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  1. Facilities and Services will lead Dump and Run, collaboratively with YMCA and Housing

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    Hello everyone,

    I am happy to report that our Dump and Run site visit last Wednesday was successful! We will be using the Truck Bay at F&S for this year’s collection space, thanks to Dr. Attalla, Dave Boehm, and Pete Varney.  The address is 1501 S. Oak Street, and Mike Doyle and Marc Alexander said it will serve the collection space needs very well.  Additionally, the Zero Waste Coordinator at F&S, Shantanu Pai, will take on an active role for Dump and Run this year. 

    Our vision is to transition Dump and Run from a “YMCA-run event that campus helps” to a “campus-run event that the YMCA helps.”  Certainly this will take time (more than one year) and there are many details to work out, so please remember that the collaboration for this overall program will only be strengthened by this shift. Shantanu, Marc, and I are meeting this Wednesday, and we will provide a more detailed status update at the next team meeting on March 10. 

    If you have any questions or suggestions in the meantime, please let me know. Thanks again for all the thought and consideration that this group has put in to this program and finding workable solutions.  I’m very excited for the future of Dump and Run!



  2. Transportation SWATeam Meeting 24 February 2020

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    Attached are the meeting minutes from the Transportation SWATeam meeting on 24 February 2020. 

    The Agenda is as follows:

    Recommendations update

    iWG Feedback on SP19 Recommendation: Carbon Credit Fund

    • Focus on incentives, not punishments.

    • Make a suggestion on how it could work with TEM.

    • Find more data on who it would affect and how.

    • Find out how to calculate the incentive for travelers and get an estimate on total cost per year.

    • Maybe set the incentive for trips outside of a 3-5 hour driving radius.

    CMP update (M. Hubbard)

    Recommendations submissions

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  3. Discussion on geothermal policy options

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    Morgan White, John Summers, Jim Sims, Matthew Tomaszewski, and Kent Reifsteck met today to discuss options for incorporating geothermal information into campus policies.  The best options are to include geothermal in the Energy Use Policy, update the Campus Administrative Manual to support the updated Energy Use Policy, and include geothermal information in the Facilities Standards. A summary of existing policies and the draft iCAP 2020 objectives linked to geothermal are shown in the attached file.

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  4. Trans011 Carbon Credit Fund - Returned

    The Trans011 Carbon Credit Fund recommendation was returned to the Transportation SWATeam on 2/21/2020. 

    Dr. Ximing Cai writes, "For a recommendation submitted by your team last spring, iWG discussed it in the summer of 2019. Attached below please find the main points regarding the recommendation.

    a. Continue looking into incentives and NOT punishments

    b. Make a suggestion for how this could work with TEM

    c. Find more data on who this would affect and how it would affect them

    d. Find out how we would calculate the incentive for travelers and get an estimate on total cost per year

    e. Maybe set the incentive for trips outside of a 3-5 hour driving radius

    If you have any questions about these suggestions, please feel free to let us know. After addressing these points, you’re welcome to re-submit the recommendation for further iWG discussion."

    See the submittal of Trans011 Carbon Credit Fund and the original recommendation here.


  5. DOE Project to Measure Bioenergy Crop Carbon Emissions

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    The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a $3.3 million grant to a multidis- ciplinary research team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to develop a precise system for measuring greenhouse gas emissions from commercial bioenergy crops grown in central Illinois. 

    The three-year project through the Insti- tute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environ- ment (iSEE) is expected to reduce emissions associated with ethanol and other biofuels by enabling new technology for managing bioenergy crops, improving yield, reducing overfertilization, and designing new tools for “smart farms.” The vast data collected will be publicly available and could someday lead to financial rewards for farmers who reduce emissions through sustainable crop management. To read full article go to:

  6. Composting at NSRC and on campus

    This week (2/10 - 2/14) I distributed the letter to the offices in the NRSC to inform them of this composting project. We hope to collect the names and contact information in order to conduct a training and inventory how many supplies are needed. I also continued working on the composting guide for future projects. 


    Meredith Moore also met with Shantanu Pai, Zero Waste Coordinator, to discuss formalizing our procedures for other campus entities interested in starting composting projects. 

  7. Weekly Update - Build-a-Bike

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    All, Business as usual last week. The Scottish dude finished his build-a-bike. He only came in, too, because his German friend did a B-a-B as well and talked it up. Nothing beats good word of mouth. He was positively giddy about the whole thing and never got discouraged or frustrated by the process. The highlight for me was bending back a canti brake boss using the hole in the end of a crescent wrench. It’s not perfect but it’s functional enough. That’d make a good motto for us.
    I’ll head to the warehouse this week to grab a few more bikes. I’ll also schedule a couple training sessions with my staff to refresh on some repair basics .

    The numbers:
    Sales: $428.50
    Bike (refurb): 1 for $180
    Bike (B-a-B): 1 for $30
    Memberships: 3 for $90
    Tires/tubes: 4 for $17


    Jacob Benjamin
    Manager, Campus Bike Center

  8. Kent Seminar Series- Kontou

    The next Kent Seminar is set for Thursday, Feb. 13, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. at the Illinois Center for Transportation, 1611 Titan Dr., Rantoul.  Eleftheria Kontou will present “Data-driven modeling of electric vehicle charging pricing and worth.” Pizza and soft drinks will be provided at noon. You can also watch the seminar live via YouTube:


    1611 Titan Drive Rantoul, IL 61866


    Noelle Arbulu • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  9. Developing Local Solar Energy Resources

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    Join us for this seminar sponsored by local Master Naturalists. Scott R. Tess, the Sustainability & Resilience Officer for Urbana, will discuss City programming designed to develop local solar energy resources. Solar Urbana-Champaign is an ongoing program intended to both simplify the process and reduce the costs of purchasing and installing solar photovoltaic systems for homes and businesses. 


