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Projects Updates for Red Oak Rain Garden


  1. 2020 Bloom Calendar - Red Oak Rain Garden

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    Sad that Mulch Madness is over? You can still watch (most of) those amazing plants 'play' this year in the garden using my 2020 Bloom Calendar as a guide! The champion Virginia Bluebells, which weren't installed until last fall, are in full bloom NOW!

    Check out the Red Oak Rain Garden Facebook Page here: 

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  2. The Red Oak Rain Garden Team announces Mulch Madness plant competition

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    The Red Oak Rain Garden Team announces Mulch Madness plant competition

    Mulch Madness is a fun way to learn more about native plants found at the Red Oak Rain Garden. To enter, send completed brackets to by 11 am Tue, Mar 16. Games begin that same day at noon on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Brackets, rules, and more details are at the link above. The winning bracket receives a $20 gift certificate to the local business of their choice.

    Eliana Brown • University of Illinois Extension/Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

    baseline_wifi_black_18dp.png This opportunity is available online

  3. Red Oak Rain Garden Nears Completion with Award of Grants

    Please see the attached file for a recent press release regarding the Red Oak Rain Garden and their awarded grants from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.

  4. Certifications!

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    Great news! RORG is now certified as the following:

    • Monarch Waystation – Monarch Watch
    • Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary – Illinois Audubon Society
    • Plants for Birds – National Audubon Society
    • Wildlife Habitat – National Wildlife Federation
    • Native Plant Butterfly Garden – Wild Ones
    • Certified Butterfly Garden – North American Butterfly Association
    • Pollinator Pocket – University of Illinois Extension

    layne knoche
    Visiting Extension Outreach Associate

  5. SSC funds Red Oak Rain Garden Sidewalks

    Located just south of Allen Hall/LAR and west of McKinley Health Center, the Red Oak Rain Garden solves local flooding issues while providing an outdoor space for the UIUC community. This SSC grant provides support for sidewalk modifications and additions, expanding pedestrian and cyclist transportation while strengthening flood control. The project team will also install benches to encourage community members to use the space throughout the year. For outreach, the project team will host a ribbon cutting event that celebrates the upgraded rain garden. Similarly, individuals can follow the rain garden @RainGardenUIUC on all social media platforms. 

  6. 18F Semesterly Report - Red Oak Rain Garden 2.0


    Spring 2017: Landscape Architecture student Cameron Letterly submitted proposal to SSC, along with Illinois Extension’s Eliana Brown. Cameron graduated.

    Summer 2017: Cameron completed initial design work for garden

    Fall 2017: Staff turnover; Cameron left to start MBA program and Katherine Gardiner was brought on as Communications Lead

    Winter 2017-2018: Staff addition of Landscape Architect student Layne Knoche

    Spring 2018: Layne designing Extension pamphlets to base future RORG communications products upon, with assistance from Eliana and Katherine

    Summer 2018: Staff addition of Landscape Architect Master’s Candidate Kayla Myers; Layne and Kayla work to re-design garden.

    Fall 2018: Grounds will remove rock and install erosion control fabric.

    Winter 2018-2019: Kayla Myers and Layne Knoche to work with Architectural Review Committee for final design approval and plant suppliers to arrange spring planting.

    Spring 2019: Cement finishers will install the sidewalk. Afterwards, Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, and the Red Bison student group will install the plantings.


  7. SSC Supports Red Oak Rain Garden 2.0

    Red Oak Rain Garden 2.0 restores the original Red Oak Rain Garden that was established 10 years ago to address the flooding issue between McKinley Health Center and Allen Hall. Students will work alongside faculty, staff, and community members to plant specific plants that provide multi-season flooding protection. This project aims to increase awareness surrounding horticulture and natural flooding management while addressing an infrastructural issue on campus.

    The Student Sustainability Committee provides financial support to purchase plants, signage, training materials, and hardscape. The plant species are specifically chosen for maximum efficiency and learning. Likewise, the signage will allow the passerby to identify native species. University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners will support the garden while students are on academic breaks and provide Red Bison, a student-led organization, with rain garden training.

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