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CERL Main Building Addition: LEED Silver (Completed)


The CERL Main Building Addition was awarded the LEED Silver certification on Feburary 13, 2019. The project earned 54 of 110 points on the LEED v2009: New Construction scorecard, with points mainly coming from the Water Efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality categories. The breakdown of points can be viewed in the LEED Scorecard below and in the USGBC Directory.

The addition, the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory was designed with the goals of expanding laboratories and co-locating different staff groups for increased interaction while creating a “town hall” meeting space to meet long-term facility needs.

Green building strategies of this project include:

  • Mechanically conditioned spaces are in compliance with ASHRAE 55-2004 and will continue to be monitored for thermal comfort of occupants. Thermal controls are also provided for 100% of building occupants and shared spaces.
  • All building ventilation systems comply with ASHRAE 62.1-2007 standards.
  • Lighting controls are provided for 100% of building occupants and shared spaces and can be adjusted to meet occupant needs and preferences.
  • Indoor VOC, chemical, and pollutant source control: low-emitting materials have been used for all adhesives & sealants, paints & coatings, flooring systems, and composite wood & agrifiber products. The entire project has been designed to limit occupant exposure to chemical pollutants and hazardous particulates.
  • Potable water use was reduced by 37%.
  • A large reduction in outdoor water usage with landscaping that will no longer require water after 18 months.
  • Energy cost savings of 29%.
  • Bicycle storage and changing rooms on site.
  • Preferred parking for fuel-efficient and low-emitting vehicles.
  • 91% of nonroof and 100% of roof hardscape surfaces exceed a minimum solar reflectance index.
  • Diversion of over 90% of construction waste.
  • 24% of building materials were made with recycled content and 34% includes locally manufactured and extracted products.

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Brian Bundren

    Team Members:

    • Ryan Anderson - Architect
    • Mark Matuska - Architect
    • Brian Huckstep - Commissioning


  • Started April 21, 2016
    Started by University of Illinois
    Completed February 13, 2019
    Completed by USGBC


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