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C-U Bike to Work Day (Ongoing)


In 2010, Champaign-Urbana hosted the first annual C-U Bike to Work (and School) Day on May 4. The annual event now features close to 800 members of the community committing to ride their bicycle to work on the day, as a way to aknowledge and thank regular bicycle commuters and encourage and invite first-time riders. In 2012, there were 10 different stations across Champaign-Urbana where cyclists could stop by on their morning commute for free snacks and prizes, learn about rules of the road, and meet other bicycle commuters as well as city planners and others involved in planning for bike infrastructure and enforcement around town.  With three different stations on campus, the University is proud to be a partner organization for this event, in encouraging University employees and students to give bicycling a try as their regular method of commuting to work or school. 

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Sarthak Prasad

    Project Leader:

    Gabe Lewis, CCRPC

    Team Members:

    • Morgan White
    • Stacey DeLorenzo
    • Jeff Yockey, Champaign County Bikes
    • Charlie Smyth, Champaign County Bikes
    • Cynthia Hoyle, MTD
    • Evan Alvarez, MTD
    • Dan Saphiere, MTD
    • Kat Trotter, Urbana
    • Xander Hazel, Champaign
    • Nick McDuffee, Savoy
    • Bridgette Moen, CCFPD
    • Jake McCoy, Rantoul
    • Ellen Hedrick, Mahomet
    • Thomas Valencia

    Prior Contacts:

    • James Roedl
    • Lily Wilcock


Project Location(s)

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