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Everitt Laboratory Renovation: LEED Gold (Completed)


The Everitt Laboratory Renovation was certified LEED Gold on August 29, 2019, earning 64 out of 110 credits on the LEED v2009 New Construction scorecard. A significant number of credits for the project came from the Sustainable Sites and Indoor Environmental Quality categories.
Everitt Laboratory was renovated to serve a growing bioengineering program with research and learning spaces to support cross-disciplinary work areas and all students, staff, and faculty. The labs were designed to be adaptable for evolving technologies and cutting-edge research in the field. 

From BSA LifeStructures - designers, planners, and engineers of the project: “Designed to be the epicenter of the next revolution in biomedical engineering front, the complex features cross-disciplinary work areas clustered according to study and research interests without regard to departmental allegiance. Support spaces to facilitate interaction and collaboration are found throughout the building. Bioengineering research is located on the first floor, where foci include image-guided surgical systems, biomedical nanotechnology, gene editing, and gene circuits. The ground floor includes the JUMP Simulation Center, an immersive environment with an operating suite, intensive care unit, and clinic exam rooms. Several BSL-2 instructional labs on the third-floor support studies on genetic engineering, biofabrication, and tissue engineering.”

Green building strategies used in the Everitt Lab Renovation include:

  • Development density, community connectivity, and maximized open space.
  • Multiple forms of public transportation access and bicycle storage with changing rooms on site.
  • Minimized heat island effect with both roof and non-roof hardscape surfaces.
  • Low-emitting materials used for adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, flooring systems, and wood products.
  • All mechanically ventilated and conditioned spaces are in compliance with ASHRAE 55-2004 (thermal environmental conditions) and ASHRAE 62.1-2007 (indoor air quality) standards.
  • 89% of the building’s structural elements were reused and 93% of on-site construction waste was diverted from landfills.
  • 18% of the building’s materials were manufactured using recycled materials and 21% were manufactured and extracted locally.
  • 24% water usage reduction with low-flow and dual-flush fixtures and water efficient landscaping.
  • Energy cost savings of 26% and enhanced refrigerant management.
  • A two-year agreement to purchase renewable power for 70% of the electricity for the project.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Michael Stilger

    Project Leader:

    Thomas Keller

    Team Members:

    • Geoffrey Lisle - Architect
    • Ramon Arteaga - Architect
    • Gregg Loescher - Architect
    • Chase Miller - Architect
    • Kevin Price - Architect
    • Jonathan Jakobsson
    • Cynthia Cope


  • Started January 11, 2016
    Started by University of Illinois
    Completed August 29, 2019
    Completed by USGBC


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