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  1. Transportation iCAP Team Meeting 4/10/2024

    The Transportation iCAP Team met on 4/10/2024 to discuss the final draft of the DESMAN study report, progress on the 2020 Transportation iCAP objectives, and potential 2025 Transportation iCAP goals. Attached is a link to the meeting recording.

  2. Outdoor Bins Follow Up

    Associated Project(s): 

    Hi all,


    We have completed all outdoor bin location proposals. With all the photos it is a large document, so I have placed it on a shared Box. Please let me know if any of these locations need further clarification

    In response to your question below of completion by June 30 that is not possible.  Also, without knowing all of the locations it is difficult to give you an answer as to what the completion timeframe would be.  Below are the two scenarios depending on the proposed locations of the bins.

    Installing the bins on existing concrete:

     1.   Ironworkers can go to the site with the bins/post with two guys and install the anchors and the bins in 2-3 crew hours (4-6 hours total with two guys).

    Installing the bins on newly placed concrete:

     1.  This process will begin with the labor supervisor going to the site and marking the location.  1-2 hours
     2.  The utility marking crew would then be notified, and they have a 48 hour window to locate utilities.  1-2 hours
     3.  Laborers and operators go to the site and dig out the spot and place rock. 3-4 crew hours
     4.  Cement finishers form and pour the concrete and it needs to cure for at least 48 hours.  3-4 crew hours
     5.  Ironworkers can install the anchors and the bin once concrete has cured. 2-3 crew hours

    Depending on how closely the locations are to each other they may prepare 2 or 3 at once and rotate through those with the different steps above.  However, that is not always possible.

    I hope this helps to see how the two differ in time needed and to see how it really gets involved when the location requires new concrete.
    I wanted to reach out & reconnect on the topic of the black, metal outdoor bins. I believe we have 18 identified locations approved by Brent Lewis ready to be installed as soon as the shops are able (locations attached) – these all require concrete poured. We then have  ~56 more stored primarily in the Buenting Barn that we have not yet identified locations for, but will very shortly. Some of them will require concrete and others will not. We have WO# 10814481 for this project.  Pete is hoping to have the whole process wrapped up by June 30, 2024. I just wanted to put this back up on the radar and get a sense of whether we will be able to get these all installed by summer?

    I will be in contact soon regarding the locations of the remaining bins.

  3. Weekly Update: Walking Tour

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, Slow week with the bad weather. This week looks better. Friday we’re helping with the Campus Recreation Walking Tour and so will show off our space to some folks that probably wouldn’t visit otherwise—that’ll be fun.

    Also have a couple new staff starting this week.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 14
    Sales: $223.50
    Memberships: 2 for $60
    Tires/tubes: 4 for $35


    Jacob Benjamin
    Coordinator -- Campus Bike Center

  4. iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - May 3, 2024

    Associated Project(s): 



    • The idea of Power Searches is popular - will add additional content types and filters. Suggestions welcome!
    • Archiving projects
      • Decided to start with a simple Archived/Not Archived checkbox or dropdown list (do we have better terminology than "Not Archived"? Public and Visible are already used in other contexts). Michael will try it out on a dev site and report back next meeting.
      • Rejected ideas:
        • Add "Archived" to Visibility options - seems distinct from Public/Private, plus we want the option to still show projects publicly, just default to hiding them in most listings.
        • Add "Archived" to Project Status options - this mixes the status of the project itself with whether we still want it to show up on the site; e.g., cannot represent both "Cancelled" and "Archived" simultaneously
    • The Phantom Menace is in theaters this weekend in honor of Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) and Codie's birthday (5/5)! See it, you will.
  5. iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - April 5, 2024

    Associated Project(s): 


