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Campus Instructional Facility: LEED Platinum (Completed)

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The Campus Instructional Facility (CIF) was awarded LEED Platinum status on June 30th, 2023. The structure was highly scored in the Energy and Atmosphere category, scoring 30 out of a possible 33 points. In addition, the building received 6 out of 6 possible points in the Innovation Category. The CIF building is a great step forward to achieving carbon neutrality on campus by 2050. 

The Campus Instructional Facility features 23 general assignment classrooms. Many of the spaces within the building are available for reservation for classes, meetings, and conferences. The Monumental Study Steps are one of these spaces, the steps are a key feature of the building and are visible to those walking or driving by the CIF building. Located on the first floor, the study steps are an open seating area where students can study and meet with groups.

The building consists of 124,000 sq.ft within its 5 levels. A unique sustainability feature of the building are its Smart Windows. These window use an electro chromic coating which activates a tint in the glass. This tint is constantly changing throughout the day based on software algorithms in order to determine the level of tint. This optimization prevents the heat of the sun from raising the temperature of the building. Which prevents air conditioning units from increasing energy consumption during periods of increased light and heat from the sun.

  • The building also uses the geothermal exchange system which supplies approximately 65% of the buildings total energy demand.
  • UIUC students and faculty collaborated in the research for structural optimization, fireproofing and MEP.
  • Electrochromic window glazing on the east and west facing facades
  • Receives a photovoltaic allocation from Solar Farm 1.0.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Arathi Gowda

    Team Members:

    • Christopher Dillion
    • Erin Lowery
    • Susan Heinking
    • Suzette Evans
    • Brian Huckstep
    • Thomas Keller
    • Marzia Sedino
    • Mark Wisz
    • Shaily Rungta
    • Qianmin Zhang
    • Mark Guerrero
    • Mike Swift
    • Rachel Duncan
    • Nicholas Chan
    • Despina Zouridis
    • Richard Kosheluk
    • Juanita Garcia
    • Feifan Ma
    • Lurita Blank


  • Started May 19, 2019
    Completed June 30, 2023


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