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CyclingSavvy is a new traffic cycling curriculum from Florida Bicycle Association (FBA) . . . While CyclingSavvy inevitably teaches some of the same essential traffic cycling principles and skills as other cycling courses—such as those offered by the League of American Bicyclists, Law Enforcement Bicycle Association, International Police Mountain Bike Association, CANbike and Cycle Training UK—it was not based on any existing curriculum. Nor was it based on the original Effective Cycling course (from which League’s TS101 was derived). CyclingSavvy was built entirely new “from the ground up.”  It is built upon an understanding of the needs of adult learners and the challenges of changing behavior that is strongly rooted in our traffic culture. Much of the content in the CyclingSavvy curriculum is completely original. Traditional content is framed and delivered in unique ways to maximize the learning process.

It is a modular course, consisting of three 3-hour classes:

  • The Truth and Techniques of Traffic Cycling – a 3-hour classroom session on traffic laws, crash prevention, bicycle driving principles, and unique traffic management strategies developed for this course
  • Train Your Bike – a 3-hour on-bike skill-building session held in a parking lot
  • City Tour – a 3½ hour experiential, on-road learning experience

Either of the first two courses may be taken “a la carte.” It was felt that some potential students would not attend a full traffic cycling course, believing they would never cycle “in traffic,” but would be interested in improving their bicycle handling abilities for trips on local paved trails. Students who attend the “Train Your Bike” course could then be sold on the merits of the full course. The “Tour of…” course requires the prerequisites of the other two courses. Students can buy the modules individually, or as a complete package.

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