    • Project Updates tasks
      • New "To Do Item(s)" field - is this single field what you were thinking? Would a set of multiple one-line fields be better? Or something else?
        • Q: Show field in Pending Tasks listing?
        • Q: Who should be able to view the content of this field? Other task-related fields are restricted to iCAP Admins & iCAP Moderators, but if you want to assign a task to a non-admin or non-moderator, they'll need to be able to view this task field (and the other fields) in order to view the task. Should we expand the scope of who can view task-related fields? At least add iCAP Clerks, or perhaps even all logged in users?
      • Q: Also add field for tagging iCAP Portal user(s) as responsible party for tracking tasks and updating when they're completed? (note: separate from "Assigned To" field which allows free editing and doesn't associate with user accounts
        • Q: What should this field be called?
        • Q: Should it allow multiple people to be entered?
        • Q: Add a My Tasks page where logged in users can view all tasks assigned to them?
    • Recommendations
    • SSC Projects
      • Discussions since our last meeting:
      • Demo of SSC project embedding (TEST site) which includes a map which responds to filters
      • Questions:
        • We've tweaked how we're planning to represent SSC Projects using the iCAP Portal a bit:
          • Allow multiple semesters of funding info to be entered on a project (collections of fields, rather than fields directly associated with a project)
            • Pros: SSC-specific solution; minimal complexity; fairly straightforward way people entering the information would think of it
            • Cons: SSC-specific solution, so not easily generalizable if we want to use it for something else in the future; requires each of SSC's funding projects to be associated with exactly one iCAP Portal Project - is that a concern?
        • How do we handle multiple locations for a project? Show the SSC project at all of them? Just the first one? Have a way to specify? (could this get difficult for projects with SSC funding multiple times, if the locations are different each time?)
    • Archiving projects - deferred to next meeting


    • SSC Projects:
      • There was general agreement that the recommended approach will work. Reed affirmed based on his knowledge of the SSC projects, he didn't see a problem with mapping each SSC project to a single iCAP Portal project
      • Miriam encouraged documentation of clear guidelines for handling special cases
      • Locations: don't use all project locations, that will be too many and overwhelm the map. Codie suggested adding a new location field for SSC to specify location(s), typically just the location of the organization receiving the funding
      • Funding: Sarthak reiterated interest in using the funding feature for the Bike Fee. Michael will schedule a meeting with Sarthak to discuss further details.
      • Michael will schedule a meeting with Codie and Miriam to discuss further details regarding locations and funding.
    • Recommendations:
      • The group generally liked the direction things were headed
      • Need to resolve a question about the difference between project(s) that a recommendation is linked to initially (e.g. the project that spawned the recommendation, if any) vs. the project that comes out of a recommendation, if any. Do recommendations ever have both? Do they always have at least one?
      • Michael will schedule a meeting with Miriam and Sarthak to discuss further.
  6. Edu009 - Updating College of Business Course Descriptions - Approved

    The Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Working Group (iWG) recently approved recommendation Edu009 from the Education iCAP Team to update College of Business course descriptions to reflect the sustainability content.

    This recommendation aligns with Objective 6.2 of the iCAP 2020: Establish a comprehensive online repository for courses and academic programs with sustainability content. 

    The College of Business shared their action plan on completing the approved recommendation (attached).

    This will be followed up on in the fall to ensure the proper implementation of the recommendation.

  7. Weekly Update: Donation, Busier week, Staff training

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, It’s April! Busier week over here with the warm spell. Tues/Thurs continue to be slower days and the 4 – 6p side of our hours remain more popular—anecdotally. I’ll dig into the numbers and see if that bears out.

    We are also trying out new sales tickets for our bikes, with the hopes that it’ll speed up that process as demand at the computer/square station will increase between our checkouts and the Adv. Rec folks.

    We received a large donation on Thursday, which we’ll continue to work through this week. Will also facilitate a staff training for a new hire. Plan to tackle some of the abandoned bikes as well.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 38
    Sales: $727
    Bikes (refurb):  2 for $275
    Bikes (B-a-B): 1 for $50
    Memberships: 4 for $120
    Tires/tubes: 2 for $19


    Jacob Benjamin
    Coordinator -- Campus Bike Center

  8. 3/22

    Associated Project(s): 

    At Friday's Illini Lights Out event, 4070 light bulbs were shut off that otherwise would have been left on all weekend, saving $619 in energy costs. This also prevented 4.9 metric tons of CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 552 gallons of gasoline being consumed. That's a huge impact!


  9. Corrected project name

    This project name was "Fossil Fuels Divestment" which is a misstatement because the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign does not have direct authority over the investments at the UI Foundation.  To clarify the goal of this objective in the 2020 iCAP, I updated the project name to be "Fossil Fuels Divestment - Support Letter."  I also provided more details in the project description, and added the full text from the iCAP 2020 document in the background section of this project page. ~Morgan

  10. Weekly update: M-F hours, IU sustainability visit

    Associated Project(s): 

    All, First week of being open M – F wasn’t blow-the-doors-off-busy. Tuesday was a dud, but Thursday picked up a little. Think it’ll take a little longer to get the word out on our new hours, and of course it’s always weather-dependent to a degree.

    We had a visit from Indiana University sustainability folks on Friday, which was good.

