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  1. Education iCAP Team December Meeting

    Education iCAP Team had its final monthly online meeting of the semester on Monday, December 5th, at 5 PM. The team had two guests from GIES College of Business: Gopesh Anand and Sharon Shavitt. The team discussed potential ways to improve sustainability education at the College of Business with the guests. Afterward, the team further discussed the Sustainability in Study Abroad Recommendation draft, which is ready to be submitted to iWG. Finally, the team chair, Jessica Nicholson, gave updates on the Sustainability Gen-Ed project. The meeting minutes are attached. 

  2. 12-7-22 External Meeting

    Associated Project(s): 

    On December 7, UIUC sustainability representatives met with Coca-Cola and discussed the following:

    Attendance: Jake Slager, Shawn Patterson, Dominika Szal, Sarah Carten, Thurman Etchison, Daphne Hulse, Liz Doeschot, Jen Fraterrigo

    • Debrief from last week’s call:

      • Thinking about how we can integrate the Don’t Waste campaign into our existing initiatives that we have planned for spring 2023: Big Ten basketball game (February/March), ISTC waste audit (March), Earth Month (April), Earth Day (April 22), Housing/F&S Dump & Run (May).

      • Social media: Don’t Waste Wednesdays - spread the responsibility and partnership across F&S, iSEE, the Union, Housing/Dining, DIA so it is feasible to achieve.

        • Allows the different groups to specialize in their areas (e.g. iSEE sharing research-related news, Dining sharing food-waste related news).

        • Jake suggests that we could create friendly competition to keep the entities engaged and wanting to produce content.

      • Interest in exploring the Illini App for sustainability initiatives / GIS maps (water bottle refill stations).

      • Jen is planning to coordinate small internal group to talk through the reusable cup idea. It needs more exploration.

      • Interest in pursuing a zero waste basketball game in the spring (Big Ten).

    • Cadence for next year: how often should we meet, who should be included?

      • May consider meeting less than once per week (maybe every other week) unless there is an upcoming event where we need to meet every week leading up to it.

    • What do we need bin-wise?

      • Temporary bins tend to be inherently flimsy.

      • The cost of sturdier bins is much greater.

      • May be worth a revisit in the future to figure out an alternative.

    • Feedback: what’s been helpful with Coke calls? What can they continue to support?

      • Helpful that Coke facilitates a synergy across different entities at U of I that don’t always get to communicate so regularly on issues of sustainability.

    • Next week will be the assessment call for waste management.

    • Spring planning: Earth Month, Earth Day, surprise & delight, events.

    • Would need to contact concessions to see if they can track the amount of items sold.

      • having their input would help us get more accurate data.


  3. Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) fall 2022

  4. Energy011 Priority Technologies and Practices for a Clean Energy Plan - Submitted

    The Energy iCAP Team submitted the attached recommendation Energy011 Priority Technologies and Practices for a Clean Energy Plan to the iWG on 12/1/22. The attached recommendation states:

    The Energy iCAP Team recommends that F&S and any external consulting group consider the feasibility and overall effectiveness of the following technologies and practices in the development of a clean energy plan for the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign:

    • Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency
    • Micro-nuclear energy
    • Geothermal Energy
    • Hydrogen Fuel
    • Energy Efficiency Renovations
    • Expansion of solar energy production
    • Wind energy
    • Carbon capture and sequestration
    • Power Purchasing Agreements
  5. Edu008 Sustainability in Study Abroad - Submitted

    The Education iCAP Team submitted the Edu008 Sustainability in Study Abroad recommendation to the iWG on 12/6/22. The recommendation (attached) states:

    The Illinois Abroad Council Steering Committee (IACSC) with the Environmental Sustainability and Study Abroad Working Group will charge the Directors of each college’s study abroad program with assigning a member to this study abroad sustainability working group. Further, each Director should be charged to meet with the  Environmental Sustainability and Study Abroad Working Group once per semester, at minimum. Through involvement in this working group, these representatives will gain the background needed to develop a collaborative effort to address climate-related impacts associated with study abroad. This would elicit a set of best practices and policy for all college-based international programs office in the areas of program orientation, re-entry programming, program policies regarding travel, community engagement, short term faculty led programming, environmental awareness and education. Continued support from iSEE and ongoing consultation with iSEE will be appreciated. As the program evolves, public updates on the iCAP portal will be of benefit to all stakeholders.