    February 17, 6:30–8 pm • U of I Extension, 801 Country Fair Dr. Champaign, IL 61821


    Amanda Christenson • Cooperative Extension Service


  10. Report any collision, near miss, or problematic location on-campus

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    Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. This survey is designed for the UI community to take into consideration the safety concerns of all students, faculty, and staff members. If you have any question, contact Professor Ray Benekohal at Use Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser.

    February 7–13


    Sarthak Prasad • Facilities & Services

  11. Weekly Update - Fix-a-flat, B-a-B

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    All, Really slow last week as the weather got rainy and snowy—sure fire ways to keep people off their bikes. Although a nice Scottish gentleman studying here came by to claim one of the remaining bikes as a B-a-B. He repeatedly mentioned wishing there was something like this back home in Scotland, so we’re basically cooler than Scotland.

    We had our first Fix-a-Flat class on Friday but that was a no-show, sadly.
    I picked up some bikes from the warehouse to keep my staff busy while we wait for the real moving to commence. We’ve built up just about every bike in the shop, save some old 3 speeds. A good amount of inventory has been boxed up and moved to the Urbana shop or stored here for use at our new space.
    This week I’ll be meeting with marketing and IT folks to discuss how the new bike center will look from those respective areas.

    The numbers:
    Visitors: 46
    Sales: $261
    Bikes (B-a-B): 1 for $50
    Memberships: 3 for $90
    Tires/tubes: 4 for $26


    Jacob Benjamin
    Manager, Campus Bike Center

  12. Bicycle Registration discussion - Finalizing Project 529

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    Attended by: Sarthak Prasad (organizer, F&S), Morgan White (F&S), Stacey DeLorenzo (F&S), Marty Paulins (Parking), Gary Williamson (Parking), Bryan Johnson (Housing), Barbara Robbins (UIPD), Tara Hurless (UIPD), Jake Benjamin (Campus Bike Center), Alana Harris (called in, Campus Rec), John Lantz (called-in, Office of the Dean of Students), Ben LeRoy (City of Champaign), Lily Wilcock (City of Urbana), Jeff Yockey (Champaign County Bikes), Donna Williams (Called-in, Project 529)

    Sarthak Prasad organized this meeting on January 31st from 2-3 pm to discuss Bicycle Registration using Project 529. We started off with the introductions, and Sarthak briefly explained the agenda for this meeting.

    We talked about the current bicycle registration system for the University and both the cities, and the need to bring a new registration system to the university and the community. City of Urbana has a paper based bicycle registration system and City of Champaign does not currently have a bicycle registration program. We discussed the potential benfits for having Project 529 as the national bike registry vendor. Some of these benefits include:

    • Project 529 is a National Bike Registry with nearly 1.5 million bicycles registered
    • Bike theft recovery
    • Consolidated system - one system for all
    • Bicycle safety and enforcement
    • Gather numbers
    • Ability to send push notification - information on street/sidewalk/bike path closure, information on bicycle events in the community
    • Information on any group rides in the community
    • Project 529 will help enter the serial numbers in their system for the impounded bicycles or during bicycle round-up
    • Admins can contact the users using the unique Shield number

    Following this, Sarthak talked about the costs that will be incurred to bring this system, and went over the Quote (attached) with the group. We (university) have started the Purchase Order process, and is in progress. To start with, the University will pay the entire quoted amount (including the Secondary accounts) to bring the system here. Sarthak has asked the Cities to contribute the Secondary Account funds. This system will also include the Village of Savoy, but since the population is much less compared to the University and the cities, Project 529 will not charge a Secondary Account fee for Savoy. This will mean that there can be administrators from the University, Urbana, Champaign, and Savoy. These admins will have access to the program (not separarte programs for each unit).

    The University is also considering adding a $10 registration fee, but we trying to get approvals on that. The funds from this registration fee will go towards the bicycle programs in the university and community. Sarthak, Morgan, and Stacey will discuss with the Cities on how to distribute the funds.

    Facilites & Services Transportation Demand Management (F&S TDM) at the University is purchasing the Community Plan from Project 529, and will lead this project. We would appreciate the support from all of departments involved.

    Sarthak briefly explained the implementation plan, which is to launch a Pilot program immediately after the Spring Break, look for what works and what needs work, right up a report by the end of June, and launch the program to the public starting in July 2020. Following this, Donna from Project 529 briefly explained how the system works and some of the existing features. We also discussed how to add new features as well.

    In the final 15 minutes, we asked Project 529 some questions about their system.

    Ben LeRoy and Lily Wilcock will get back to Sarthak Prasad about funding the Secondary Accounts fee.

  13. Zero Waste SWATeam Meeting: 7 February 2020

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    Attached are the meeting minutes for the Zero Waste SWATeam meeting on 7 February 2020.

    The agenda was as follows:


    • F&S Interim Zero Waste Coordinator


    • 2020 iCAP
    • Student Sustainability Coordinators
    • Sustainability Ethics Training
    • SP19 Recommendations Update: PWR 018 (iBUY Catalogue Modification)

    SP20 Timeline

    Attached Files: