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Hartley Garden Renovation (Proposed)

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  • 8/13/2013

    Morgan encouraged Bill to ask the SSC for funding to do the design work for a rainwater harvesting system for the Hartley Gardens.  He said he will talk with Matt Edmonson to get an estimate of the cost for the project, so he is ready to reqeust f

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The Miles C Hartley Selections Garden (Hartley Garden) comprises four of the 57 acres within the Arboretum and is used for educational and research purposes. Construction of this garden was completed in 1994.

The Hartley Garden is declining and Bill Kruidenier, director of the UI Arboretum, is attempting to put together a renovation proposal. This proposal would include all elements of the garden. The sidewalks are gravel and do not meet ADA standards; there are wooden trellises that are rotted and beginning to collapse; the walls are buckling and will soon collapse; and the irrigation system is antiquated and wastes large amounts of potable water.

How to collect and use grey water and/ or rainwater for irrigation at the Hartley Garden is being considered in the renovation of the irrigation system. Kruidenier has discussed funding with the Student Sustainability Committee. Although the application for such funding has not yet been submitted, the SSC has offered to help organize a group of students and faculty/ staff members to help design the new system.

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