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Projects Updates for Bicycle Education

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  1. Bike Class Form requests in FY23

    In FY23, we have received several bike class requests through the Bike Class Form on the Bike at Illinois website: We will organize classes in FY24 based on this data:

    Bike Class Form requests in FY23
    Bike class number of requests
    Learn How to Ride 8
    Youth Cycling Instructor 2
    Smart Cycling 7
    Traffic Skills 101 5
    League Cycling Instructor 1
    Bike Commuting: Lunch and Learn 5
    Winter Bicycling: Lunch and Learn 2
    Campus Bicycle Resource Tour 1


  2. Bike Safety Quiz Form for University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    Here are some links that direct you to UIUC's bike safety quizzes!


    Links to Share – share these links with anyone who’s interested in taking the quiz. Feel free to post on social media, websites, etc.

    Adult BikeSafetyQuiz

    Adult BikeSafetyQuiz - Spanish

    Child BikeSafetyQuiz

    Child BikeSafetyQuiz – Spanish

  3. Weekly Update

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, last week we had 114 visitors. We grossed $997.25. We sold two bikes for $210 and six memberships for $180. The new hires are coming along, with only minor hiccups here and there.

    Last week Lily and I assisted with the University High School Agora Days class that a Bike Project member was leading.  For Four days last week we went over various bike repair basics, focusing on tires/tubes, minor brake adjustments, chains, and a how-to on bike fitting. The kids were genuinely interested and engaged, and no one minded getting a little dirty. The only downside was the one-hour limit on each day’s class.

    Lily and I also met to discuss the implementation of some bike classes for which she so adeptly secured funding.

    This week I will get a job posting up for more student workers, as one new hire is MIA and a few others are graduating. I will continue to work on the departmental bike share bikes for F&S as well as bikes for sale here, as our stock isn’t quite as robust as I would like pre-spring rush.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  4. Weekly Update

    All, we had 88 visitors last week—and that includes being closed on Monday and Thursday! We grossed $1,145.30; sold 19 memberships for $570; one bike for $120; and one build-a-bike for $40.

    Last week was eventful. We had The Illinois Bike Summit, Light The Night, and on Friday I counted all the bikes in the warehouse: 517! Light the Night was very successful, installing 1188 lights (or 594 sets) at Alma Mater; numbers on the Illinois/Lincoln location are to-be-determined.

    In tandem with Working Bikes, we’ve set the date for the Bike Warehouse to be emptied: October 7th. I will coordinate with Parking to insure we have access on that date.

    I also set up a Facebook account to promote events and better connect with the cycling community.

    This week I will work on building new bikes that I acquired from the warehouse, continue to organize for the Bike Warehouse event, and persist on the Sisyphean task of organizing inventory and streamlining volunteer tasks to make better use of everyone’s time.


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  5. Weekly Update

    Associated Project(s): 

    Hello all, This past week was good.  We saw steady increases in attendance with relation to the weather.  The weather even allowed us to open the doors which is a great improvement to visibility and atmosphere.  We sold 7 bikes for $750, 4 memberships for $100, and grossed $1470.  I was able to build bikes, and organize the shop a bit with the help of volunteers.  We've been able to integrate mobile time cards into shop staff procedure which has already shown dividends in saved time and complication.  I hired Lucas Hsu, an Urbana volunteer, on to the staff to replace Mike who took a degree related internship with the city.  I was able to get some bikes from the warehouse and assess the remaining handful.

    This coming week I will be having America table at the EcoFeminism sustainability event on campus.  I will building bikes for the spring rush.  I will work on removing the rest of the warehouse bikes, and cleaning up the warehouse. 

    From the Campus Outpost,
    James Roedl

  6. weekly update

    Hello all,  This past week was good.  We got a lot done and helped a lot of folks.  The Center sold 3 bikes for $400, and grossed $908.50.  I agreed to provide materials and do some education at a international student bike safety event in February.  I was able to clean the shop up a considerable amount. I built a few bikes and we now have 32 bikes that are for sale or need to be logged and priced.  Rick got his bike share up and running and I was very appreciative for the help.

    This coming week I plan on building bikes and cleaning out the back of the shop.

    From the Campus Outpost,
    James Roedl

  7. Illinois Bike Summit


    Dear Summit attendee,


    Thanks for being part of the 2014 Illinois Bike Summit!  We're thrilled at how many bicycle advocates and interested professionals came to advance your agendas in your communities.  Hopefully it was time well spent.    


    The presentations, attendee list, printed program, and more are all available now at the Summit webpage,  


    For those who did not fill out a printed evaluation sheet, please complete our evaluation survey to help us make the next Summit even better!


    Thanks again for attending! 

    Ed Barsotti, League of Illinois Bicyclists 

    Jeff Yockey, Champaign County Bikes 


    League of Illinois Bicyclists | 630-978-0583 | |