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Bicycle Related Projects

These are the most interesting bike related projects, as of August 2015.

Latest Updates

  • 9/29/2022

    All the abandoned bicycles were impounded and transported to the Round Barns by Parking department by July 29, 2022. Parking would send the F&S TDM department an invoice for this project.

  • 9/24/2022

    The bicycle retrieval for abandoned bicycles that were impounded over the summer 2022 has completed, as of September 23, 2022. We had collected nearly 500 bicycles over the summer, and 24 bicycles were retrieved by the owners.

Map of projects

Full iCAP Project Hierarchy

The following listing of all iCAP projects highlights the ones which are part of this Collection. Click the "Expand all" link to show the entire listing of iCAP projects.