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Light the Night (Ongoing)

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Light the Night is an annual free bicycle light giveaway, funded by the Campus Area Transportation Study (CATS) agencies: the University of Illinois, C-U MTD, the City of Urbana and the City of Champaign. The Bike Project has been a partner group organizing the event, and in 2016, was a funder as well. Since 2008, volunteers have helped to install over 800 sets of bicycle lights each year. In addition to providing the lights, the goal of the event is to help educate the public that state law in Illinois requires bicycles to have a front light and rear reflector, at minimum, when riding at night.  


The first Light the Night event was held in 2008, and it takes place for one day each September, near the beginning of the Academic year. Volunteers also share general safety information with cyclists, and hand out educational materials such as bicycle maps and rules of the road. Free bicycle registration with the University is also available during the event.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Sarthak Prasad

    Team Members:

    • Stacey DeLorenzo, F&S
    • Morgan White, F&S
    • Ben LeRoy, Champaign
    • Lily Wilcock, Urbana
    • Cynthia Hoyle, MTD
    • Evan Alvarez, MTD
    • Barry Isralewitz, The Bike Project
    • Jeff Yockey, Champaign County Bikes
    • Gabriel Lewis, CCRPC


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