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Bicycle Education (Ongoing)


Bicycling is the most sustainable mode of transportation.  It is fun, convenient, and healthy, yet many people do not utilize this excellent travel mode because they need more information.  The University is working with the communities to provide bicycle safety training, awareness events, and lessons in maintaining a bicycle.


During the 2013-2014 academic year, thanks to funding from the Student Sustainability Committee, Facilities & Services plans to roll out a comprehensive educational campaign to promote safety, increase bicycle usage, and improve the overall biking experience on campus. Key messages of the campaign include the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists, rules of the road, helpful advice on getting around safely and efficiently by bicycle, and tips for proper bike maintenance. Safety instructions directed toward pedestrians and motorists will also be included in the information given out. The goals of the project are to increase safety for bicyclists and those around them and to encourage sustainable transportation on campus.

The University hopes the year-long effort will significantly increase bicycle use that is safe and efficient, and further the University's goal of being a bicycle friendly campus. Ideally, the resources developed in this year-long project could be applied in the future.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Sarthak Prasad


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