
      • The project has since received external funding for the bioreactor, and it is now in place at MicroNano. The project's equipment is spread across two rooms of the facility, and the group pays a daily rate for their equipment.
      • The scope of the project is now changing. The equipment is aquired, but the groupr requires student interns to complete the feasibility research. The group would like to compensate students for their work. A new SSC application will be submitted, with a change in how the funds would be used.
    • The project would like to next identify places to source food waste from.
      • Morgan noted that the dining halls are the only location on campus that currently have a solution for food waste, but all other producers on campus do not.
      • Daphne sent over a list of university food sources.
      • Bevier Cafe, the Grind2Energy systems, and the Student Sustainable Farm were sources identified by the group as possibly viable. Daphne will connect Henry with Bevier and the dining halls, and Codie will connect Henry with the SSF.
  7. DRS process for battery disposal: trash, recycling, waste transfer lead acid batteries

    From: Hill, Landon E <>
    Sent: Tuesday, August 8, 2023 4:20 PM
    To: Hulse, Daphne Lauren <>
    Cc: Fraterrigo, Jennifer M <>; Varney, Pete <>
    Subject: RE: DRS battery disposal




    Is there something specific that you are looking for?


    DRS picks up most anything chemical that is requested for disposal through the campus waste management app:


    All alkaline batteries are trashed.


    Rechargeable batteries are recycled.


    Lead acid batteries are taken to the cage on the west side of the Waste Transfer Station.



  8. Monthly Meeting with Jake

    Associated Project(s): 

    On 08/07/2023, Sarthak and Hrushikesh had a monthly meeting with Jake.

    Meeting Notes:

    - Actively promoting Bike Registration to students or commuters visiting and using the Campus Bike Center.

    - Campus Bike Center should have printer QR code sticker/ flyer for Bike Registration.

    - Bike Friendly Application will be submitted on 08/08/2023.

    - Light the Night Event near Ikenberry Hopkins Hall and ARC.

    - Bike Lights including the screw fitting types will be used for the events.

    -  Bike Safety Quiz is recommended to be promoted by the Campus Bike Center.

    - Merchandise purchase order is placed.

    - How to use Outdoor Pumps video can be made by the Campus Recreation marketing team.

    To do for Sarthak:

    - Find out Campus Bike Center Built-up area for UIC recommendation.

    - Try to get the merchandise before August 20th for the Campus Bike Center events.    

  9. Weekly Update: Calm before the storm, getting ready

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, These days feel like the calm before the storm. Starting to get phone calls and emails from families and folks looking for bikes as they plan to come to town. We’ll sell out of our supply of bikes before the semester begins, if past demand is any indication.  We’ll work on getting a few more B-a-Bs prepped and ready to go, as demand looks to increase in the absence of refurbished bikes.

    I’ll be out of the office Wednesday – Friday this week. My staff will cover open hours on those days.

    The numbers:

    Sales: $572
    Bikes (refurb): 2 for $345
    Memberships: 2 for $60
    Tires/tubes: 6 for $43


    Jacob Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Coordinator

  10. 8-7-23 overview of F&S-specific logistics for tailgate recycling program

    Attendance: Shawn Patterson, Dan Hiser, Daphne Hulse

    1. Overview of the tailgate parking map
      1. Planning to execute two tailgate recycling events this semester:
        1. An early game in September, using one roll-off dumpster in Lot 31.
        2. A later game in October or November, potentially expanding to a second roll-off dumpster in Lot 32 (E-14).
      2. All dumpsters will always be staffed by volunteers. A F&S Safety & Compliance tent will be used for the September game.
      3. All dumpsters used will have banners to identify recycling only, as well as yard signs to discourage them from becoming general trash sites.
      4. Dan noted that Lot 31, Lot 32, Lot 33, and Lot 49 are some of the busiest to keep in mind for the future.
    2. Blue bags
      1. DIA parking lot supervisors will hand out blue bags.
      2. F&S will provide the blue bags, with information stapled to each.
      3. What will happen to all the bags left at lots where tailgaters did not drop them off at the roll-off dumpsters?
        1. Blue barrels line all the tailgating lots. They may end up heree.
        2. The F&S frontload truck on Sunday morning pick-up may grab them.
        3. The DIA flat-bed stake truck may pick them up.
        4. In any case, all blue bags will make their way to the south bay of the Waste Transfer Station.
    3. Waste operation from Dan's perspective - Sunday morning
      1. 2 frontload trucks (holding 3yd dumpsters) will have two people walking in front, dumping blue barrels
      2. 1 roll-off truck, that goes to dump the 2 roll-offs at the corner of the horseshoe. Places a new empty roll-off on the east side of Memorial Stadium. Tippers inside Memorial Stadium drop off inside trash into the empty roll-off. This process moves to the west side of Memorial Stadium.
      3. Green recycle truck goes with a crew of two people who tip the blue barrels, just as the frontload does (the teams split all the work).
      4. DIA has a flat-bed stake truck used to pick up the blue barrels.
      5. DSC does not work on weekends, so all trash is put into the south bay, and dealt with on Monday morning (in addition to campus' usual trash on Monday). Because of this, not all of the recycling is going to get sorted out. It's too much to deal with at once. They do their best!
    4. Grange Grove
      1. 20 Coca-Cola bins placed here, near entrances to Memorial Stadium. Can have volunteers here who are engaging with passers-by and encouraging them to recycle.
      2. Dan, Shawn, and Daphne will see the bins on Friday 8/11 when they are delivered and determine the best course to dumping them when they are full. Don't know how this will happen currently, as these bins are not tied to a truck type that F&S has. May consult the DIA for assistance.
  11. Weekly Sustainable Transportation meeting with Hrushikesh and Nathaniel

    On 07/24/2023,  Sarthak, Nathaniel and Hrushikesh had a weekly meeting to discuss on Weekly Progress of the current projects that we are working on. Please refer to the file attached to view the Weekly Progress.

    Nathaniel's Weekly Progress - 

    • Visited Round Barns for Bike Inventory
    • Campus-wide survey to check for remaining abandoned bikes.
    • In-Office Bike related accessories inventory.

    Hrushikesh's Weekly Progress -  

    • Shared used Path Length demarcation ArcGIS for the Bike Friendly University Application (BFU)
    • Work on Campus Bicycle Master Plan
    • Champaign County Bike Month Planning Team Meeting
    • Meeting with UIPD for Field Maps Training
    • ICAP documentation
  12. 8/3 Meeting to discuss location at Hope Village

    Associated Project(s): 

    Illinois Solar Decathlon President Rachel Chen met with Marty Smith to discuss the possibility of having the current next solar decathlon home built at the hope village project. Marty discussed possibilities for a separated subdivision of homes. But the more likely option would be to construct a library or community building than a single family home. Either of these options would be more likely during the next building cycle for solar decathlon.

  13. Public Functions Estimate for Light the Night and Bike to Work Day

    Associated Project(s): 

    Sarthak reached out to Paul Jensen to get an estimate for tables and chairs for our annual Bike to Work Day and Light the Night events. Last year in 2022, the cost for Light the Night event was around $360 (WO #10994257) and for Bike to Work Day, it was $640 (10994256). We are expecting the same amount of work and same number of locations.

    Paul provided the following estimate:

    Light the Night = $600.00

    Bike to Work Day = $900.00