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Surveying Building: LEED Gold (Completed)


The Surveying Building was awarded LEED Gold Certification on October 19, 2018. The project earned 63 of a total 110 points on the LEED v2009 New Construction scorecard. The project made significant strides toward optimized energy performance, water efficiency, and a sustainable site. A further breakdown of points can be found in the USGBC directory and in the scorecard below.


Originally built in 1905, the Surveying Building underwent a renovation in 2018 to perform structural, interior, and exterior improvements. At this time, the building also had a name change and is now known as the Richard D. and Anne Marie Irwin Doctoral Study Hall. The first and second floors offer modernized spaces for doctoral and post-doctoral students in the Gies College of Business, including both work and social gathering spaces as well two advising offices and two kitchenettes. The exterior of the building was restored to meet new energy codes while keeping its historical design and significance.


Some green building achievements of this project include:

  • Community connectivity, maximized open space of the site, and access to public transportation.
  • Heat island effect was reduced by using highly reflective materials for non-roof hardscape surfaces.
  • A potable water use reduction of 38% and water efficient landscaping on the site.
  • Optimized energy performance with an energy cost savings of 37%.
  • All HVAC, refrigeration, and fire suppression systems minimize the emission of refrigerants and ozone-depleting substances that lead to climate change.
  • The building’s ventilation systems exceed the standards set by ASHRAE 62.1-2007.
  • The building was designed for optimal lighting and ventilation with occupant controls. Additionally, 80% of occupied spaces have daylighting and 90% have outdoor views.
  • 86% of construction waste was diverted from landfill.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Brian Bundren

    Team Members:

    • Ryan Anderson - Architect
    • Mark Matuska - Architect
    • Jonathan Jakobsson - Commissioning
    • Fred Hahn - Commissionining


  • Started January 1, 2015
    Started by University of Illinois
    Completed October 19, 2018
    Completed by USGBC


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