  6. Res004 Student Support for Coordinated Rainwater Management Plan - Submitted

    The Resilience iCAP Team submitted the attached recommendation Res004 Student Support for Coordinated Rainwater Management Plan to the iWG on 12/2/22. The recommendation states: 

    Provide internship funding support for developing a coordinated rainwater management plan, focusing on the local urbanized areas of Urbana, Champaign, Savoy, and campus communities. This plan should contribute to the green infrastructure on campus as student interns research and use campus resources as a model for the stormwater management systems for the cities. Lisa Merrifield at U of I Extension will recruit, work with, and advise the student intern for this project. Ideal candidates will be in a master’s degree program and have an interest in community green infrastructure and stormwater management planning.

  7. Weekly Update (week of November 28): Kids bike give away, for-sale bikes

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, [Ed. note: Apologies for getting this in late.] We’ve finalized our Kid’s Bike Giveaway date/time with the Bike Project and have been working through our supply of donated bikes. Serendipitously we got nearly a half dozen kids bikes donated last week, even before we put the word out on the giveaway event.

    This week we kept working through that supply. I was out on Tuesday/Wednesday but visits have been lower since the cooler weather hit.

    While we’re working on the kids bikes we’ve also been able to fix up a few for-sale bikes, sitting at about 6 done and ready to go. Still have a large supply at the warehouse, which I’ll have more time to tackle after the 17th (date of the Kids Bike Event).

    Next week I’ll move over the finished kids bike to Urbana as we’re running out of space for them here.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 25
    Sales: $185.50
    Memberships: 2 for $60
    Misc. parts: 19 for $95.50


    Jacob Benjamin
    Campus Bike Center Coordinator

  8. 12-5-22 Internal Meeting

    Associated Project(s): 

    On December 5, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:


    1. Walk through campaign proposal slides as an internal group.

      1. Brainstorm a vision for spring 2023.

      2. Particular “activations” to focus on.

      3. Tie into existing or anticipated initiatives for spring 2023:

        1. Big Ten basketball game recycling event — February/March.

        2. ISTC waste audit — March.

        3. Earth Month — April.

        4. Earth Day — April 22.

        5. Housing/F&S Dump & Run — May.

          1. Bryan Johnson is the contact for Housing.

        6. iSEE initiatives for spring?

        7. Clean up events — twice a semester, at most (turnout, weather)

      4. Plug into social:

        1. iSEE.

        2. F&S.

        3. Housing.

        4. Union.

        5. Athletics.

    2. Basketball recycling events:

      1. Can we track attendance data?

        1. Attendance for 11/14 game?

    3. Reusable cups:

      1. Small group to strategize and gather information.

    4. Residence Hall orientation:

      1. Alternative route to new student orientation.

      2. Gretchen - New Student Orientation.

    5. Illinois App:

      1. Campus Calendar - integrated.

      2. Public Affairs is in charge of it.

    6. Man on the street:

      1. Steve or Travis CR&C.


  9. December 2, 2022 Illini Lights Out Data

    Associated Project(s): 

    At last Friday's Illini Lights Out event, 4,204 light bulbs were shut off that otherwise would have been left on all weekend, saving $639.62 in energy costs. This also prevented 5.14 metric tons of CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from the average car driving 12,757 miles. That's a huge impact!

    Friday was the semester's last Illini Lights Out event, but there will be five more events in the spring. Stay up to date with the dates of these events and other sustainability-related events and news by signing up for the Institute of Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) newsletter here.

    Illini Lights Out addresses objectives 2.2 and 2.2.2 of the iCAP, or Illinois Climate Action Plan, to increase energy efficiency and reduce building-level energy. Find out about other iCAP objectives here and read the entire iCAP here.

    Illini Lights Out is a certified Green Event! Click this link to learn how to green-certify your own event.

  10. Transportation iCAP Team Meeting 12/2/22

    The transportation iCAP team met on Friday, December 2nd at 3:00 P.M. CST to discuss electric vehicle charging, and updates on bike shelter procurement for the university. Due to a software error, the meeting minutes were not recorded.