    This week is business as usual and next week it’ll be April! That undoubtedly will be a busy month.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 26

    Sales: $934.09
    Bikes (refurb): 3 for $540

    Bikes (B-a-B): 1 for $50
    Memberships: 6 for $180
    Tires/tubes: 10 for $65


    Jacob Benjamin
    Coordinator -- Campus Bike Center

  11. Discussion about SSC projects in iCAP Portal - March 22, 2024

    Associated Project(s): 


    Miriam Keep, Codie Sterner, and Michael McKelvey met to continue discussing how to approach embedding projects from the iCAP Portal on the SSC website.


    We discussed several possible ways to represent SSC Projects using the iCAP Portal:

    1. For each Project the SSC funds, create a sub-project for each semester the SSC provides funding (e.g. "SSC Funding for Campus Bike Center, Fall 2023")
      • Pros: uses existing structure with minimal modification
      • Cons: LOTS of new sub-projects with very little information other than SSC details - could be confusing for visitors and cumbersome for data entry
    2. Expand the currently unused Project Funding bridge between Funding Sources and Projects
      • Pros: uses an existing system that's not currently used for anything else
      • Cons: adds complexity with minimal gain, since we don't expect this system to be used for anything other than SSC projects
    3. Allow multiple semesters of funding info to be entered on a project (collections of fields, rather than fields directly associated with a project)
      • Pros: SSC-specific solution; minimal complexity; most straightforward way people entering the information would think of it
      • Cons: SSC-specific solution, so not easily generalizable if we want to use it for something else in the future; requires each of SSC's funding projects to be associated with exactly one iCAP Portal Project - is that a concern?


    We decided to pursue the 3rd option (multiple semesters of information added to a project). It seems like the simplest approach.


    Codie would like it ready to go by summer, when he'll have staff who can work on the data entry. Goal of completion by start of fall semester.


    Michael will mock something up for our next iCAP Portal meeting so we can run it by the group and get feedback.

  12. Discussion about iCAP recommendations - March 22, 2024

    Associated Project(s): 

    Michael McKelvey, Miriam Keep, and Morgan White met to finalize the discussion of how to structure iCAP Recommendations. We came to an agreement on the structure which we diagrammed online. Recommendations will be patterned after Metrics. If a Recommendation update warrants a Project Update, that will need to be added manually; it will not happen automatically with this approach.

    Summary of structure:

    • A Recommendation can be associated with a Project and an Objective and contains some additional general information
    • A Recommendation can have many "tracking" updates including at least a status, date, and some notes

    Detailed structure:

    • iCAP Team
      • Title
      • Description
      • Theme [references one of our 10 themes, optional]
    • Recommendation
      • Title
      • iCAP Team [references an iCAP Team]
      • Supplanted by [references another Recommendation, optional]
      • Associated Project(s) [references a Project, optional]
      • Objective [references an iCAP Objective, optional]
      • Description / "Specific actions/policy recommendations"
    • Recommendation Tracking
      • Title
      • Recommendation [references a Recommendation]
      • Description
      • Date (M/D/Y field)
      • Status (dropdown list)
      • Internal Notes
      • Public File(s)
      • Private File(s)
      • Next step (dropdown list)
      • Next step due date (M/D/Y field)

    Additionally, we do not plan to use the iCAP Portal to collect Recommendation feedback - a shared Word Doc on Teams is more conducive to this process. Certain fields in a recommendation will be added to the iCAP Portal Recommendation, and the uploaded document will contain more details, including comments.

  13. Dump and Run posters

    Associated Project(s): 

    I have attached files for the digital sign and the posters. I will get our marketing staff to add the digital sign to our boards in the next couple weeks, and I have asked them to add it to a future issue of Housing Insider. We already talked about the hall posters, but the larger foam board signs you can also bring to me and I will get them delivered to the halls. To cover all the halls we will need 20. I have seen them produced with the a build in fold out stand on the back, which would make it really easy to place in the halls as opposed to having to get a easel for each sign. But we can make either work.


    Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on the design.




    Hi Bryan,


    Thank you for sending these over! I wanted to follow up with a couple of items:

    • I just got notice from University YMCA that we should include the ampersand as opposed to “and,” as well as the used of ® after the name, because YMCA received approval for trademarking. Would it be possible to revise what was created with this new info?
    • Are there standard dimensions for the foam board signs? This isn’t something F&S created last year, so just want to make sure I understand the product we are talking about. Is this something that Housing communications would be able to assist with?


    Thank you,



    The marketing person who typically orders the poster board signs is out of the office today, but she is expected back tomorrow. She is supposed to get me an answer on how we can get them produced when she returns. Until then, here are updated creatives with the suggestions you provided. Let me know if these look good.