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Projects Updates for place: Campus Instructional Facility

  1. Brent Lewis approves 17 more dual bin locations

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    On July 18th, Brent Lewis approved 16 more sites for installation, and the site on Champaign property was approved on July 6. On September 6th, these 17 sites plus the 7 additional sites sent to earlier this summer on June 7th (the eighth site at Siebel Center for Computer Science was installed on August 1st, so it was omitted from this spreadsheet), were sent to the iron workers for a total of 24 sites.


    55 dual bins remain in storage and need site proposals from the zero waste team and approval from Brent Lewis.

  2. 1 outdoor dual bin installed at Siebel Center for Computer Science

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    79 outdoor dual bins remain in storage.


    From: Hawkins, Todd B <>
    Sent: Tuesday, August 1, 2023 8:03 AM
    To: Hulse, Daphne Lauren <>
    Cc: Mininger, Timothy R <>
    Subject: FW: Siebel recycle bins


    Good morning. The recycle bins for site A8 SW. corner of Siebel were installed yesterday afternoon.

    Thank you.





    Todd Hawkins


    University of Illinois

    F&S Ironworkers

    Office   217-244-5451

    Mobile 217-493-9814

    1501 S. Oak St

    Champaign Il, 61820



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  3. City of Champaign approves new bin location at Psychology Building

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    From: Marchello Graddy <>
    Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2023 12:49 PM
    To: DeLorenzo, Stacey <>; Harman Jordan <>
    Cc: White, Morgan <>
    Subject: RE: [Needs approval] outdoor dual bin installation at Psychology Building



    I’ve looked into this and there is no issue with you replacing the existing concrete can.  Please just minimize its encroachment into the walking path.





    From: Hulse, Daphne Lauren
    Sent: Friday, June 23, 2023 10:31 AM
    To: White, Morgan <>
    Subject: [Needs approval] outdoor dual bin installation at Psychology Building


    Hi Morgan,


    You and Brent approved a dual bin installation site at 6th St and Daniel, near the Psychology Building. The new dual bin would face west and be located up against the building on existing concrete. Could we receive confirmation from the City of Champaign that this location is okay?


    Thank you,

  4. Status Update

    The following is an email conversation between Morgan White, Ahmed Hassan, and Johnathan Hasselbring.

    On Jul 6, 2023 Morgan sent the following:

    Hi Ahmed,

    Thanks for sending another email!  I meant to get back to you earlier, so thanks for the additional note.

    Jon, can you provide information to Ahmed about the current status of the geothermal system at CIF, or connect him with the appropriate people?

    Ahmed, please use this info to request the energy data access:

    The Energy Billing System (EBS) is a web-based software application that offers utility cost and consumption by month, building, and meter. It allows users to view current and historic information, compare buildings, and see trends over time. It requires Blue-Stem authorization and users must request access from F&S.




    Dear Morgan, 

    Thank you very much for the prompt response. Your contribution is highly appreciated. 

    Best Regards 



    Hi Ahmed,

    The geothermal system is in operation and coupled with a heat recovery chiller and radiant heating panels.

    Geothermal provides about 75% of the heating and cooling needs for the building, with the heat recovery chiller and radiant panels supplementing the remaining 25%.

    Please let me know what questions you might have, and I will gladly connect you with more members of the team.



  5. June 5 update meeting

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    Morgan White, Daphne Hulse, & Sinead Soltis met to review the completed outdoor bin survey, which maps out the bins currently installed on campus and can be found in an ArcGIS online format. Over the next two weeks, the sites with a proposed bin installation will be finalized to resume installation. A follow-up meeting will be held Wednesday, June 7th, to better understand what is needed to get work order started. As a note, about 40 bins have been installed out of the 74 ordered.

    Update from Daphne Hulse 6/9/23: 43 dual bins were counted as installed on campus currently. A visit to storage showed that there are currently 80 dual bins still palletized (128 individual bins (64 pairs) located in PPSB shed and 32 individual bins (16 pairs) located outside near shed) and waiting for installation. According to the attached outdoor bin memo, 130 bins were originally purchased. We have 123 bins total accounted for (installed and palletized). 7 bins are unaccounted for. They may have been damaged/replaced.

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