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Red Oak Rain Garden (In Progress)

Project History


The Red Oak Rain Garden is the first rain garden on campus!  This garden is beautiful and smart. It addresses flooding in an innovative way – by planting an attractive landscape feature that captures and filters stormwater.

Prior to the garden, the area south of Allen Hall flooded during storms, impacting pedestrian walkways and threatening the red oak tree's vitality. The rain garden directs stormwater away from the oak tree and sidewalks. It uses water as a resource instead of allowing it to rush into storm sewers and flood downstream. The garden plants, which are native to Illinois, have extensive root systems that are excellent at soaking up water and improving its quality. 


Prof. Tony Endress' Restoration Ecology classes designed and installed the rain garden with assistance from Facilities & Services and the City of Urbana and in cooperation with Housing Services.  For additional visual interest, art student Jennifer Astwood designed the “Prairie Fire” sculpures under the guidance of Prof. Alex Fekete.

The Red Oak Rain Garden is a BLUE Illinois Faculty/StudentProject funded by Facilities & Services in conjunction with the Environmental Council, with additional funding support from University Housing.

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Eliana Brown

    Project Leader:

    Eliana Brown

    Team Members:

    • Kate Gardiner
    • Layne Knoche
    • Eric Green
    • Tony Heath
    • Tony Endress
    • Karen Folk
    • Brent Lewis
    • Ryan Welch
    • Morgan White


  • Investigated May 15, 2017
    Investigated by Cameron Letterly
    Started August 15, 2006
    Started by BLUE, Environmental Council, and Tony Endress


Project Location(s)

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