    Link to meeting recording:

  11. Energy iCAP Team Meeting 12/2/22

    The Energy iCAP Team met on Friday, December 2nd, 2022 to discuss potential recommendations on standards for new buildings and developing a committee of energy researchers to share knowledge across campus.

  12. New iSEE Green Certifications

    Congratulations to the Office of the Chancellor for Special Events, OVCRI, Pi Phi, and the Office of Academic Programs (College of ACES) for their recent green certifications!

    Green Event:

    Office of the Chancellor for Special Events Il v. Monmouth Men's Basketball, Certified November 2022

    Office of the Chancellor for Special Events IL v. Lindenwood Men's Basketball, Certified November 2022

    Office of the Chancellor for Special Events IL v. Syracuse Men's Basketball, Certified November 2022

    Chancellor's Office for Special Events Il. v. Penn State Men's Basketball, Certified November 2022

    Chancellor's Office for Special Events Il. v Alabama L&M Men's Basketball, Certified November 2022

    Chancellor's Office for Special Events Il. v. Bethane-Cookman, Certified November 2022

    OVCRI Research Development Day 2022, Certified December 2022

    Chancellor's Office for Special Events Il. v. WIsconsin Men's basketball game, Certified December 2022

    Chancellor's Office for Special Events Il. vs. Michigan State Men's Basketball, Certified December 2022

    Chancellor's Office for Special Events Il. vs. Indiana Men's Basketball, Certified December 2022


    Green Chapter: Pi Beta Phi, Silver, Recertified November 2022


    Green Office: Office of Academic Programs (College of ACES), Silver, Certified November 2022


    Keep up the great work!

  13. iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - December 2, 2022

    Associated Project(s): 



    • Adding Fliss project
    • Adding green food truck project
    • Objectives page
      • Make it easier to find a specific chapter


    • Discussion of archiving projects
    • Search: can it be less rigid?
    • Main nav: move focus to search box when Search is clicked
    • Objectives page:
      • Add "jump to chapter" option:
        • Dropdown list for mobile, theme icons for larger screens
        • Reporting Progress icon jumps to chapter 9
        • Don't show Funding icon
    • Fancy project page - make images in image banner clickable (go directly to image)
    • Fancy project layout mockups - keep tweaking #3 to improve contrast
    • Collections page:
      • Add image upload option
    • Discuss metrics
      • Metrics with lots of data
      • Consider how to handle old metrics that no longer track new data. Archive somehow?
      • Fun with math (e.g. combining multiple metrics)
      • Calculated Metrics on Dev site
    • Use "Take Action" project to encourage students to get involved with sustainability (link from homepage?)
    • Track down and resolve informational message on full listing page for Project Updates by Key Objective (see, e.g. Projects Updates for key objective: 1.0 iCAP 2020 Illinois Climate Action Plan)
    • Why is the Achieve Zero Waste project map page not loading?
  14. Resilience iCAP Team December Meeting

    The Resilience iCAP Team had its final online meeting of this semester on Monday, November 28th, from 11:00 - 12:00 PM. The team discussed two recommendations: Coordinated Rainwater Management Plan Recommendation and Sustainability Economic Analysis Recommendation. The team plans to revise and send the Coordinated Rainwater Management Plan Recommendation to the iWG by this Friday, December 2nd. Also, the team chair, Stay Gloss, will present the Sustainability Economic Analysis Recommendation at the iSEE Management Meeting and ask for any potential iSEE funding. Meeting minutes are attached. 

  15. Energy010 Establishment of a Clean Energy Plan Conference Committee - Submitted

    The Energy iCAP Team submitted the Energy010 Establishment of a Clean Energy Plan Conference Committee recommendation on 11/30/22. The recommendation is as follows:

    Establish a committee of faculty, staff, and students charged with the following responsibilities:

    • Identification of experts on energy conservation and clean energy technologies both on and off campus
    • Recruitment of identified experts to speak about their area of expertise to the UIUC campus community
    • Development of a conference focused on energy conservation and clean energy technologies that will be available to the campus community.

    The recommendation document is attached.

