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Bicycle Safety Classes (Ongoing)

Project History

  • 2/27/2015

    The second idea we wanted to pursue was putting on the TS 101 courses.  The normal cost that Cynthia charges is $65 per person.  We thought we could contract with CCB $400 or $500 to do a full day lunch provided TS101 training for 10-15 people.  I

  • 10/7/2013

    In order to gauge demand in existing and new classes, we have created a Bicycle Class Request Form so that students, employees and community members can request new opportunities to learn more about


In order to help ensure that students, employees, and visitors who choose to bicycle on campus are following the rules of the road and acting in a safe, predictable manner, the University works with outside partners to offer bicycle safety classes on campus and in the surrounding community. In the future, we also hope to develop courses and educational opportunities specifically catered to the unique campus audiences, such as incoming freshmen and transfer students, international students, and so on. 

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