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Outdoor Bins Follow Up

Posted by Faye Wettstein on April 10, 2024

Hi all,


We have completed all outdoor bin location proposals. With all the photos it is a large document, so I have placed it on a shared Box. Please let me know if any of these locations need further clarification

In response to your question below of completion by June 30 that is not possible.  Also, without knowing all of the locations it is difficult to give you an answer as to what the completion timeframe would be.  Below are the two scenarios depending on the proposed locations of the bins.

Installing the bins on existing concrete:

 1.   Ironworkers can go to the site with the bins/post with two guys and install the anchors and the bins in 2-3 crew hours (4-6 hours total with two guys).

Installing the bins on newly placed concrete:

 1.  This process will begin with the labor supervisor going to the site and marking the location.  1-2 hours
 2.  The utility marking crew would then be notified, and they have a 48 hour window to locate utilities.  1-2 hours
 3.  Laborers and operators go to the site and dig out the spot and place rock. 3-4 crew hours
 4.  Cement finishers form and pour the concrete and it needs to cure for at least 48 hours.  3-4 crew hours
 5.  Ironworkers can install the anchors and the bin once concrete has cured. 2-3 crew hours

Depending on how closely the locations are to each other they may prepare 2 or 3 at once and rotate through those with the different steps above.  However, that is not always possible.

I hope this helps to see how the two differ in time needed and to see how it really gets involved when the location requires new concrete.
I wanted to reach out & reconnect on the topic of the black, metal outdoor bins. I believe we have 18 identified locations approved by Brent Lewis ready to be installed as soon as the shops are able (locations attached) – these all require concrete poured. We then have  ~56 more stored primarily in the Buenting Barn that we have not yet identified locations for, but will very shortly. Some of them will require concrete and others will not. We have WO# 10814481 for this project.  Pete is hoping to have the whole process wrapped up by June 30, 2024. I just wanted to put this back up on the radar and get a sense of whether we will be able to get these all installed by summer?

I will be in contact soon regarding the locations of the remaining bins.