  16. 11-30-22 External Meeting

    Associated Project(s): 

    On November 30, UIUC sustainability representatives met with Coca-Cola and discussed the following:

    Attendance: Jake Slager, Shawn Patterson, Pete Varney, Jen Fraterrigo, Mariangelix Bonila, Erika Harvey, Brette Bennett, Bryan Johnson, Steve Breitwieser, Travis Tate, Kendall Chadwick, Shreya Mahajan, Meredith Moore, Daphne Hulse, Marty Kaufmann, Thurman Etchison, Sarah Carten, Liz Doeschoet


    • Increase recycling and reduce waste (top two goals)

      • Implement consistent messaging, infrastructure, and activation

    • Talked with sustainability ambassadors, coke sustainability team, and UIUC folks to come up with this presentation

    • Don’t Waste: Block I design makes it look like “I Don’t Waste” — part of the branding

      • I is really key, because everyone should be involved

      • Goal: to make recycling as easy as possible. Make it a movement, not an afterthought

    • Brand identity

      • Co-branded marks developed, but the mission and purpose is much larger than just the brand

      • Collective sense of ownership through the brand design

      • Iconic I is a key part of the visual. It anchors everything else. Using it as an emotional element, a part of ownership

      • Broken up with two formats

        • Big banners, large signage — more real estate, bigger impact in those instances

        • Smaller pieces — flyers, digital, social more standard sizes

      • Don’t Waste Days: specific to events on campus; more targeted than just the Don’t Waste general branding

      • Always use the marks on white, navy, or orange backgrounds

    • Tone of voice:

      • Empowered, uplifting, courageous, bold, and self-assured

      • Combined the language of the university with Coca-Cola

      • Hybrid approach: make the world a better place, build a sustainable feature. It all starts on campus by capturing students’ attention through education and entertainment. it should feel like a natural extension of the U of I’s brand personality

      • Work to combat skepticism with recycling: is what I’m doing really making that big of a difference? Combat this.

      • Recognize the critical role of Athletics in the messaging: individuals and leaders may have more of a voice that influence many people (kept this in mind and used this to craft the message)

    • Content ideas, activation ideas, athletics

      • Content

        • Instructional signage

          • Leverage signage to showcase what can and cannot be recycled. Easy for people to understand to make it as painless as possible. “Moment of truth” about to throw away bottle or can and they catch the message and decide to recycle the item

          • Location suggestions

        • Awareness signage

          • Keep recycling top of mind at all time

          • Evergreen message

          • Show proof of progress helps combat skepticism (data)


    Immediate feedback

    • Daphne: Likes Moment of Truth (Pete likes this too). Like the awareness signage, which plays well into data and tracking, increases transparency around operations and recycling
    • Meredith: Thinks consistent instructional signage is very important. And the Block I is very recognizable which means whether you’re at State Farm Center, Memorial Stadium, or on campus somewhere, you start to recognize these signs.
    • Jake: One thing he’s learned about sustainability is that the consistency is very important.
    • Jen: Name, image, likeness situation with Athletes. Would we have to think about this? Logistics to discuss.
    • Jake mentioned likeness to Marty — something to continue thinking about
    • Brette: this is all meant to be a though-starter. It will all need to be tweaked as we move forward.
    • Video content
      • Short-form: 15 seconds. Built for social, but can be used elsewhere. Feature one or two people testifying what they don’t waste. Finish out with key spokesperson.

      • Long-form: 1 minute. YouTube, in-stadium or arena. Include 5-10 students, athletes, coaches, or faculty. End with a key spokesperson.

      • I Don’t Waste movement goes beyond recycling.

        • Work with various athletes, coaches, and recognizable figures on campus to say what they don’t waste: time, shot, down, opportunities, chances. Make it personal to our community

        • Make it feel natural to the students. Start and end or trickle in recycling and waste messaging where it can feel natural

      • Social

        • Recommended platforms to reach out to owners and start the conversations around sharing the Don’t Waste message

        • Continued engagement

          • Reinforce the message and get people to continue engaging on the topic

          • Proof of progress - combat doubt and skepticism. We do this through showing our actual data and how we are progressing.

