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Projects Updates for Outdoor Recycling Bin Update

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  1. Archived Info - Previous Project Description

    Associated Project(s): 

    This project will improve the waste process around the outdoor campus areas and increase recycling participation. It will do this by increasing recycling bin visibility with improved bins and signage, co-locating waste and recycling bins, and improving the overall layout of waste and recycling bins on campus. There are currently 372 concrete trash bins on campus and an additional 60 made of other materials. Facilities & Services initially proposed to remove all 432 of the bins and to replace them with a total of 133 dual bins. Marya Ryan, an Academic Hourly at F&S working on Zero Waste projects, mapped the existing bins for the full University District and turned her maps over to the Purchasing, Waste, and Recycling (PWR) SWATeam for their recommendations on locations for dual bins. PWR SWATeam student member Fangxing Liu wrote an initial draft recommendation for the consolidation of dual bins outside. Additionally, one sample dual bin was installed by F&S Grounds at Altgeld Hall near Wright Street to test durability. In the fall of 2018, CEE students assessed additional bin locations throughout all areas of campus.

    During fall 2018, CEE students Junren Wang and Wen-Chi Chen worked on a project to clarify locations and review estimated costs. They mapped the future dual bin locations for the campus, with a total of 161 bins to install. The cost of the first pilot dual bin was about $4,000, so the initial estimate for all of them is about $625,000. The students recommended installing ten dual bins in various locations spread around campus. The student report was submitted with the Fall 2018 Semesterly Report to SSC.

    Morgan White and Brent Lewis met with F&S Grounds leadership, Superintendent Ryan Welch and Foreperson Isaac Williams, to initiate the installation. On June 18, 2019, Grounds ordered 30 bins for 15 dual bin locations, using the SSC funding. The material and shipping cost for the bins is $18,523.56. Installation materials and labor will be additional costs. Grounds will confirm the ten locations identified by the CEE students and select an additional five locations. Also, MCORE is installing dual bins at the new bus stops on Green Street with University funding. Additional bins are being installed outdoors during summer 2021 with the first being at the Northwest corner of E-14 and the North side of the Main Quad. Waste Management Intern Sydney Trimble will assist in the systemic updating and organization of the campus-wide rollout to take place this 2021 summer into the fall semester.

  2. Request for a Project Update

    Associated Project(s): 

    From: Maloto, Avery (FandS)
    Sent: Wednesday, July 7, 2021 3:10 PM
    To: Trimble, Sydney (FandS)
    Cc: White, Morgan; Varney, Peter W
    Subject: [ACTION REQUESTED] Requesting Project Update: Outdoor Recycling Bin Update

    Hi, Sydney!

    I hope you are doing well. I’m reaching out regarding your project called 'Outdoor Recycling Bin Update.'

    Each year, we ask several project contacts to review their information on the iCAP Portal to ensure that we are providing accurate and up to date information for the public. Our goal is to keep the iCAP Portal updated in real-time, and we need your help.

    To make this process as easy as possible for you, I've created an 'iCAP Portal Content' document with your project information. All you need is to review and revise the existing information! Please open the links below and update as much information as possible, so I can put it on the iCAP Portal. You can also provide related images, files, websites, or videos to share. If you would like to get direct access to edit your project page on the iCAP Portal, please let us know.

    • Link to Outdoor Recycling Bin Update's iCAP Portal project

    • Link to the iCAP Portal Content Guideline for Outdoor Recycling Bin

    The iCAP Portal is maintained by sustainability advocates at iSEE and F&S and volunteers. We are also able to assist you with embedding iCAP Portal information on other websites you maintain. Last year we had over 17,000 visitors to the iCAP Portal, and many are university students who use this online data repository for classes and research projects. If you have any questions about the iCAP Portal, please email

    Please email me your revisions and any related files, per the links above, by July 9.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


  3. Iron Workers are rolling out the new bins

    Associated Project(s): 

    Todd from the ironworkers shop has begun rolling out the bins as planned / verified. We still need to go through the rest of campus to get him more locations to complete. As Shantanu Pai is still in Chicago, Sydney who is the newest zero waste intern at F&S can facilitate the documentation and communication with the trades. 

  4. Funding Approval for Outdoor Recycling Bins

    Evan DeLucia and Mohamed Attalla approved $310,000 of funding from the Carbon Credit Sales Fund for replacing outdoor trash receptacles with trash and recycling dual bins.


    An email of the approval is attached below.

    A project memo is attached below.

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