            • How do we get the data on an ongoing basis?

            • Doesn’t always have to be a huge audit or a big number. Can be little wins on an ongoing basis.

          • Instagram Add Yours feature: it’s a newer trend people are enjoying. Adds sticker to their story “I don’t waste” anyone can click on the sticker and post their own response

            • Easily start on a U of I owned profile

          • Instagram gifs: create school-branded gifs with a sustainability theme

          • Surprise and Delight social participation”: surprising students who engage in the social media campaigns or share content from in-person activation. Winners receive co-branded sustainability prize packs

      • Activation

        • Infrastructure

          • People won’t walk more than 15 feet away from the trash can to recycle something

          • Addition of new bins and making sure recycling and waste and paired would help increase recycling

          • Reusable cups

            • Freestyle machines track

            • There are lower tech options

            • Offer large reusable cups for purchase or at orientation. Would have to think about POS or meal plan integration. If people use the vessel, make sure there is a reward or incentive

          • Sponsoring a bin

            • Work with RSOs to sponsor new recycling bins in coordination with the school, the orgs can have plaques affixed to a bin or decorate a temporary bin to increase recycling opportunities on campus

            • Recycling maps

              • Illinois App

              • Showing people where they can recycle

          • Don’t Waste Days

            • Don’t Waste Wednesdays

              • Select one day a week or a month where the university focuses on sustainability initiatives

            • Monthly or quarterly campus clean up events

              • Offer incentives like t-shirts, concert tickets, sports tickets

          • Celebrate the little wins

            • Green teams: in-person group distributing sustainable prize packs if they catch someone recycling

            • Educate your campus community

            • Recycle bin game

    • Athletics

      • Don’t waste game days

    Closing feedback:

    • Thurman: Man on the street to kick of the social campaign (student testimonials). Recycling webcam that is on at all times to show the trick shots, or at least track what’s going in the bin
    • Marty: Remain mindful of how much Athletics can commit to various initiatives.



  17. Week 7 - BFU Application

    Associated Project(s): 

    This week, Aparna reviewed all of the past BFU Applications submitted to compare the progress over the years. The same was discussed and gone over again with Sarthak to help with the comments and notes made by her on the applications for a more thorough understanding. The next steps would be to start filling out the application for 2023. Aparna has been added by Sarthak Prasad to help with the submission for BFU: Bicycle Friendly University 2023. 

  18. Final Report: successes, areas for improvement, and feedback

    On November 28, 2022 during the weekly Internal Coca-Cola meeting the group reviewed the attached final report.

    Important takeaways:

    • 280 lbs of recycling was collected (cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles), with an event diversion rate of 10.6%. With just incremental changes (student volunteers, recycling bin infrastructure in the upper concourse, and the implementation of blue recycling bags), we achieved this! An even greater diversion rate would not be difficult to achieve.
    • Organizing student volunteers into a shift-based system would cut volunteer time per student, streamline the volunteer training process, and simplify volunteer roles. We could incentivize pre- and post-game volunteerism with tickets to the game.
    • Stronger, more durable blue recycling bags are needed for future events if we are going to have student volunteers handling them; they leak easily otherwise.
    • Dedicate a group of volunteers to just post-game collection from the stands. There is a huge opportunity to collect recyclables left in the cup holders.
    • Feedback from volunteers and attendees was very positive:
      • In a post-event survey released to attendees, 300+ responses showed the following:
        • 51% of attendees were aware that this was a recycling-focused event.
        • 55% of attendees did recycle their bottles and/or cans.
        • 83% of attendees would support future recycling events at State Farm Center.
        • General comments indicated overall support for seeing the volunteers in action and support for the implementation of permanent recycling containers at the facility.

    Next steps:

    • Between F&S and DIA, determine how a recycling receptacle can be placed near the facility so blue recycling bags can be separated from the trash compactor located below the facility.
    • Draft a proposal for permanent recycling bin locations and the associated cost.
    • Look into Coca-Cola beverage sales (20oz and 12oz) and compare this to an estimate of how many were recycled. Coca-Cola and the University would like to see a 100% recycling rate for their products.
    • Plan for the next event! Likely spring 2023 during the basketball season. Big Ten?